F*** Google

  • Get a Protonmail account. It’s encrypted. You’ll love it.
  • Stop using Google software. Use Brave to browse, use MS Office or Apache Open Office for projects.
  • Search using Bing or DuckDuckGo.
  • Avoid YouTube.
  • If you must use Chrome, use Ghosterly and HTTPS Everywhere to stay private.

Google has Chosen the Form of its Destructor

Burn, baby, BURN!

The title is a reference to the original Ghostbusters, in case you missed it. By now, hopefully you have heard of James Damore, the Google employee who was recently fired for daring to speak his mind regarding Google’s diversity policies and promotion of women and minorities who were unworthy of their positions. The guy published a widely circulated ten page memo which cited mounds of scientific evidence about why this was a bad idea. You always hear shit from liberals about how they are the party of science until science disagrees with their superstitions. Then, it is impossible that the science is correct. The only possible explanation is that whoever is speaking such things is guilty of bad thoughts and must be punished.

Damore originally published anonymously. However, he should have known that if he felt the need to publish this anonymously that the people within Google who disagree with him, the very people who set the policies against which he was protesting, were going to track him down and try to ruin him. Common Sense should have told him that he worked for a company that was in cahoots with the NSA and CIA in terms of data gathering and spying on citizens. There was no way he could have hoped to preserve his anonymity. But that’s the rub. Why should he have to preserve his anonymity? Why are things that were considered conventional wisdom just a few generations ago be taboo subjects to talk about now? It’s not as if there was any sort of settled science that contradicts what he said. Quite the contrary. Liberals seem to mistake the idiotic, unscientific upheaval of the 1960s for some sort of knowledge breakthrough. It wasn’t. But to liberals, once they have their way, there is no going back, no challenging the ruling on the field. In his word salad Damore repeatedly proclaimed himself to be a liberal and felt the need to knock those of us on the right several times, perhaps in the hopes of showing he was a Good White so they wouldn’t fire him. He should have understood how they play their games. Obviously, he didn’t fully understand how the left works. Silly boy.

As Vox Day has noted, Google has put itself in a precarious position here. Internal surveying showed that at least a third of Google employees agreed with the ideas in the memo. Undoubtedly, a large portion of those agreeing with it were white men. Those guys are vital to Google’s survival. Despite constant claims to the contrary, no high-end firm is going to be able to thrive, or even survive, with women and minorities doing the programming. At some point, whether by hook or by crook, they need the work of white men. Now, Google has made it clear that straight white men are second-class citizens within their corporation. They have set themselves up for sabotage, and it would serve them right.

Another problem Google has just created for itself is that a white man was fired on the orders of a non-white man. This has to be sending shock waves through the large number of white men working at Google. The guy they fired has already been offered a job at Gab by Andrew Torba. How long before some of these other guys start asking Torba for jobs, or break away to form companies of their own? They already have the connections, they’re already in Silicon Valley, and finding backers (hello, Peter Thiel) should not be difficult for them. There are a lot of well-off people, particularly within the tech industry, who have an axe to grind with Google and the establishment in Silicon Valley. Perhaps Brandon Eich, the inventor of JavaScript, and one of the developers of Mozilla who was fired from his position because he donated to a charity that opposed gay marriage in California. The list goes on, but the beginning of alternate platforms for our side is really ramping up. I believe in years to come we will remember this incident as one of the key factors that began the complete collapse of the Left. Struck down like Obi-Wan, Alt-Techers will become more powerful than Google can possibly imagine.

Make no mistake. They are slowly throttling the Golden Goose. It does not matter that Google has deep pockets and a huge market share. There are going to be plenty of tech developers already at Google and elsewhere who are going to have no desire to work there. The money isn’t the only thing, but it is the only thing Google has. I remember reading somewhere…hmmm, where was that?…that men are not nourished by bread alone. When it becomes unbearable to work at Google, and when going to work means constantly looking over your shoulder and being the obvious target for abuse by less qualified people all around you, white guys will stop working there. And when Google sees a lot of the top talent (read: white men) going elsewhere, they will not be able to compensate.

Vox makes an excellent point that they are actually unable to turn a profit on any of their various other ventures. This will pave the way for others who can. I have long believed that there is a huge market for social media and other technology that is friendly not just to people who are politically conservative, but two people who are apolitical but traditional. When that technology develops, and people are willing to pay for it, you will see Google collapse as its business model will not be able to keep up or adjust. I know I personally would be willing to pay a few dollars a month for social media website that did not collect data on me or sell information to outside companies. Google has based its entire model on making its customers pay in kind rather than currency, and they will not be able to make the switch as they are overextended. When Google and companies like it (looking at you, Twitter) begin to collapse the left will be lost in the woods. I do not believe that I am getting ahead of myself, or that I am being overly optimistic. There are iron laws in human existence, and despite what liberals have long thought of themselves, they are absolutely not immune to them. The gods of the copybook heading are limping up to explain things once more. It’s going to be glorious.

What World War II Japan can Teach us About Modern American Politics

Yesterday was the anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Like a good patriot, my father called to wish me happy anniversary. As he pointed out, he and the rest of our family would not exist had it not been for the atomic bomb. His father (my grandfather) and every man in our family of military age was in the Pacific. My maternal grandfather had been fighting in Europe; undoubtedly those troops would have been shifted East to join the war effort against Japan. The odds are good that many of the men of my family, especially those already in theater, would not have made it back.

It was estimated that an invasion of Mainland Japan would cost us over a million casualties, at least half of those being killed in action. This is in light of the fact that Douglas MacArthur was intentionally low-balling the estimated casualties because he wanted to have the invasion of Japan green-lighted. Why? For his own personal glory. They created so many purple hearts for the estimated casualties that we were still using them for our wounded troops as of Desert Storm. MacArthur was a glory hound who objected to the use of the atomic bombs, mainly because it stole his chance at immortality but also on humanitarian reasons. According to Douggy, you don’t bomb civilians. Unless it benefits MacArthur. Bonus historical lesson: don’t be too quick to trust military men in their political judgments.
Lots of historical revisionists will tell you that Japan was on the brink of surrender, and then there was no need to drop the first bomb, let alone the second. This is absolutely untrue, and those who say otherwise do not understand Japan or the facts on the ground. When the second atomic bomb was dropped, the crew of the Boxcar took tremendous antiaircraft fire. How could a country on the verge of defeat have mustered that kind of anti-aircraft power? They had just had an atomic bomb dropped on them! Japan had been training its women and children to use bamboo spears to defend the Home Islands. They head repositioned troops from elsewhere to defend the major cities. Even after dropping the second bomb, they still insisted on conditions of surrender. Some of their officers tried to assassinate the Emperor to prevent him from issuing his surrender. Many more murdered Allied POWs when they heard the war was over. Others committed suicide rather than go along with the surrender. These are not the actions of a people who were going to go quietly into that good night. They were ready for a fight to the end, as their own minutes from meetings of the military councils reveal. There was to be no surrender.
The atomic bomb saved probably half a million to a million American lives. It also saved countless Japanese lives, as the casualties from defending the Home Islands would have been far greater and would have been included civilians. But, there was another dividend from dropping the atomic bomb, one that is rarely discussed but bears mentioning. It may be just as important as the saving of lives.
The crimes committed by the Japanese were far more grizzly than those of the Nazis. Their treatment of civilians and of prisoners of war was unconscionably cruel and enough to induce vomiting. The Nazis did not routinely kill American, British, or French POWs. In fact, they pretty much never did. As terrible as the Holocaust was, it was typically done in a surgical, detached fashion. The Japanese, on the other hand, routinely committed gang rapes, massacres of children, beheadings of parents in front of children and things too disgusting for me to put in print here. They did these things because they believed that they, the Japanese, were superior to all other races, even other Asians. Their belief in their superiority in their estimation made all these things completely permissible. By dropping the atomic bomb, they were completely humbled. They were disabused of the ridiculous notion that had that they could commit such crimes as their right.
I bring this up because Liberals are of the same mindset. They are so smugly convinced of their own superiority that they will not entertain the possibility that they are wrong about anything, much less everything. We will need something of an equivalent violence to finally disabuse them of the notion that they have the right to treat everyone else as they see fit. It’s coming. And like the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it will be both tragic and necessary.

Winning the Battle Against Trannie-Norming

This is an easy win. Take it one Leftist at a time.

One of the best breaks we have had in the culture war since Donald Trump was elected is that the Left has chosen transsexual rights as the hill on which they wish to die. This is a completely disgusting an indefensible position, so for us it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. I mentioned in the previous post that I have personally convinced die-hard left-wingers to abandon it in the course of a single conversation. Part of this relies on forcing them to make a choice between different aspects of libtard dogma. When they see that one of their sacred cows is under assault from a new sacred cow, they will, so to speak, cut the new cow out of the herd. Remember, we win when we force them to adhere to their own standards.

Here’s my argument: If someone is biologically born as a man or a woman, and they reach adulthood, then they must have gone through puberty. When puberty occurred, their brain was basted in either testosterone or estrogen. These are the hormones that make us act like men and women, respectively. Since they love to pride themselves as people who love science in a sexual manner, they will certainly not argue with this. So, if these things make us act male or female, and your brain develops while being basted in the hormones associated with a particular sex, then your brain is not the brain of a person of the opposite sex. At this point, they might try to say there is no difference between male and female brains. There is. Science says so. Again, make them adhere to their religion that worships science.

A man who thinks he is a woman is not basing this on anything other than what his conception of a woman is. Feminists love to say that men don’t understand women at all and that the female experience is markedly different than the male experience. If this is true, how could a man ever think that he was a woman? The only thing on which he can base this belief is what he thinks a woman is like, as a man. Are women really nothing more than dresses and hairstyles? This is exactly the sort of thinking that feminists have railed against since the sixties. Are they going to use it to justify transsexuals? Even they see the stupidity in this.

Now, if you have them on your side at this point, or even if you don’t, you can move in for another kill shot. Point out that thinking you are the opposite sex should be considered a mental disorder, and it for years, it was. Technically, I believe it’s still is according to the DSM-5. If they try to tell you that standards change, ask them what groundbreaking research discovered that you could actually be a sex other than the one that your chromosomes assigned to you. Obviously, they will not have an answer, because no such study exists, because it can’t, because it’s bullshit. Next, ask them how serious a science is if its tenets can change based on social opinions, particularly opinions held by a small number of people. This is a good time to remind them that their beliefs are way out there and do not conform with those of most people either in the country or on the planet. They will probably not admit that psychology is a total crock. But it does not matter. You will have planted the seed of doubt. Anyone who was on the fence or sort of neutral who overhears the argument is going to jump to your side because you are obviously displaying knowledge and thought that shoots holes in your opponent’s argument. So if you know any libtards who like to believe that transsexuals are totally normal and totally right, go ahead and have some fun with them. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. The more we do this, the more normal people will start coming around to our other opinions, and the more libtards will look like the idiots that they are.


Make the Military Great Again

There is no shortage of great things about President Trump. I have already started referring to him as the greatest president of my lifetime. But one of my favorites is that he is restoring masculinity to the military. He isn’t flawless and he still has some room to improve, but he has shifted the momentum, and that’s a big deal.

Mad Dog Mattis is a great general. As Secretary of Defense, he has overstayed his welcome. He is still a swamp creature, but speaking as a Marine, I love the bastard. I love the fact that liberals hate him. I love that he says point blank that some people need to get shot and makes no bones about the military’s job being to kill America’s enemies. It’s about time the public was made acutely aware of this, and more importantly, it’s vitally important that people in uniform know this. Believe it or not, some of them don’t. He’s served his purpose, and now needs to leave gracefully.


The best move regarding the military thus far is the banning of transsexuals from service. It’s horrifying that this even had to be a thing, that it wasn’t inherently understood that freaks who mutilate their genitals are unfit to represent the country and not mentally strong enough to be in combat. But you live in the world you have, I suppose. I have personally, in the course of a single conversation, convinced die-hard liberals that transsexuals are nuts and that the whole thing is bullshit. It’s too much even for them to swallow. But, they have chosen to go out on this limb, and we must saw the end of it while they are on it. Those advocating this shit need to be forced to explain it. More on that another time.

Next move? Kick women out of combat roles. They are inherently unfit for them, and it’s bad for society. If a woman is in the type of physical shape she needs to be in to serve, unless she’s an Amazon, she will weigh less than 140 pounds. She will be inherently weaker than the men in her unit. She will barely be able to function under the weight of her own gear. I’m not exaggerating. When I was in Iraq, a female we worked with was killed in a firefight because she took the protective inserts out of her flak jacket. Why? Too heavy for her. The chances of such a creature being able to drag a wounded man to safety, a man who probably weights north of 180 pounds with his gear (at a minimum), are about the same as those of a gerbil making it out of a bathhouse alive. Think of the moodiness a woman goes through when she’s ragging it. Now add the attitude that a man should never be allowed to hit her, no matter what she says or does. Then put her in a forward area with a high level of mental stress. Sound like a good idea? Of course not, because it fucking isn’t. Women are unfit for combat duty, and really, for the military in general.

Kick ‘em all out. No women. No homos. No trannies. No pussies. Make asskicking great again.

What About the Economy?

We must address economic issues to be viable as a movement.

The Hesperian/Alt-Right movement has clear views on culture and citizenship that can readily be translated into immigration policy. However, there has never been a widespread consensus on economic ideas that could be translated into sound economic policy. If we have any hopes of moving the needle and eventually achieving victory for our most important goals which involve protecting the culture, we need to have an economic policy that is effective and benefits American society as a whole and the working and middle classes in particular. We are never going to win over large swathes of the wealthiest Americans. They already have two parties who represent their economic interests to the exclusion of all others. In terms of dealing with the wealthier Americans, we will have better luck winning them over with social issues. We will be most effective if we try to simply not alienate them with our economic policies.

Is the Alt-Right capitalist? Is it socialist? Fascist? Communist? I would submit that we are absolutely not communist, fascist, or socialist. It is not possible to have Alt Right views and respect traditional American culture and at the same time be socialist or communist. Outside of New England, there is no historical precedent in American culture for anything even vaguely resembling Socialism or communism. Or fascism, for that matter. Realistically, the Yankees are on their own in terms of those styles of government. But what about capitalism?

For starters, we should reject the term capitalism on its face. This is a Marxist term and we should not be allowing our enemies to define the argument. Remember, Marxists are never, EVER our allies. What about a free market system then? Certainly this is in keeping with American tradition and has shown the greatest ability to provide material benefits to people living under such a system. The problem here is that it becomes relatively easy to corrupt. It also does not offer any sort of protection in a rapidly changing world. We must be realistic. It’s great to have some libertarian lovefest and talk about how free markets solve everything. There is a kernel of truth in that. However, the free market does not offer any sort of protection when it comes to foreign competition or worker replacement by automation. The first is easily addressed by the Hesperian views on immigration. The latter quite frankly could be addressed by returning to traditional Republican policies of tariffs and restrictions. These policies worked well for the United States between the years of 1833 and 1913. It was during this time when our nascent industry was still well behind that of Britain and Germany that such policies enabled us to play catch up. We could start with such policies. But is it enough?

We also need to have a clear position on organized labor. Personally, I can see both sides of the argument. Unions nowadays are nothing but paid lobbyists for the Democrats and are actually injurious to workers in terms of rights and benefits. They do However, if you got rid of unions today, you would have to bring them back tomorrow because in that brief window of time, our overlords would be right back to viciously exploiting workers. Yes, I know that sounds communist of me. But the truth is the truth. Marx didn’t catch on because he was talking about things that were theoretical. He resonated because workers in Europe were being taken advantage of. Considering the fact that a tremendous amount of support for the Hesperian movement is based on the kinds of people who would benefit from unions, it would be wise to support them, and wrest control of them from the Left. There is a real opportunity to do so if we can reframe workers’ interests away from things like vacations and insurance plans and more toward job protection, and by pointing out that the interests of the Left’s leaders are diametrically opposed to the interests of the average American worker. The big advantage we have over the Left is that our goals and ideas are what we actually believe, and we are not trying to hide it. A huge part of our movement is about being able to speak the truth freely. Never underestimate what a strong card the basis in honesty is for our side.

What I am tentatively suggesting here is a relatively free internal market with strong tariff protections to benefit American workers and American-based corporations. Of course, tax cuts for middle-class Americans as well as American based companies that hire Americans would be a good thing, because it would serve to starve the Beast. Additionally, we need to support the idea of unions as a further protection of American workers in a global market. Lastly, our well-articulated stance on immigration can double as a major plank in our economic policy. Labor, like anything else, is subject to market demands there is no reason for us to be importing millions of Third World parasites when automation is going to render a substantial number of jobs obsolete. So, tariffs, internal free markets, unions, no immigration. It’s the start of a coherent economic policy that goes along with our cultural policies.

Footnote: Some Senators have introduced the RAISE Act, which would switch us to a merit-based immigration system with no diversity lottery.