Fuck Ellis Island

Your grandparents’ memories do not dictate immigration policy in the present.

If I hear about Ellis Island one more goddamn time, I’m going to set a ferret on fire and shove it up the offender’s ass. This “nation of immigrants” bullshit has been debunked more times than I can count, but here’s a brief refresher if you find yourself having to explain it to someone who has been the victim of our public education system.

In the 1800s, we had a huge, unsettled continent over which we desired mastery. Full of untapped resources, it was inhabited by American Indians who understandably did not want us there. Settling it was grueling work, and we lacked the population to do it. So we admitted immigrants to fight the Indian Wars and carve wealth out of a wild terrain.

We also had a bunch of greedy corporate bastards, just like today. Like today, they wanted to maximize profits by paying workers less. Americans refused to do shitty jobs for shitty pay, so they flooded the labor market with cheap immigrant labor. When you have some liberal tell you that your ancestors got the opportunity to be American, remind them your ancestors were allowed in to be taken advantage of, nothing more.

Immigrants in the past, for various reasons and at various times, were either forced to assimilate completely or found it in their best interests. There was no perverse incentive to keep their old identities, and we eventually cut off the immigration spigot which in turn cut their ties to the Old World.

Immigrants nowadays are not brave. They’re fucking freeloaders, plain and simple. The West has been Won; there is affirmative action and welfare to be had for free. In the past we offered land for those with the balls to claim it. Now we offer handouts for those able to bullshit the State Department.

Lastly, opportunity is limited. If we have any unemployment, there is no reason to take immigrants, because there is already a shortage of opportunity for actual Americans. We cannot have an obligation to foreigners over our own people, or else there is no reason to want to be an American.  It just gets you on the hook for Johnny-come-latelies.

Finally, as the eminent Steve Sailer has pointed out, Emma Lazarus’ poem is shitty writing, not binding policy.

Dems Double Down on Stupid

And put their contempt for white normal people on full display.

The old adage “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” is being beautifully demonstrated by the Democrats. In yet another unforced error, Representative Keith Ellison is looking likely to be the next chair of the DNC. You know that old rule about what to do when you find yourself in a hole? Apparently, Democrats do not.

If you are unfamiliar with Keith Ellison, he is a representative from Minnesota, the first Muslim in the House of Representatives, and an allegedly former member of the Nation of Islam with ties to Louis Farrakhan. And he is way, way to the left. How far? He endorsed Bernie over Hillary, and has in turn been endorsed by Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, and Chuck Schumer. He is far enough to the left that he won’t reply to faxes for “environmental reasons” He’s a special kind of asshole.

He is currently the frontrunner in fundraising for the position, which is a key element of the position. He also got a boost when competitor Vincent Tolliver was booted from the race after saying that Ellison’s status as a Muslim and his accompanying views on homosexuals were disqualifiers for him to lead the party.

The Dems lost because they alienated white working-class people and white people in general. They have decided to double down on the dumbassery that cost them the election. We couldn’t do this kind of damage to them if we tried.

The bubble in which these morons exist keeps them from acknowledging reality. It’s like the Republicans’ idiotic postmortem after the 2012 election. Do they think removing a white Southerner from leadership in favor of a black Muslim is going to help them in the demographics they lost in bigly? Does stressing liberal social amorality draw in middle class voters who are being hammered by taxes and insurance premiums? Do they realize that all the people who were unsure about Trump and stayed home because of their uncertainty might get on board after four years of him doing an awesome job? Are they counting on a demographic bomb whose fuse is at a minimum going to be delayed? Fortunately for us, the Dems would rather virtue signal and indulge their hate for us than do anything remotely resembling sanity.

Make some popcorn and enjoy the freak show.

Panic Produces Unforced Errors

Stunned Dems are making childish mistakes.

Dems have never really been in the position in which they now find themselves: helpless.

Their childish belief system coupled with their lengthy cultural dominance has left them unprepared for the position they are in. In the last week, they have made two major, unforced errors. The first was announcing self-righteously to oppose and filibuster anyone Trump nominated to the Supreme Court. Showing signs of compromise might have encouraged him to nominate a less conservative justice (unlikely as Trump is a man of his word, but the best hand they could play). By refusing to consider anyone, Trump had nothing to lose by going with a solid conservative nominee.

Secondly, they refused to come to a meeting of the Finance Committee, chaired by Orin Hatch (RINO-UT). This was in an attempt to hold up two of Trump’s nominees. Hatch is a squishy little bitch who wanted to let the Dems keep the filibuster. They showed him the wages his civility earns, giving him no incentive to maintain that position. The filibuster could be a goner, meaning Gorsuch will be seated, Trump’s nominees are a go, and the Dems have no way of stopping Trump from ramming his legislative dick down their throats.

When your opponent is on the ropes, keep him there. When he’s off balance, give him a shove. I would wager that we can expect at least one more controversial bill and several more significant executive actions before Friday.

Liberals Don’t Know What is Hitting Them

Trump has completely flipped the script on the Left and their cuckservative enablers.

Many are still in denial about the sea changes wrought in Washington by the Golden Don. By many, I mean the talking heads and mainstream media outlets, who failed miserably in predicting his primary win and his resounding defeat of Hillary Clinton in the general election. Make no mistake, he has completely changed the way the game has been played in Washington since 1989.

William F. Buckley was famous for saying that National Review’s mission was to “stand athwart history, yelling ‘stop!’” In reality, the Conservative movement he helped found did little more than timidly say “slow down!” The Conservative movement essentially threw in the towel on the most serious issues in the culture war, especially immigration. The last thirty years have been a slow, painful surrender, with the so-called conservatives essentially ceding the moral high ground to the leftists. Their chief complaint was that liberals were irresponsible, not that they were wrong. Liberals moved too fast; they used courts instead of the legislatures; they spent too much; they ignored traditional republican ways of doing things. Half-assed complaints from people who were just there to collect a taxpayer-funded paycheck. We even called the Republicans the Stupid Party and took it as a given that most intelligent people were left-of-center.

Enter the Golden Don. He is a gut-level conservative, not a doctrinaire movement type. Remember his answer about what it means to be a conservative? A conservative conserves the country. He wasn’t worried about procedure or government tradition. He was not sent to uphold the old order, but to destroy it. After years of dealing with the most cutthroat, sociopathic business executives and corrupt, underhanded politicians, Washington, D.C. must seem like amateur hour to him. Defy him? Fired. All talk and no action? Shut up. Senate tradition? Chuck it. Liberals whine? Fuck it. The usual cries of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and “that’s not who we are” aren’t working. Chuck Schumer’s vaunted intelligence has been shown to be an illusion. He looked smart when he was dealing with slack-jawed robots like Marco Rubio and weak-wristed nancy boys like Mitch McConnell. When opposed by a man with a plan and a set of balls, he has been left sputtering and pointing. He woke up the other day to find that the septuagenarian president had already been awake mocking him hours before. A friendly reminder to the Left:

If you didn’t want to play by these rules, you shouldn’t have played by these rules.

The script has been flipped. The Left is finally being forced to defend its positions and its allegations, and it can’t. Years of never having to do so have left them unprepared, and the long-awaited day of reckoning whereby they have to make a moral case for their insane, amoral views has arrived.

Welcome to the Age of Trump.

Women Don’t Know Shit About Men

Feminist attempts to remake men are based on a complete lack of understanding.

A few months ago, I had some time to kill and nothing worth reading handy. Netflix (#boycottNeflix) had a documentary called The Mask You Live In, about issues facing boys in America. I couldn’t resist. I had to see what kind of beta cuck bullshit the fine folks at Netflix felt America’s young men should be emulating.

I won’t waste your time detailing the content of this crockumentary. Suffice it to say, it was the usual liberal bullshit about “toxic masculinity” and that the problem with boys is that we want them to conform to “gender stereotypes.” You are all familiar with the usual nonsense. Instead, I would like to direct your attention to what I read in the credits:

Directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Written by Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Jessica Congdon

Produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Jessica Anthony, &  Jessica Congdon

Executive Producers: Regina Kulik Scully, Sarah E. Johnson, Wendy Schmidt, Abigail Disney, Geralyn Dreyfous, Maria Shriver

Note: Maria Shriver is not doubt attempting some self-help here, after her near-apex alpha husband Arnold made an ass of her with their maid.

Does anyone notice anything off-kilter here?

Can you imagine the outrage if a bunch of conservative guys made a documentary telling girls that they needed to conform to traditional gender roles?

That wouldn’t happen for several reasons. Firstly, we don’t need to tell women that, we show them by not marrying howling womynists, beastly manjaws, whores, and tomboys. Secondly, conservative guys by nature do not have the time nor the inclination to tell other people how to live their lives. Thirdly, Netflix would never show such a thing as it is wholly owned by the Cathedral hivemind. Don’t take my word for it; use Netflix’s shitty search engine to see if they have anything remotely conservative (spoiler alert: they don’t).

If you do watch this piece of shit documentary, you will see how precious little women, especially liberal women, understand about men. They don’t understand what we want, what our evolutionary role entails, or how we interact with one another. They definitely don’t understand the important role violence plays in allowing men to create and maintain healthy societies.

I’ll give you a prime example. When a man is having a tough time with something, the last thing he wants is for a woman to do any of the following: tell him he is overreacting, tell him to give up, or offer to help. Each of these is deeply insulting to a man in different ways. You are either saying we can’t judge what is worth doing and what is not, that we are too soft to finish something, or that we can’t do what should be a one-man job on our own. None of these is something the man in your life wants to hear, ladies. Think of how Clark Griswald reacts to Ellen Griswald in the Vacation movies, and you’ll see what I mean.

Another example: many women complain that when they are with their husband and meet a man, particularly a salesman, for the first time, he often looks at and addresses her husband and ignores her. They take it as sexism. The reality is that the new guy is signaling to your husband that he is not trying to make moves on his wife. It’s about respect. If he were making moves, her husband might employ violence, and men seek to avoid unnecessary violence. It’s the threat of violence and the wisdom to avoid it when unnecessary that keeps society together. A society that proscribes all violence is one that will fail.

On a related note, liberals, both men and women, have a woman’s understanding of violence, which is to say that it is okay for them to inflict it but not to suffer from it. This guy is a shining example of how to properly reeducate them.

Leftists are Religious Zealots

The Left projects its own bullshit. Acknowledge and proceed accordingly.


One of the common themes to which left wing fucktards love to cleave is that we on the right are a bunch of religious zealots who are responsible for every crime against humanity throughout the course of history. This is just flat out fucking ridiculous, so let’s unpack their bullshit step by step. By the time we finish, you’ll see who the real religious nutjobs are.

First, you would have to accept their premise that everything they say is an atrocity was in fact an atrocity. As soon as you question this aspect of their argument, their position becomes largely untenable. Most of their examples, when viewed through a Western moral lens, demonstrate exactly the opposite of what they argue.

Take for example the Crusades. The Left routinely describes them as an example of Christian bigotry and how all religion leads to violence. I call bullshit.

Islam was born in blood and has remained awash in it ever since the illiterate pedophile  Muhammed ripped off Jewish and Christian teachings in an attempt to pull his tribe of inbred camel fuckers out of the Stone Age. When Pope Urban II called for the First Crusade in 1095, Islamic kiddie-fuckers had been ravaging Europe for four centuries. The Crusades, at their core, were a greatly delayed response to Muslim aggression against the West. As an aside, libtards like to tell us that Islam was far more scientifically advanced and civilized than the West at the time. This is largely untrue, and was the result of conquering advanced civilizations such as the Persians and Byzantines, the siege of the latter being what precipitated Western Europeans from marching on Jerusalem. If Islam really was wealthier, more advanced, and more civilized, than a Western war against them was hardly an act of Western colonialism as femfags often like to portray it.

Columbus and the American Indians is another one. While enslaving the Arawaks was obviously wrong, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for any people on the planet to do so at the time. Charges of genocide are a crock. There was no germ theory, and no one knew how diseases spread. American Indians had no resistance because they had no exposure to the rest of the world. The only way to have prevented them from catching Old World diseases would have been to keep them isolated until modern times when vaccines had been invented, or to have been gradually exposed earlier in history. Maybe if they hadn’t kicked out the Vikings who settled in Newfoundland, they could have been part of the world trade network the Vikings set up, and would have built up antibodies. Seems their intolerance of the Vikings led to their downfall.

I can go on and on with this, from topics ranging from the conquest of the Aztecs to the interment of the Japanese in World War II, but you get the drift. Liberals only really get offended by white men acting like white men instead of sniveling, supplicating beta bitches. If a white guy or a gathering of white guys take charge, take action, or stand up for himself or themselves, be sure that leftwing pussies will object.

Now, let’s examine some historical wrongdoings and see who was really behind them. It was mainly holier-than-thou types who burned witches at the stake. It was the Progressives who tried to convert Indians to Christianity (among Catholics in the 1600s and 1700s, it was the radically left-wing Jesuits who did the missionary work) and set up things like the Carlisle School in an attempt to completely eradicate their culture. (Note that well before the 20th century, Progressives were using schools as a means of social control and cultural eradication; the red man was a test run for the white man.) Forced sterilization? The Holodomor? Let’s not forget that that Nazis were socialists, and that Communists killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 to 100 million people in the 20th century alone.

There’s a reason we on the Alt-Right call them the Cathedral. A Lefty’s personality contains at least two distinct features. Firstly, they are hive creatures who must constantly virtue signal to identify themselves as the faithful so as to maintain their safety in numbers and avoid the wrath people higher up the liberal social ladder. Secondly, they insist on having answers to everything, and they lash out at anything that threatens their sense of order. It’s the personality of timid lemmings. It’s the same animating energy that burned people as heretics for daring to point out inconsistencies in Catholic doctrine in the Middle Ages. It burned witches in Salem. It worked the guillotines during the French Revolution. It has burned books, imprisoned dissidents, and executed those with the strength to stand up to it. And now it turns its fury on us.

Time for us to smash the windows on their Cathedral and burn it the fuck down.