On Violence

It ain’t love that keeps us together.


Yesterday’s botched assassination attempt of Republican Congressman by a limp-dick Bernie Bro made me consider a topic I have thought about routinely over the years, specifically, violence. Not violence itself, as in watching a boxing match, but its uses, purpose, who can use
it, when, why, and its role in society. I realized some time ago that liberals are wrong about pretty much everything, so I thought it was time to question some assumptions we make about violence. My thoughts are below.

Violence is defined as behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something, or strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force.Let us include in this verbal assault with the underlying threat of physical violence, as words are often used to preface, precipitate, enhance, and justify violence. Think for a moment about the presence of violence in your own life.

If you’re like me, you got spanked, slapped, and harshly verbally reprimanded as a kid. My parents used violence, albeit highly controlled and minimal, as a form of coercion. We call it discipline because it’s a healthy form of coercion, but it is coercion. Libtards love to say you should never spank kids, but are happy to send in police with guns and clubs when someone does something of which they don’t approve. Liberal double standards will abound throughout this essay, so I won’t bother to point them out. Remember Vox’s words of wisdom, SJW’s always lie, and SJW’s always double down. Back to the matter at hand, violence is often a method of coercion. From our parents threatening to spank us to government law enforcement, violence is usually the underlying threat that keeps people following rules they might not
otherwise abide. It is also the underlying threat for other penalties. Fines? Try not paying them. The court will issue warrants so that men with guns and clubs and come to your house and compel you to pay. Prison is a form of violence, directly and indirectly.

Violence underpins the whole of society. People might argue this point, and certainly Lockean libertarians would say that the social contract, not violence, is the basis for a political society. They are incorrect. A social contract may create a political society, but violence is what sustains the social contract. Locke himself obviously understood this, so arguing that he did not is just stupid. Locke posited that by entering into a social contract, a man gave up his total freedom to
be judge, jury, and executioner. He did have the right to use violence to defend is natural rights if society failed to protect them for him. Hobbes was of course less forgiving of the common man and thought that the government should have a total monopoly on the use of violence. Modern liberals almost certainly agree, except for when they seek to use violence against us. Which brings me to another point.

Liberals, for as much as they try to pretend they are oppressed and are “resisting” the government, understand that in reality they control the culture, which is far morepowerful and important than the government. Their cultural domination not only neuters opposing forces in government, but justifies, in their minds, the use of violence against us. They see themselves as having the only legitimate goals for society and hence the lock on violence that Hobbes felt should be reserved to those in positions of authority. They oppose any form of violence or anycultural sanction of violence on our side because they see us as non-people without the right to
oppose their cultural and political domination. They laugh about the attempted murder of Congressman Scalise. Have you heard them say a single word about gun control? Of course not. They don’t want gun control for their side. They want it for us. They want us disarmed, us cucked, us like beaten dogs who don’t bark or bite. But they have no problem with violence as long as its not directed against their side. In fact, they LOVE violence directed at us.

I believe one of the things that has kept them safe for so long is that we still hold to traditional American/Western values of nonaggression and politics being separated from violence. What their side forgets is that the entire concept of separating violence from politics and keeping violence out of normal social interaction was the result of centuries of enduring, vicious violence
that was often counterproductive. It is a lesson long forgotten by the Left, since to them there is no history before the Civil Rights movement, and history can only be viewed as white male oppression of everyone else. They are going to get a history lesson soon enough. Ironically, it is the absence of violence that has made the special snowflake SJW’s possible in the first place. Even in the recent past, parents spanked kids, teachers beat unruly students, and there existed such a thing as “fighting words,” whereby any asskicking dispensed upon the speaker was considered fair play. Kids picked on other kids who were too far outside the norms
of acceptable behavior, and for better or worse, domestic violence (by both men and women) was not out of bounds in all cases. Certainly, there were abuses. Horrible abuses. Kids bullied other kids without mercy for minor infractions; men beat their wives as a form of anger management; women inflicted horrible injuries on their husbands and children, and as we see among, eh hem…certain populations, murder and assault abound.

We have been taught that all of this is horrible and still is, but all of that violence served an important purpose. Would you steal from someone who might potentially shoot you? No. Statistics show that states with concealed carry have lower assault and mugging rates. Would you say horrible, deeply personal things to someone who could then beat the everloving shit out of you with society’s blessing? Probably not. Would a woman cheat if her husband could show her the pimp hand? Less likely. Would a husband abuse his wife if she were allowed to defend herself with impunity? Less likely. Do we respect people who can challenge us? Yes, we do.
Universally. Did kids have all these horrible emotional problems back when their peers could bring them back in line with verbal taunts? I doubt it. We sure didn’t have this shit back when I was a kid. There were two genders and you learned what was socially acceptable and what was weird by your buddies telling you flat out that what you were doing was fucking stupid.

Liberal social teachings, even the non-SJW old school liberal stuff, has insisted that we stop these things. After all, they could damage someone’s self-esteem. Can’t have that, can we? The eradication of violence or the threat of violence has made society less pleasant, because now people are able to behave in ways that would have been given the extreme sanction in the past. If a boy wants to dye his hair blue and wear a leotard, no one is supposed to tell him he looks like a dork-ass pansy. As a result, he never learns that this will dry up a woman’s snatch like a Shop Vac. Not allowed to hit a guy for saying horrible things about your wife or children? Then people will say all sorts of things that never would have been uttered in the past, with a more divided, less civil society the result. Women now routinely employ violence, infidelity, and personal insults because domestic violence has become a cardinal sin, up there with racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and being white in the liberal pantheon of dirty deeds.

I could go on, but you get the point. Violence, properly employed, is the linchpin of society. It keeps people civil when used as a means of self-defense or societal defense. When seen as only negative and largely scrubbed from society, breakdown ensues. We are seeing a generation raised without violence and the belief in their own invincibility and entitlement as a result. I don’t blame the kids. I blame the idiots who pushed this nonsense, and the cowards who let it stick. I’m sure we’ll be fine.

Down with Dorks

A return to the natural order

I was reading this morning that Time is laying off 300 employees because of low circulation. My parents are the only people I know who subscribe to that glorified asswipe, so now and again when I visit them I’ll page through the latest edition for shits and giggles. Here are some observations, which in summary lighten my heart.

The writing is terrible. It’s hackneyed, boring, predictable, and obviously spineless (more on that later). By spineless I mean the people writing it are obviously lame and timid by nature. They didn’t get laid in high school. They probably didn’t socialize much in college, either. But they weren’t geeks. Geeks learn technical skills and actually do things later in life. These people were and are dorks. They wrote poetry and tried to make up cool personas for themselves, but I never worked because deep inside they were cowardly losers. Nowadays they live soft, suburbanite lives with no exposure to anything that regular people experience. They are also as a result of all this pussiness, way, way to the Left. They are radically liberal, espousing all sorts of policies that should make straight white gentiles cringe. They resent the doers and achievers who laughed at them or worse, ignored them for years.

Steve Sailer, the greatest thinker in modern American times as far as I am concerned (with notable challenges from Joe Sobran, Paul Gottfried, or Peter Brimelow), years ago pointed out that the single biggest change to society in his lifetime was the elevation of dorks above jocks in the social hierarchy. Think back to all the 80’s movies wherein some dorky kid bests the jocks. Just One of the Guys, Lucas, The Karate Kid, Revenge of the Nerds, the list goes on and on. That’s where it started. Since then, people who were at best suited to advisory or specialist roles have become opinion makers and leaders, though not with the consent of the rest of the population. It was sort of forced on us until we accepted it as the natural order. But it’s not. If you look at these people, they are beta bitches in days gone by would have been answer-men to a king, not the king himself. Think of Grima Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings, as opposed to Eomer. (Sidenote: When I watch those 80’s masterpieces, I root for the “bad guys,” and I tell my children to do the same.

Tom Wolfe had a great quote about how reporters were dorks who knew how to use words and did so to get revenge on the kids who actually accomplished things, but I can’t locate it now. It’s very fitting though.

So, at the beginning I said that overall this lightens my heart. Here is why. These people represent some of the best and brightest of the establishment Left, people who converged a major publication. And they are lame. Totally lame. The best part is that everybody knows it.
I smile because at long last, these people are being pushed back into the dark corners in which they belong. The need for real leadership is creating real leadership, and pushing out the sort of losers who can only take power when things are easy and anyone can handle things. Well, almost anyone. These assholes made a possibly irreversible mess of things. Hopefully we have learned not to trust people who have no right to power, as they will inevitably abuse it for their own childish reasons since they have no inkling of its proper use. Losers, even when they are in charge, remain losers. We are beginning to realize that people traditionally remanded to supporting cast roles are not diamonds in the rough. They are people who should be remanded to supporting cast roles.

Enjoy watching the dorks relearning that they are, in fact, dorks. It’s the first step in fixing this place. Once that is complete, and the natural order is returned, our people will realize that they have every right to assert their natural claims in this country, and those who have long taken advantage of the present situation will acquiesce because they know it will be in their best interests. And then, then the little snowflakes like the writers at Time will get their comeuppance, with interest.

Bill Maher and the Social Justice Hierarchy

Mr. Maher needs to check his white privilege, it seems.

There are few things more entertaining to watch than when the Left eats its own.

Professional douchebag Bill Maher jokingly dropped an n-bomb on his show last night while interviewing the traitorous backstabbing cuck senator from Nebraska, Ben Sasse. Social Justice Warrior shitstains immediately took to Twitter to express their horror. Being a straight man, I don’t use Twitter, so I haven’t read any of the Twattle that the libtards have been spewing. But apparently, they want his head.

Maher was shitcanned from his old show, Politically Incorrect, for remarking that the 9/11 hijackers were not cowards, because crashing a jet into a building takes balls. I remember at the time I took his side, partly because he was correct, and partly because I don’t care much for censorship. I suppose Maher thought that he was being targeted by the Right over those comments and figured he could say what he wanted on a lefty media outlet (redundant) in front of a liberal audience. He’s old, so maybe he wasn’t aware of how the rules work now. The Left no longer wants or needs straight white men leading it. It barely tolerates their presences. They are simply useful idiots.

The left has a fairly rigid but sometimes negotiable pecking order. Islam is at the top (because they’ll kill everyone else), followed by blacks, then Hispanics, then gays and other sexual deviants, then Asians. Minority women are always a peg higher than they would be if they were men, so a black woman would be just under a Muslim. A Hispanic woman may outrank a black man, but it’s debatable. White women have a nebulous placement, as any black or Hispanic outranks them. Conservative white women are not included, liberals can say and do anything they want about and to conservative white women. Blacks and Muslims always outrank liberal women. Gay minorities do too, but not necessarily gay white men. They can cat-fight it out for ranking. White lesbians outrank straight white women. Illegal Hispanics outrank legal ones. Right now, trannies and mentally ill teenagers who think their chromosomes are lying about what fuck parts they should have outrank everyone, but when the hype dies down, they will be in with the rest of the LGBTQWERTY types. Jews don’t really fit into the matrix very well anymore, since they are essentially white and nobody trusts them despite the fact that they provide the funding and brainpower for most of the Left. Fat people are honorary members, though being whale-sized does not get you anywhere in and of itself, it’s just bonus points. The only thing fatties are really useful for is trying to make white men feel bad about the fact that we prefer to bang hot chicks. Other than that, nobody really cares much for fat people. Oh, except black dudes and fat white women. Black men are the only demographic that likes to bang fat white chicks. Otherkins, freaks who think they are actually animals (including fucking dragons), get no real respect or status on the Left and like fatties are just there to piss off us normal people. Cripples don’t get special status for their disabilities, but are useful for making white men jump through hoops to accommodate them. Being crippled gets you bonus points too, unless you became disabled in a war, in which case you are a stupid rube from flyover country who got what he deserved. Minorities hurt in war are victims, whether we bombed them or they are U.S. military personnel who were used by the government.

A fat, black, Muslim lesbian in a wheelchair would be the pinnacle of Leftist ideology (Man, Donna Brazile is so close on this one!). If they believed in God, I’m sure all libtards would have a statue of this mythical creature in their homes, on some shitty metal-framed stand from Ikea.

I think that covers most of the rules. I’ll update it if libtards discover any more genders or races.

Bill Maher used to market himself as a libertarian, and often criticizes liberals for being pussies when it comes to dealing with how fucked up Islam is. He has gotten grief for criticizing Islam in the past, but I think he has been given a pass because he is an ardent atheist who made a documentary mocking all religions. That being said, if the Left takes his scalp, he will be an unwelcome guest in Our House. I hope they succeed in kneecapping his career, and I hope they replace him on his own show with a semiliterate minority. Sounds like social justice to me.

Islam is a Growing Military Problem

The biggest Islamic bomb we have to fear is the population bomb that is already detonating in the West.

David Greenfield has been on a tear in recent months. Seriously, pretty much everything the guy writes is gold. He has a great essay about the fact that terrorism is not a police matter, but a military one. The troops deployed in the streets of London, Paris and Brussels will soon be mirrored here. As he points out, a substantial number of refugees and Muslim immigrants or their children have committed terrorist acts, gone overseas to fight for ISIS, or support terrorists in spirit. Scary shit.

Greenfield rightly points out that this is not a centuries-old problem in the West, but decades old and caused solely by immigration. He says that we can stem the tide through immigration reform. But he does not finish the thought.

Even if we allow no further immigration from any Muslim country (something Trump’s illegally blocked immigration ban still does not accomplish), we still have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of terrorists and their enablers in this country. There are radical Islamic schools and training camps right here in the U.S. of A. They have a substantially higher birthrate than American whites. In a few generations, fighting them will become incredibly difficult, and preventing all attacks will become impossible.

No politician except for Representative Steve King is willing to point out the demographic issue at play here. None are willing to say that there would be no terrorism without Muslims (libtards, insert Timothy McVeigh remark here). So we will never effectively deal with the problem until we are willing to say that we are one people and not another, that some people do not belong and should be on their way.

#theyhavetogoback .

All of that being said, we lack any unifying identity that could persuade us to take back the reigns of this country. Honestly, when I read about these terrorist attacks, I check to see who was targeted and where. I see them blowing up New Yorkers, shooting up homosexuals, taking about libtards coworkers in California, liberal shit magazines in France, whore concerts in Manchester, and I yawn. When they are blowing up farm shows, churches, and gun shops, I’ll lock and load. As long as they kill the same people I wouldn’t mind taking a few swings at, why should I want to do anything? Sounds cold, I know, but seriously, why should people like us get upset or risk our necks for people who are attempting to destroy our way of life? The one time these fuckers tried to shoot up our people, it ended badly for them, and they haven’t done fuck else since.

These people are, at heart, pussies. Yes, they are cruel and twisted, but real warriors are about the business of killing in battle, not torturing the unarmed and defeated. So yes, I maintain that they are pussies deep down. They won’t attack targets that have a high likelihood of fighting back and maybe winning. That being said, we have to realize that eventually they will have the numbers and the infrastructure to come after us, and about that we do need to worry. So, push politicians to accept the reality of the situation, but don’t get too up in arms when they hit liberal targets. Liberals deserve to taste the fruits of their labors.

The Ace of Spades Is Coming Around

A potent blogger begins to understand that the Alt-Right is the only way.

I’ll preface this by pointing out that Ace of Spades is my favorite blog, and I read it religiously. I respect Ace and the majority of his contributors. And I have definitely noticed that since Trump was nominated last summer, Ace has gotten considerably more militant and Alt-Right. That being said, this piece of his demonstrates what is wrong with too many people on our side, why as Vox Day points out eventually all on the right will be Alt-Right, and the natural flaws in “conservative” thinking. I’ll excerpt a little.

“It is imperative we begin emulating the left in its tactics.

“A couple of years ago, I suggested a completely different strategy: I wanted to pursue a kinder path. I wanted an end to the speech wars and social media mobs and boycotts and all the rest of it.

“But that path has been tried, and it has failed. Passive resistance — moral resistance — can only work when dealing with opponents with morality and honor, or who, at least, see you as more than subhuman.”

Ace and lots of people like him are nice, middle class suburban people with A Lot to Lose. Jobs, nice houses in good school districts, acceptance in their community. I get it. I am in the same boat. Raised with middle class values, he and those like him seek to solve problems with reason and actually believe all that Enlightenment bullshit we learned in school. As Thomas Jefferson pointed out in the Declaration, people will suffer evil so long as it is sufferable because we loathe change and conflict. Well, they have become intolerable. Ace continues:

“The most we are “winning” is not losing as much: We chalk it up as a “win” that USAA has been counter-pressured to resume buying ads on Hannity, overlooking the fact that nine other companies were protested by the left into boycotting him, and remain in full boycott.

“We don’t seem to notice that we are always defending, and even the best possible outcome for our attempts at defense only means that we have avoided harm — for a month.

“Just as the best possible outcome for us is that we avoid the harm they intended for us for one short month, the worst possible outcome for them is they will not get This Twitter Cycle’s Designated Scalp — for now.

“But there’ll be another scalp ripe for the tearing in a few days.

“In short, the worst penalty they suffer is not being able to make anyone else suffer– for a short period. They are never made to suffer themselves. Thus, they have absolutely no incentive whatsoever to ever stop.”

I’ve been saying this for years. You can’t hide behind walls and expect everything to be okay. You have to go out and defend your way of life against any and every incursion. As long as we play defense, they will keep winning. Every time they poke holes in our culture, they get a surge of adrenalin, and we are disheartened. Trump won for the same reason Lincoln loved Ulysses S. Grant – he fights.

Ace still is not all the way there yet, but he and others like him better hurry the hell up. Check out this lame-ass handwringing;

“ I didn’t particularly want Kathy Griffin fired — but it was necessary. I actually envy her lack of inhibition and total feeling of freedom. She felt she could do whatever she wanted, so long as it broke no laws. I’d like to feel that way. But I can’t. I can’t feel that way, because I know the progressive mob is always scalp-hunting, and that I am not free to say or think as I might like. They rule part of my brain — my very fear of them limits my thoughts, creates inhibitions and limitations in me which I did not choose for myself, but were forced upon me from without. So a big part of my anger is in seeing Kathy Griffin act as a totally free spirit and free agent, able to do what she likes just because she thinks it’s funny, or “edgy,” or whatever. It makes me angry to see her living a life where she can just do something without fearing the consequences — but I can’t. And neither can you. My hatred of Kathy Griffin isn’t a hatred of her — it’s a hatred of the vicious caste-based system which says she has more rights than Sean Hannity, and more rights than you, and more rights than me.”

I DO hate Kathy Griffin. Her firing, for me, isn’t enough. She needs to be harassed at home, in public, everywhere, until she is contemplating suicide. Her and everyone like her. These undereducated, overpaid Holly-Weird types need to feel our wrath, and when they do, we need to stop seeing it as a necessary evil and start viewing it as a highly enjoyable fucking hobby.

The Proud Boys have the right idea. So does Ivan Throne. The idea that we can reach some sort of peaceful coexistence with these monsters is like when Democrat pussies like Jimmy Carter tried to convince us it could be done with the Soviets. They have to be driven into the fucking dirt. So don’t hold your tongue in public. Savage them, make fun of them, start trouble with them. If you see these fucktards on the street, give them shit. Make their lives uncomfortable. They demand that we submit to their debased, disgusting way of life by giving them “safe spaces.” We should counter by making even public sidewalks unsafe spaces for them. We can go back to Natural Rights and live-and-let-live after we have completely crushed them. Until then, we need to be on offense, always.

We’ll Spill Our Blood for Thee, but Not for We

More evidence of libtard preening and suicidal thought, this time in Australia

Scanning the headlines this morning, I came across this:

Australian Girl on Vacation Killed in Baghdad Car Bomb Blast

My first thought was that it was some social justice warrior or dumbass missionary aid worker, and I figured that she was the victim of stupid left-wing indoctrination. Eager for a little schadenfreude, I clicked the link.

Turns out her name was Zynab Al-Harbiya, and she was apparently visiting her sick grandfather. So the headline was a lie; she was not Australian. She was an Arab Muslim whose family was occupying Australia. I felt cheated. But after reconsidering the opening paragraph, I found a little gem to enjoy. There was this dumb-fuck statement by Australia’s foreign minister:

“The death of an Australian girl in a Baghdad bombing underscored why Australia was fighting Islamic State militants in the Middle East.”

Westerners have to fight in the Middle East to save Iraqis from other Iraqis, regardless of what it costs us in blood and treasure. Got that?

Not to be out-stupided, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had this to say:

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull described Zynab as ‘another innocent killed by this violent tendency, this violent terrorist movement that is gnawing away, seeking to destroy and pervert and blaspheme one of the great regions of the world.’”

I’ve been to Iraq. It’s a fucking shithole. Picture a barren desert with dilapidated buildings and raw sewage in the streets where people slaughter goats on street corners and wipe their asses with their bare hands, the rude conversations of unwashed Arabs only occasionally interrupted by the sound of a car bomb tearing through a public square. That’s Iraq.

Maybe he meant religion. Don’t get me started on the “religion of peace,” which is currently ramping up its mass murder efforts worldwide in honor of its holy month of Ramadan. For our big holy time, we decorate whole towns, give gifts, and visit family. Note the disparity, and remember that next time someone tries to compare Islam to Christianity favorably.

This kind of dumb-fuckery will doom the West. Our leaders refuse to see the world for what it is, and are getting our people killed in the process.

One last point: Australians are supposed to be up in arms over this Iraqi girl getting killed in Iraq, but where was the outrage over English girls getting murdered by Muslims in England? We mustn’t spill Australian blood, or any white blood to defend them. Oh, no. We have to be concerned that people might get upset with Muslims for doing Muslim things. Pisses me right the fuck off.

As one writer put it, I’m not Islamophobic. I’m Islamo-fed-the-fuck-up.

Impeachment Counterpunch

Don’t accept the liberal narrative; push against it.

The Dems smell blood in the water. They have their special prosecutor, and reports that Trump associates had undisclosed meetings with Russian officials. There are already Republicans, like “muh principles” bitch Justin Amash, who are calling for impeachment. Vox Day reports that the White House has completely clammed up because there are high-level leaks.

For us in the cheap seats, it is time to counterpunch.

I was speaking with a liberal colleague yesterday who gets her news from the legacy loser media, as well as a millennial hipster who gets his from far-left sources online. Neither of them had heard that Seth Rich, the murdered DNC staffer, was confirmed to have sent over 40,000 emails to Wikileaks shortly before his mysterious death. When I informed them, and they looked into it for themselves, both openly pondered the possibility that all of this nonsense with Trump is misdirection.
I suggest that if you hear people badmouthing Trump or giving credence to this impeachment nonsense, bring this up and see what they say. Make them go on defense. Our conspiracy theory has a much higher likelihood of being true than theirs, so make them play in our frame. You might not change their minds, but you might. Even if you don’t, it will steel your resolve in this situation.

As Ace of Spades points out, quoting Ben Franklin, either we hang together or we hang separately. Do not believe anything they say about the president. Also, follow that first link and read beyond the headline. Allegedly, the conversations Trump officials had involved improving relations between our country and Russia, which the Deep States of both countries deeply oppose. They also discussed joint efforts against ISIS (unclassified information about which is also allegedly what Trump “leaked” to the Russians). Are these things a potential president should not be considering and shopping around? Are these bad policies? The answer to both questions is no. These are great ideas that a guy who planned on winning and wanted to hit the ground running should have been pushing ahead of time. Some might say it’s a violation of the Logan Act (under which no one has ever been convicted). Firstly, I disagree. Secondly, I don’t give a fuck. Not a one. Not even a post-coital drip.

Fight back with arguments. Fight back with dismissals. And be ready to fight back with more than that. I have discussed with many people when we would know it was time to take things live. Impeachment is it. If they strike at the king, we should not wait around to see if they succeed. We should make them regret it immediately, and permanently.