Do Not Expect Justice in the Mandalay Bay Massacre

Even if the Feds were competent, closing this case is not an option for them.


I am once again shocked – shocked! that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is delaying release of their files on the Mandalay Bay Massacre. They will keep delaying until it falls off the radar if they can. They cannot release their findings, or all hell will break loose.

I predicted when it first happened that the shooter almost certainly had ties to Antifa. When ISIS claimed that he had recently converted and was killing for Allah, I said that any scratching of the surface would reveal collusion (ah, that word) between ISIS and Antifa. I stand by that. A few weeks back, Vox Day linked to a piece by True Pundit which you can read here. I cannot verify the claims in this article, but according to their FBI source, everything I suspected is true, and then some. Apparently, there is strong evidence of multiple shooters, as well as a cover up of all of this by the FBI.

If the Vegas PD has any information on this, or any information in their reports that would point to this, they cannot release it. Doing so will show the world exactly which thread to pull to unwind the entire towering shit-fire inferno that is the Federal Government. But how do you enforce silence on so many people? How do you destroy that much evidence without attracting attention?

Not easily. But it’s possible.

Don’t expect any answers on this. Don’t expect those records to be released until enough evidence can be destroyed and enough bullshit thought up to prevent anyone from actually knowing the truth.

The American Republic does not exist. The Bill of Rights does not exist. Behave accordingly.

What’s at Stake for Liberals

For many, it isn’t cherished principles.

I have thought about this a great deal, and I have come to the conclusion that for our side, principles matter far more than they do to the left, as does culture, tradition, and morality in general. This is not a right-winger patting himself on the back for his fine moral character. That’s something libtards do. This is the result of careful consideration of what makes us tick and why libtards are fighting against Trump tooth and nail.

Our side is described by our opponents as reactionary, and that’s the nicest thing they will say about us. We are. Nothing wrong with that. We liked our culture, so we did not try to change it much. We reacted to other people trying to change it. We were deeply invested in our way of life and have attempted, rather unsuccessfully, to defend it these past hundred or so years. Again, we have a personal stake in the moral and legal system our culture has used in one form or another for two millennia.

There is no social benefit to being a right-winger. We are atomized and rarely support one another in terms of politics. Our traditional moral system insists on individual moral judgments, not group think. We do not get to virtue signal like libtards. We are penalized in employment and personal relationships by not libtard virtue signaling, in fact. I will guarantee that a ton of these Hollyweird libtards like Jimmy “The Best Pussy I Could Get was Ugly-Ass Sarah Silverman” Kimmel would drop all lefty pretenses like one of of Chelsea Handler’s tired pancake titties if it suddenly stopped being en vogue to flash them. Many anti-progs are no necessarily Hesperian. They just understand that Leftism is wrong about virtually everything. It’s wrong about genetics. It’s wrong about economics. It’s wrong about the role of science. It’s wrong about morality. It’s wrong about God. It’s wrong about justice. Take your pick. People who are on the Right, or at least opposed to the Left, do so because reality and conscience leave them no choice.

On that note, Leftism is a total (and totalitarian) system. It dictates certain commandments regarding societal pecking order, wealth distribution, and appropriate emotions in the face of certain stimuli and insists that every aspect of life be filtered through them. The buy-in is similar to the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. In the story, the con men hawked their wares by saying only smart, sophisticated people could see them. Likewise, liberal “thought leaders” in academia and corporations come up with dogmas and make them appealing by claiming they are the politics of enlightened people and only knuckle-dragging Neanderthals would think otherwise. Parroting libtard talking points is a proxy for being smart, hip, well-informed, and party of the winning side.

There are a million problems with this. Firstly, in war, the other side has a say. Secondly, for anyone of reasonable intelligence, the cognitive dissonance created by mouthing obviously false liberal talking points at this point must be nearly unbearable. Thirdly, as was the case for millennia when non-believers went along with Christianity due to social pressure, this is a shaky foundation for any movement, and will inevitably lead to infighting (apparently in the New York gubernatorial primaries, it already has). Additionally, people who talk the talk but do not want to actually walk the walk make for weak allies. Our side has the advantage of having had very few sunshine patriots. What few we had, the Bill Kristols and the Jeff Flakes and the Paul Ryans, are already jumping ship. Some, like Kevin D. Williamson, are getting their just desserts. The wicked flee when none pursue, but the righteous are as bold as lions.

The heart of this entry is what liberals have at stake in this battle of cultures. Many have gone so far out on a limb that there is no coming back to reality. They have based their entire careers and moreover their entire world views on nonsense. For one of us, new evidence can get us to change our opinion on something. For example, if studies were to show conclusively that eating quinoa, a shitty-tasting liberal staple food, eliminated cancer, we would eat it because it would be good for us. Imagine that a study showed red meat had similar anti-cancer properties, or that homosexuality had no genetic basis. Liberals could not adjust because they do not base any of their positions on reality. We’re talking about people who think that there are more than forty genders and all sex differences are the result of white male discrimination. Evidence does not mean shit to them.

I mentioned cognitive dissonance before. The gap between reality and liberal commandments is ever-widening. Trump defeating Hillary and disproving everything they have believed about how the economy and foreign policy work are causing them to regret taking the idiotic positions they have taken and acknowledge that they are not nearly as smart as they thought. In fact, quite the opposite. Their whole personas, their whole world view, is under siege. Hence the desperate attempts to get rid of Trump. They are lashing out at the figure head of the movement that spells their psychological doom. Victory for them would set us back, but not defeat us. We cannot lose because they cannot win.

David Reich’s new book on genetics is the alarm for liberals to shape up before they lose the information battle. They will lose. It’s inevitable. When you base everything on fiction, you cannot adapt to reality. As Reagan said, “the problem with our liberal friends isn’t that they don’t know anything; it’s that they know so much that isn’t so.” That was a long time ago. They are not our friends. They are not our countrymen. They should go now, while we let them.

Facebook Spies on You – Why Are People Shocked?

These revelations are old news, if you have paid any sort of attention.

In case you somehow missed it, everyone is shocked – shocked! to learn that Facebook has been spying on its users. PJMedia’s headline today is that Facebook tracks people who do not even use Facebook, via data scrapes from users’ smartphones and from online trackers.

No shit.

Why is this news? It was alleged in 2007 that Facebook was a front for the CIA. I suspected it was a massive data harvesting scam as early as 2010, largely confirmed it 2011 after the FTC issued a Consent Order, and knew it for certain after reading this essay in 2015 (read it, it’s good). There’s a saying when it comes to computer software and web applications: if you did not pay for the product, you are the product. No company, except perhaps Alphabet/Google, demonstrates that better than Facebook. How doth it track ye? Let me count the ways:

  • It checks users’ contact lists and text messages on their phones to see with whom they communicate – even if their correspondents are not Facebook users.
  • They track your browser history via online trackers.
  • They scan your private messages on Facebook Messenger.
  • They scan every status update you make.
  • They scan the faces of every pic you upload and cross reference it with tags, giving them the single largest face recognition database in the world.
  • They track your location via your phone. Messenger will even tell someone your exact coordinates when you message them unless you turn off that feature.
  • They apparently collect data from other companies to add to their profiles.
  • They run massive analytics on everything they collect to create in-depth profiles of their users, and their non-users, too.

That shit is just plain creepy. Zuckerberg is testifying on Capitol Hill as I type. Don’t think for a second that he does not want government regulation. He does. He wants it because he wants crippling privacy laws that he can get around with impunity but which will make things harder on his competition. He also wants cover for Facebook’s new algorithm changes that give legacy media a leg up over alternative media. It’s part of the deplatforming of the Right Wing. The most recent example of this is black Trump supporters Diamond and Silk being irrevocably banished from Facebook.

Alternatives are no better. MeWe is run by a Leftist HuffPo columnist. Idka is run by Swedes, the ultimate cuck society with no history of free speech. If only there were an alternative platform where people could post under their real names and network with their actual friends that did not track its users at all and would never deplatform Right-Wingers…

The Pale Rider knows of such a platform. Email for details.

There Is No White Privilege – But There Should Be.

Pro-white discrimination in Western nations is not only defensible, it’s the only moral thing to do.

For the last several years, the academic left has gone on and on about white privilege. As is often the case, this stupid idea that never would have been hatched if academics had half a brain between them has made it into the liberal mainstream, where people are even dumber. Like most left-wing ideas, this one is based on complete falsehoods and an ass backward way of looking at the world.

Some situations in which libtards and their non-white allies insist we have a privilege include not being profiled by police, being hired and given raises, in academic success, and having the dominant culture.

This theory has one hell of an attack surface; it’s wrong in so many ways it’s hard to know where to begin. I will just pick a point on its stupidity continuum and go from there.

Western countries were founded by white people, and when you get down to it, white men. This is especially true in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, where men did all of the difficult setup work before their women arrived. Regardless, England, France, Germany, and every other Western nation was settled by white people and inhabited with few exceptions by them entirely. Their governments, religions, economies, cultures, and histories are all the result of generations of white endeavor. Johnny-come-lately orcs have no claim on any of it, so if white people have any sort of preference in Western societies, it’s not privilege. It’s a right.

As Steve Sailer has pointed out several times, South Asians insisted on their own census group because they were jealous of East Asians getting low-interest loans and preferential treatment by being classified as Asians. South Asians were classified as Caucasian, which had no perks or set-asides. This is why Middle Easterners are clamoring to be listed as MENA (Middle Eastern-North African) instead of their current designation as white. There are benefits to be had, but not for white people. This is also why Obama checked only “black” on his census form. Being white not only has no monetary and social benefits, but is the only group that can be mocked, ridiculed, criticized, and discriminated against with impunity.

As far as getting better interest rates or not having police profile you, these are not instances of privilege. This is working people doing their jobs by playing the percentages. Blacks and Hispanics default on loans more than whites and Asians. They also commit way, WAY more crime. People do not follow me around the store assuming I will steal partly because I am white, and we steal less frequently. Also, I am typically clean and well-dressed, and I am not a teenager. These are all things that mean I am less likely to steal, too.

I can’t remember where I read it, but statistically, black males are 18-25 are less than 2% of the population but commit over a third of the total crime. That’s scary. It also explains why most of Africa, particularly West Africa and the sub-Saharan areas, are total shitholes.

If white people feel more culturally comfortable in Western nations, doesn’t that just make sense? Nobody thinks it’s odd for a Korean to feel more comfortable in South Korea than in Denmark, or for an Arab to feel more comfortable in Qatar than in Japan. Why is it only in Western countries that the host culture must make allowances for foreigners? It makes no sense, and if you listen to liberals bitch about colonialism, they are complaining about white people doing exactly what non-white people are currently doing.

There is no white privilege. There is no white advantage. But there should be.

Why shouldn’t white people benefit from creating upwards of 90% of modern technology? Why should we not get first dibs on college slots, job opportunities, and housing? Why should banks have to set aside a certain percentage of loans for people who are more likely to default on them, thereby raising interest rates of people who do not (i.e. whites)? Rhetorical questions, all. Of course that should happen in white countries. If non-whites don’t like it, they are welcome to leave. But of course they never will, because even being a second-class citizen in a white country is better than ruling in a non-white one. I of course exempt certain cultures like the Japanese.

In a related vein, there’s a reason the Jews were content to suffer discrimination for centuries in Christian and Muslim lands. They did not have to defend said lands; they did not have to produce their own food. They could skim off the top and get by, enjoying all the benefits of their hosts. There is a reason Jews never tried to find some uninhabited areas to colonize or return to Palestine. It’s the same reason non-whites seek to flood the West.

It is perfectly moral and reasonable for their to be pro-white discrimination in Western countries. We should try it, and see how many of these orcs want to stay when there is no free lunch. It works for Malaysia, after all.

Myths that End in Blood

The Left’s myths do not end well for those who live them.

A famous diversity family is apparently dead in a murder-suicide incident. The Hart family, and I am using the term family very loosely, drove its SUV off a cliff. Here’s a pic of the clan:


They were known to have gone to Bernie Sanders rallies as a “family.” Let me put on my shocked face.

First off, this is not a family in any traditional (read: real) sense. Obviously, these woman have no biological connection to these children and no possibility of creating a biological connection between each other. For liberals, though, this was the dream family. Two lesbians raising minority children. No white father, no white children, white resources spent on minorities.

Well, look where it got them.

Gay couples apparently have quite a problem when it comes to abusing adopted children. In fact, adopted and fostered children often get the short end of the stick, even when reared by straight people. But physical and sexual abuse are apparently very common for kids taken in by gay couples. Emotional abuse is assumed. Love is NOT all we need, and what they are given in these situations is not real love anyway. They are unmoored from their people and forced to cast their lots with couples who look at them like fetish objects and who could not even offer their own biological children, should they have them, any sort of normal upbringing.

According to liberals, this should have been the happiest family on earth. Liberals actually believe that two women adopting minority kids, three of which are boys, would be utopian. I can virtually guarantee that when this is investigated, rampant abuse by the “moms” and horrible behavior by the children will be uncovered.


Arguing Illegal Immigration

Liberals cannot rationally justify their positions. Remind them of this.

Unfortunately for us on the right, we are forced to take over the Stupid Party, and even more unfortunately, despite electing Trump we still do not have our collective hand completely up this puppet’s ass. They should be able to crush the Democrats on the question of illegal immigration and border security. They won’t do what has to be done to win, because of their “principles.” You know what their guiding principle needs to be? Fucking winning. Here’s a sample of how to verbally ratfuck a libtard on illegal immigration.

You: So illegal aliens should be allowed to enter freely and steal our resources?

Libtard: No human being is illegal.

You: So anyone can come and go as they please?

Libtard: Of course. You only don’t want them here because you hate the idea of this country not being white and you not having all the power.

You: So, if a neo-Nazi from Germany wants to come here, he should be allowed to?

Libtard: No. There is no place for hate here.

You: So intention makes it permissible? What about Islamic terrorists?

Libtard: You are more likely to be killed by a right-winger than a Muslim terrorist.

You: You are more likely to be killed by a member of MS-13 than a right-winger. Percentage-wise, you are 1000% more likely to be killed by a Muslim immigrant or their children than a right-winger.

Libtard: That’s hate speech.

You: That’s you losing an argument. So, if someone enters the country, is it morally okay for them to get on welfare and use our various social giveaway programs?

Libtard: It’s there for people who need it, so yes.

You: Then what about all the people elsewhere in the world who want to be here and can’t? If anyone can enter, and they simply can’t get here yet, why don’t we send them benefits?

Libtard: We do, in foreign aid.

You: It obviously isn’t getting there if they still want to come here. How much of your earnings do you personally send to help them? Do you have kids? If so, why? Aren’t you taking resources from them? And why should South American illegals enjoy Hispanic Privilege in enjoying our giveaway programs just because they can walk here? And if one can claim benefits simply by one’s desire without having previously paid for them, why must anyone be forced to pay for them?

Libtard: Um…you’re just racist and hateful, and I’m not talking to you anymore. This conversation is over.

That’s usually how it goes, but that’s a good thing. They know on some level they are wrong. When push comes to shove, most of them will abandon their liberal positions when it becomes fashionable to do so. Make them face the cognitive dissonance, and even if it takes years, they will break. Our side has the advantage of holding our views when they are socially and professionally detrimental, so we are solid. They are not. Granted, some are physically incapable of being normal as their brains are not wired to function properly, but they can be dealt with later. In the meantime, take the battle to them, and make them show the intellectual dishonesty and immorality inherent in their position. If the Republicans made them answer questions like this, and asked them flat out about gun control, the Dems would have their asses handed to them in November. Sadly, we are only in the early stages of taking over this party of retards, so do not expect it anytime soon.

The crux of liberal thought is that we exist only as groups and that any wrong done to straight White men is justified because we have, as a group, dominated the world for centuries. They cannot logically reconcile this belief with the fact that dominance is a zero-sum game. If White men do not dominate, someone else must. If someone else must, then why is that acceptable? Why should less moral people with less ability dominate anything? Why should we agree to this, if us dominating people is unfair? Make them answer. The masks will come off, and they know it.