Pale Rider’s Prognostications

Apologies for a long absence. Back with a vengeance.


I have a feeling, a feeling I have not had since I became aware of the situation our nation was in as a young man. A feeling I thought I would never have. We are going to win. It’s not going to be pretty, it’s not going to be overnight, and things will get worse before they get better, but we are going to win. Why do I say that? Lots of reasons.

Let’s start with President Trump’s victory over the NFL. Rodger Goodell is in danger of not having his contract renewed. The NFL is hemorrhaging ticket sales and ratings. There have been incidents where networks had to repay advertisers because they did not hit the marks they were promised. The president wisely chosen opponent that was ripe for tackling no pun intended, and built up his social capital by taking it head-on. As the NFL becomes openly left-wing and increasingly embraces ghetto thug culture, the public becomes more and more tired of it. It will never recover.

Next, Hollywood is in full-fledged meltdown. It started with Harvey Weinstein, who was done in by Woody Allen’s son. I have no doubt that Rowan Farrow did the research on Harvey Weinstein because he was tired of creeps like his father getting away with all the sick things they did. Definitely some Oedipal issues here, but whatever. Rowan might be a left-wing liberal most days, but he definitely did America a first-rate service in taking down Weinstein. He got the ball rolling. Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Ben Affleck have all been called out for covering for this guy for years. Quentin Tarantino has shamefully admitted his complicity in covering for this disgusting creep for over a decade. The Hollywood liberal A-list is in full retreat. They are imploding. Accusations and recriminations abound. Most recently, Kevin Spacey has been called out for gay pedophilia. He tried to hide under the rainbow flag, but was even called out by fellow queers. Hollywood does not know what to do. You cannot have a place run entirely by Jews and homosexuals and expect it’s going to be anything where you want to take your children, but the extent of its moral rot has not even begun to surface. Their days of dictating our moral values are over. Clooney and Damon have just witnessed their latest left-wing piece of shit movie go down in flames.

The Russian collusion investigation sideshow has turned around and come back on the Podesta boys. Both are reputed pedophiles, implicated in Pizzagate. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that they are getting into trouble at the same time as a lot of Hollywood sex offenders. Give him the nexus between Washington and Hollywood, I will guarantee that a great deal of sexual abuse, including pedophilia, has gone back and forth between the two. I’m willing to bet that as various sex offenders and child molesters in Hollywood exposed, they will bring down lots of Washington insiders with them. I almost never go to the movies, but I will make some motherfucking popcorn for this one.

But you know what really did it for me? The thing that was really the sign of the liberal apocalypse? I was at the grocery store yesterday, and I saw this:

Mel Gibson is back in action. He is fully rehabilitated, not because Hollywood has necessarily forgiven him, but because they understand on some level that they are in retreat. The Avatar of anti-Jewish sentiment in Hollywood is headlining a major motion picture with a star-studded cast. This, after being nominated for an Academy Award for his first movie after his forced semi-retirement. Mark my words, we are going to win.

Trump as Caesar, Part II

More thoughts on how history, despite assurances from academics, eerily repeats itself.

I wrote before that there were superficial similarities between Donald Trump and Julius Caesar. I would like to return to this theme briefly.

Julius Caesar was a brilliant tactician, both on the battlefield and in the political arena. One of his greatest talents, one that his nephew Octavian shared, was the ability to find and befriend talented people and make connections with people who could help him. His political career was funded by Crassus, his reputation buttressed by Pompey, his credentials vouched for by Lepidus. On the battlefield, he had the great general Marcus Antonius, known to us as Marc Antony, watching his back. And when he knew his assassination drew near, he wisely handed his fortune and blessings to his nephew Octavian, adopting the boy as his legal son and heir.

This is not a history lesson for the hell of it. Donald Trump is well aware at this point that the entire Deep State is arrayed against him, and has no doubt discovered that the Swamp runs much deeper than anyone could have fathomed. Like you, I keep hoping that the will start collecting Swamp Creature heads for his throne of skulls, but I have come to the realization that it may not be possible. Powerful unions and sappers within the ranks prevent mass firings. Eight years of Obama lackeys, 78 of which have burrowed into the government permanently, sabotage the implementation of his agenda. He is surrounded, and it seems that his daughter and son-in-law are siding against him, all the while whispering sweet nothings into his ear. What will he do? What did Julius Caesar do?

Like Caesar, there are only a certain number of moves the Donald can make. Kushner and McMaster have managed to push out every intelligence adviser that was a populist right-winger, including Steve Bannon, the godfather of Trump’s success. For purposes of comparison, Bannon is to Trump what Marc Antony was to Caesar, a dependable, capable right hand, willing to brawl and scrape with the enemy. Hell, delighting in it.

Caesar made considerable progress while dictator for life, creating public works to improve Rome and its hinterlands, handsomely rewarding his soldiers with farmland to reduce poverty and spread Roman bloodlines, limited the number of slaves that could be imported in order to open jobs for actual Romans, and instituted the Julian calendar. He restocked the Senate with loyalists, which is a step Trump should consider. Here’s how:

  • Hound disgraced and soon-to-be-convicted Senator Menendez to resign, having Chris Christie replace him with a Republican.
  • Back a strong populist in Tennessee after RINO superdouche Senator Corker retires next year.
  • Back Jeff Flake’s primary opposition. This is an easy RINO hunt.
  • Pressure arch traitor John McCain to resign and work with the governor of Arizona to get a populist in his slot.
  • Appoint Joe Manchin (D-WV) to a cabinet post, as the governor of West Virginia will undoubtedly replace him with a solid populist right-winger.

Sadly, the main benefit to this will be to set the table for whomever succeeds President Trump. I’m not talking about Mike Pence. I mean whomever takes the reins and leads the movement after Trump is assassinated. I say that matter-of-factly because I do not think anyone doubts that the Deep State will stoop to this when their attempts at an impeachment-based coup do not pan out.

Let me come to the point. When Trump is gone, the reaction will be similar to what happened in the Roman Republic when Caesar was assassinated in most cowardly fashion by self-serving senators. McCain, Graham, Sasse and Schumer will play the parts of Cato, Cassius, Brutus, and Cicero. They may try, as those Roman Senators of yesteryear did, to market this as a defense of the country against a tyrant, but this is obviously not the case. To be a tyrant one must have absolute authority. The government bureaucracy, entrenched members of Congress, the media, academia, and the financial market are all arrayed against the president, and are effectively throttling much of his agenda. He is no tyrant. These senators scheme against the Golden Don not to preserve the Republic (it’s been dead for years) or to uphold the Constitution (they are in direct defiance of it), but in an attempt to preserve their own privilege. They do not genuinely seek to convince the people, only to silence us. They care only for their power, and are willing to drop any pretense of acting in good faith. In time they will follow the same course as their Roman forebears. I must admit, I love the idea of Schumer’s hands and tongue being nailed to the doors of the Capitol building a la Cicero.

Which leaves an important question unanswered. Who will take up Julius Trump’s mantle? Bannon is capable, but he is not a politician. He’s the guy who does the hard work for a politician. Donald Jr.? Eric? Or, years from now, Barron? Remember that it was over ten years from the time Caesar died to the time when the civil wars of Rome ended. In answering this question, we must answer certain other questions. What system do we hope to have after the coming chaos? Stop hoping for a return to the Constitution. It’s not going to happen. We are too far past that point. We need to start considering, internally and among ourselves, what we hope for our children, and get behind a leader who can deliver it. Right now, I am thinking Bannon as the intellectual muscle and Donald Trump Jr. as the leader. The board is being set. Be ready.

Pin the Tale on the Donkeys

I know it’s supposed to be “tail.” It’s a play on words.

It’s been nearly a week since the Las Vegas massacre, and the only thing we really know is that the media loves it some motherfuckin’ lies. It has been a week of Bunyanesque tall tales.

The consummate bullshit artists who comprise the legacy media wasted no time trotting out their ridiculous anti-gun nonsense. Unfortunately, the NRA and president Trump both seem to be going weak in the knees about bump stocks and gun control generally. It is possible that both know that all they have to do is wait and the liberals will quiet down because most people who are anti-gun don’t care about it that much. So they say some vague nonsense about considering some form of gun control, wait for the next news cycle, allow the Dems time to realize it’s political suicide to push for gun control, and go back to normal. I can live with that, though hearing it from the Golden Don is not very palatable.

All the rigmarole about gun control was as predictable as the sunrise, and is nothing to fear. What separated this event from other mass shootings was the Left’s willingness to openly celebrate that the shooter targeted people likely to be white Christians, their insistence that mass shootings are a white problem, and their open relief that the shooter was not a minority or even worse, a Muslim terrorist. Many libtards insisted that this was an example of white privilege. This was largely before it was revealed that the shooter was a millionaire. Several went with the train of thought that white guys shoot up places because we don’t handle it well when we’re unemployed or don’t succeed. They call this attitude white privilege. Anyone with a brain knows that the desire to be employed and the drive to succeed are not the ingredients of privilege, but of success. I’m sure even the lefties pushing this bullshit know it, but they have to find a way to attack unassailably positive qualities about our people. Apparently, chronic black unemployment is a sign of maturity. 

Though I will not go hunting for liberal scribblings about their collective relief that the shooter was not a minority, I do not think it comes as a shock to anyone. We’re all familiar with normal lefty procedure when a diversity commits a mass murder. The first order of business is to talk about how the diversity group responsible is worried about backlash (typically, this happens with Muslims). Note that there was no concern about this regarding white people. In fact, the left was instigating a backlash against us. That the left does not live by its own standards is no shock to anyone. When they fail to, we have two options. One is to go the Alinsky route and force your opponent to live by their own standards. This does not currently work against the Left, because they are so thoroughly entrenched in the halls of power that they do not fear being hypocritical. The other, better option is to ignore those standards as they apply to us. Would a sport work if both teams played by different rules? Of course not. It would not even be worth contemplating. So let’s not apply their standards to our own analysis.

What do I mean? Go ahead and freely point out that we don’t have a gun problem, we have a Democrat problem. A friend pointed out to me this week that just four cities account for 25% of our gun-related homicides (Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, and Washington, D.C.). Other inner city areas also have exceptionally high murder rates, like New York City and Gary, Indiana. Who is doing the shooting? It ain’t Scandinavians. If they want to falsely accuse our people of disproportionately shooting up crowds (we actually are underrepresented), point out that they are wrong, that minorities are more likely to do so, that immigrants in particular are more likely to do so, and that most gun violence is non-white. Don’t just make this point passively; make them defend importing these people into the country and make them explain why all the gun control laws do not prevent the perpetrators from getting guns. When they yell racist, don’t back off. Keep pushing. If they say it’s a black reaction to society, ask if the different standards imply black privilege. Make them own this shit, preferably in front of people.

One final note on the shooter and his motive. Allegedly, he left a note. We have yet to hear its contents. ISIS has tripled down on their claim that he converted and did this in the name of the caliphate. They even gave him a nom de guerre. Recently, there have been fliers spotted in Texas by “Antifa for Islam,” and they have openly called for Islamic support in Colorado. My suspicion is that this guy is a Left-wing nut, similar to the goofy old fuck who shot Congressman Scalise, and that he had help planning this from ISIS-backed Muslim terrorists. He had explosives similar to those used by Islamic terrorists in New York. He also purchased the bulk of his arsenal within the last year. As I said previously, this guy was reported to not be a gun enthusiast, yet in the span of a year, he became a heavily-armed militant able to convert semiautomatic rifles into fully automatic ones and planned out one of the most methodical mass killings in history. It does not add up.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing multiple shooters, and several claimed that a woman told them they were all going to die before the concert. Someone helped him, and the media and law enforcement are at once claiming that he acted alone while not being very forthcoming with any details. I think they know that if the truth comes out, that he was a lefty who teamed up with the sworn enemies of America and the West, it would galvanize Americans against the entire Left, and would give the Loser Brigades of Antifa no realistic cover as far as their ideology. Let’s hope some intrepid investigators on our side crack this open. Looking at you, Breitbart.

Don’t Be-lieva Las Vegas

Here are some thoughts about the massacre in Las Vegas. You have probably heard some of these points already, and I know I’m a bit late addressing it. I wanted to wait a day or two to see what kind of information shook out. What hasn’t been reported is just as telling as what has.

Somehow, we don’t have a motive for this guy. I seriously doubt, based on past examples, that someone who plans on committing a mass murder, especially with this sort of showmanship, didn’t leave behind some indicator of why he was doing it. Secondly, with an investigation like this, it would not be hard to get hold of this guy’s phone records, email accounts, and possibly text messages at a pretty rapid rate. A cursory examination, the kind of could be done on the same day, would reveal a great deal about with whom he was communicating. So if he was communicating with any radical groups, say, oh I don’t know, Antifa or ISIS, there would have been some indicator. Thirdly, the media does not seem very interested in digging into this guy at all. Very few details are being released about him, and though it is apparently known that he had social media accounts, no one seems to be pulling any information from them. Why do you think that is?

It could have something to do with the fact that the guy was once a postal worker. And an IRS agent. And a guy who enjoyed frivolous lawsuits. And a guy who seemingly made easy money and then led a life of luxury. In other words, a typical government crony, perfect Democrat material. There is circumstantial evidence pointing to him being a left-winger. I am willing to bet that in his dotage he had become a hardcore supporter of Antifa. That would explain the lack of interest from the media.

Another thing that struck me is that, unsurprisingly, the media launched into a gun control diatribe. Is it just me, or does the media always look for some huge anti-conservative story and magically find one whenever things aren’t going that way and their opposition to Trump? The news of late was that the Muellar investigation is turning up jack shit. They don’t have anything on Trump, nothing at all. They don’t even seem to have anything on his associates, despite the bizarre treatment Paul Manafort received. And then, lo and behold, a mass murder via firearm by an old white guy just magically occurs. I have a hard time believing that a guy like this wasn’t somehow on the radar. I have a hard time believing that he was acting alone, or did not have some kind of logistical support. While he obviously had the means to supply himself, where did a guy who allegedly was not into guns learn how to turn semi-automatic weapons into full auto? Granted, someone with experience can learn how to do so from watching YouTube, but this seems like quite the trick to pull off for an old man approaching 70 and who was reputed to not be into firearms.

I am also a little curious about ISIS claiming responsibility for it. It is possible that they assumed the shooter was a Muslim before they had heard anything and wanted to take credit for any violence committed by Muslims, whether or not they directly supported the operation or trained those responsible. But they have doubled down on it and have claimed that this man specifically converted to Islam recently. As much as it pains me to admit it, ISIS is usually not lying about such things.

On another note, ignore the hysterical gun grabbers. They will quiet down shortly as long as we ignore them. Next time you hear one say something about guns, point out that there was no existing gun law and no proposed gun law that would have prevented him from getting these short of outright banning, and that’s not going to happen. Point out that Muslims have killed nearly as many people using trucks as he did with guns. And, when in doubt, look no further than Nancy Reagan’s great advice. Just say no. No, you can’t have my guns. No, you may not search my home. No, I will not call your next of kin for you.

I smell a rat in this whole operation. As a friend pointed out to me today, how was it they have ruled out terrorism of both the left-wing and Muslim varieties on the first day of the investigation, but they still insist that Trump colluded with Russia almost a year after the election, with a full investigation? Because they are completely full of shit, that’s why. Do not believe ANYTHING the government-media-financial complex tells you.

Later, I’ll address the anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-normal animus of this crime, as well as the left-wing reaction.

Battlefront: NFL

Trump takes the fight to the Left’s latest venue.

I have written previously about the ridiculousness of the NFL and the need for Americans to boycott it. This latest round of nonsense only underscores that point. In a broader context, the importance of this is apparent. President Trump has been taking a lot of heat, including from his friend Kraft who owns the Patriots, about calling out these players. Notice that his friend suddenly stopped being his friend when it comes to his profits. Kraft is willing to allow his players to insult Americans everywhere in the name of profit. By contrast, Trump has pissed away millions of dollars in his own money campaigning and in endorsements in order to become president. He has sacrificed business relationships and friendships, though he has said repeatedly that he doesn’t really have friends. That is why Trump is President and Kraft is, in terms of household names, a nobody. And I have not heard any Republican “leaders” saying that this is despicable. Paul Ryan endorsed it.

The fact that several hundred players and multiple coaches are willing to do this means that they have absolute confidence that it is not going to disrupt their profit margins. They feel entitled to do so, and assume that regular Americans are going to just accept it. Ratings from last season and this season tell a different story. Note also that the one player from the Pittsburgh Steelers to stand for the anthem, or even take the field for it, has been subject to ridicule from the rest of the organization including coach Mike Tomlin. He caved and recanted. This is not about their free speech, it is about suppressing ours and disrespecting America and Americans.

I have written about this before, but let me reiterate the point. The NFL is a complete waste of your time and your money. Cities subsidized stadiums that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and we spend our hard earned money to pay glorified gang bangers who would otherwise be in prison to play games better suited for children. In return for this, they glorify black thug culture and commit rampant crimes which local police and the National Football League cover up. We then devote an entire day of the week, the one we used to set aside for religious worship and family events, to watching this nonsense. Why? What do we gain from it?

Jared Taylor already wrote an excellent piece a while back about why the vicarious thrills from watching professional sports are ridiculous and a nonsensical reason for watching. Have you ever seen some of the fans of these games? Maybe a little more time actually throwing a ball around and a little less time eating wings what do them some good.

These players are not like the players from years past, who adopted a city has their home, stayed there, and opened businesses later. They are mercenaries who go to the highest bidder. Apparently, they feel entitled to act like ungrateful jackasses, and expect we the public who pay their salaries to accept it. One cannot blame them too much, as they have spent their entire lives having their asses kissed. But as it turns out, we the public disagree.

President Trump is right to call them out, and he needs the support of the public in doing so. It will be a major victory for him and for our side in The Culture Wars it we can stop watching football for a few minutes and put these dogs in their place. If ratings do not tank, then the president will look like a fool, and the left will have won a major cultural battle. Fortunately, ratings for the NFL continue to tank, and it looks like they will do so again this week. Monday Night Football is on tonight. Start now by turning it off. If after this you call yourself a true American and you kept watching football, let me clarify something for you: You aren’t.

Libtard Violence You Might Have Missed

In case you missed it, there has been a lot of violence against our people by libtards recently. The media has of course been relatively silent on it, as they always are. I mean, for fuck’s sake, they ignored the Knoxville Horror and the Wichita Massacre, and those happened back when they still pretended to be nonpartisan.

PA Resistance asshole murders Republican committeeman neighbor

Blacks murder 70-year-old man and his 23-year-old grandson in their home…

…while another is charged with a quadruple white murder

Talk about attacking to the Left!


Pube Head 2

Charlottesville, Part II

More analysis from the most recent battle against the Left.

Recent events in Charlottesville demonstrate just how dire the situation is becoming. To recap, a bunch of white guys had permits to peacefully demonstrate. A bunch of left-wing thugs showed up without permits and crashed the rally. They had every intention of visiting violence on the white protesters. Even if they had gotten the proper permits, they were not there to peacefully protest. They were out for blood. What you think of neo-Nazis is beside the point. The enemy of my enemy and all that. From all accounts, the police not only allowed this to happen but actively encouraged it. Some officers as soon as they were ordered to stand down by the mayor. Law enforcement professionals say there was essentially no police protection for the people who were exercising their First Amendment rights. They effectively allowed the libtards to exercise a heckler’s veto. Additionally, since it was a government agency, albeit a local government agency, that actively encourage this, this is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

President Trump is under fire for daring to say the truth, that the left-wing instigated the violence. He has been somewhat conciliatory and said that there was violence on both sides, but the reality is there would have been no violence had the left-wing not incited it. Jeff Sessions, our intrepid attorney general who had been recently investigating whether or not affirmative action harms white people, has ordered the DOJ to investigate the vehicular homicide as a hate crime. Alleged Republican governor of Maryland Larry Hogan has ordered Confederate monuments to be taken down, including the statue of Maryland native Supreme Court Justice Rodger Taney, who authored the Dred Scott decision. Politicians all over the country are calling for confederate monuments to be removed and streets to be renamed. J.E.B. Stuart high school in Virginia has dropped the J.E.B. from the name to make it simply Stuart High School. PayPal has dumped VDARE and suspended their account; this is following Amazon removing its link from their site. It’s an attempt at complete cultural rollback. And despite the fact that we have the most effective president in our country’s history at the helm, with one of the most conservative attorney generals in the last century, control of both halves of Congress, and control of almost a two-thirds majority of State legislatures, this is still happening.

It should be abundantly clear at this point that the Deep State and most government bureaucracies state and local are arrayed against us. While I normally have no use for Libertarians, they were absolutely right to point out that the Constitution only protects people as long as we are all agreeing to play by its rules. Very obviously there are a different set of rules for straight white Christians who don’t hate themselves. Over at American Renaissance, Henry Olson ponders how we should respond, and what happens after Trump. I have been pointing out, as have many bloggers in the Hesperian movement, that we are witnessing a run up to a hot lead exchange. In the decade before the Civil War began, there were similar events that presaged the coming conflict. I will expect that if Donald Trump is successfully reelected, the Civil War will go hot on the left say so. If however a liberal is elected, particularly if the election is of questionable veracity, it will come from us. FYI, the libtards are going to do what they can to disrupt it, which will delegitimize the results should they prevail.

In the meantime, stockpile ammunition. Make sure everyone in your family knows how to use firearms and as a safe place to go if your area becomes unsafe. Build a network that you can turn to for support. Start reducing your online footprint. You can do this by using Brave as your browser or installing TOR, adding the HTTPS Everywhere and Ghostery extensions, using DuckDuckGo as your search engine, switching to more secure email addresses, and above all, ditching Google. If you can get to a rally, go. If you can help our comrades with their legal bills, do so. Know who the dedicated libtards in your social circles are so you can defend yourself from them, because they WILL turn on you. That includes family. Their weird religion demands total loyalty. In short, be prepared for things to go south (no pun intended) in a hurry.

Most of the mainstream political prognosticators are pretending that there is no real problem and that everything is fine. However, most prescient people in 1860 knew that if Abraham Lincoln were elected, it would mean the dissolution of the Union. Anyone with even half a brain is aware that the next election is going to be the last one of United America. You heard it here first. November 2020: the year the United States are ripped apart. For the record, I accurately predicted that Obama would be president within eight years of his being elected to the Senate, and though the GOP is still technically a party, I was predicting in 2012 that it would either be ripped apart with a new party absorbing lots of former Democrats and nonvoters, or it would be taken over by populists with a similar effect.

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