The Deep State is Hard at Work

Trump needs to strike back, and hard.

The prospective Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder, has resigned from consideration. Flynn is out. The FBI released information about a discrimination lawsuit brought against Trump…in 1975. He settled with no admission of wrongdoing, but that’s not the point. The point is that the Deep State and their allies in the Democrat Party and the media (but I repeat myself) have struck hard. Now it is up to Trump to counterpunch.

Who is directing traffic here? I am quite certain it is Obama, working as shadow president, which I have said previously. Rush Limbaugh seems to agree with me. If Obama is doing so, he is committing treason. The penalty for treason is death. While it is almost certain that it is Obama, one would have to find irrefutable proof of it to take legal action. The Dems learned their lesson about email trails the hard way, but I believe they did learn it. Good luck pinning it on him. But a man can dream, can he not?

What should Trump do? What can he do? The situation is grim. The media is trying to delegitimize him and throw dirt at everyone connected to him; retailers have already dropped his and Ivanka’s products; the Deep State intelligence community (IC) is tapping his phone conversations and withholding intelligence from him. He has few true allies in Congress, and lots of RINOs who would love to bury a knife in his back. He has to take action.

First, start firing people. No notice. They find out when they show up for work and their ID’s don’t get them into the building anymore. Clean house. There are tons of people who can do the jobs they do.

Simultaneously, build task forces of loyalists from the existing ranks and raid Langley. Raid Fort Meade. Get everything they have before they can ditch it.

Thirdly, start prosecuting people. Charge them with treason for withholding information and hold them in Guantanamo. They have sinned against this country by forsaking their oath to protect it. For that, they must suffer.

Fourth, nuke the filibuster and shove through the rest of his cabinet. Honestly, it’s good Puzder withdrew. If he doesn’t have the balls for the job, he needs to go.

Fifth, make someone loyal to Trump National Security Advisor. Harward is not trustworthy.

Sixth, start cracking down on these protests. If these douchebags want to riot, let them see how we really feel about it. Ever hear of the Toledo Riots? Me neither. Why? Because balls, that’s why.

Seventh, have attorney general Sessions investigate members of Congress for collusion with Deep State saboteurs. Charge them, convict them, and pump them full of cyanide.

Trump does not really have any other options. We have passed the point of no return, though most people will not acknowledge it yet. What is being done right now is an attempted coup. The difference between this one and past coups is that this one is out in the open. Be ready. It’s not going to be confined to Washington.

Going Balls Deep in the Deep State

This is the Cold part of our civil war.

Trump is going to have to go balls deep into this if he is going to bring down the Deep State. If you don’t know what the Deep State is, Breitbart provides some handy background reading here, here, and here. The Deep State refers to career bureaucrats and their affiliated allies who direct the government, often at odds with the orders of the president, the motions of Congress, the Constitution, and the will of the people. The CIA and NSA are at the core of this, but people in the FBI, IRS, and EPA are also near the top of the list.

The CIA, in my opinion, is an organization created specifically to give dictatorial power to the old money East Coast elites. It was largely formed by members of the Skull and Bones at Yale, and operates in near-total secrecy. I am quite certain that most heads of the CIA are never fully aware of everything the agency is up to. There are almost certainly operatives that go unrecorded and money that is funneled to operations which are not officially sanctioned by the president. I genuinely believe they killed Kennedy, in large part because he was Catholic. Before anyone says I’m being a conspiracy nut, remember that Bobby and Jacqueline Kennedy thought so, too.

These people are leaking classified intel, and some members of the EPA are using encrypted texting programs to coordinate defiance of President Trump. The press is completely on board with this and will act as mouthpiece and shield for these treasonous fucks. The rot goes deep.

We as the public have few avenues of resistance here. Remember to never, ever trust the opposition media (it’s not mainstream anymore, so I won’t give them the honor of that moniker). If you have access to counter information or any way to smear these people, fork it over. Lastly, whatever happens, side with Trump, and never let the enemy instill doubt. This is going to be, to paraphrase Thomas Paine, a time that tries men’s souls.

We’re Under Direct Attack

Flynn was a hit job; get ready for more.

I was wrong, and I apologize for ever taking the actions of the government as truth. Mike Flynn never should have resigned. The libtards took their first scalp (no offense to Chief Elizabeth Warren, of course), and no they will be eager for more.

To be fair to myself, I was unaware that information had been leaked to the press regarding Flynn’s conversations with the Russian diplomat. From what I can gather, it seems that Flynn was trying to coordinate with the Russians against our common enemy, Islam. The CIA (who according to this great article from Michael Walsh) had a very close relationship with the KGB during the Cold War, and was apparently pretty pissed off when Reagan made efforts to bring down the Evil Empire. They similarly do not like the fact that Trump and his team plan to actually take on Islamic terrorism, and more importantly that they plan to drain the swamp.

Walsh offers Trump some sound advice. Trump and his team knew that they were going to be up against fearful odds, but I don’t know if they realized that it was going to be an outright Cold War with the Deep State. In all seriousness, he isn’t going to be able to drain the swamp by hewing to the law. This is going to require force of will, chicanery, and almost certainly a little wet work.

What can we do to support this? Several things. First, start talking. Talk to people on the fence and persuade them of what’s going on, and let those who oppose us know that we are wise to their bullshit and are not going to compromise. Remember that we are not looking to compromise, we’re looking to completely crush the Left into dust.

Secondly, get ready for war. Hit a punching bag, lift some weights, go to the range. Be ready. The Left is getting ready, we have to be ready.

Thirdly, don’t back down. Not from a fight, not from an argument, not from intimidation. Always be on offense. That goes for coworkers, neighbors, family, whatever. This is going to be a civil war, and like all civil wars, it will pit family against family. Don’t lose your nerve.

I believe Trump will go the distance. I have faith that he is in this for the long haul, that he’ll go to the mat for this country. I believe he has the talent and the steel to do it, or at least get it properly started. But I know it won’t happen if we keep waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting. Now altogether…

Handling Flynn Flap

Flynn’s Resignation is not a win for the Left

No doubt the Left will be crowing over the resignation of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. Hillary Clinton backed up Twitter douchebag Philippe Reines for mocking Flynn and his son over PizzaGate, and certainly others will follow. It’s important to take this away from them and make this a victory for Trump, because it is.

According to the fake news site the Washington Post, the former acting attorney general that Trump shitcanned and the former director of the CIA told the Trump administration over a month ago that they had reason to suspect Flynn of having lied to Vice President Pence about the nature of his contact with a Russian ambassador. Flynn denied it, then revised his statement. The Trump Administration says they knew about this and worked to address it.

So where is the Left Wing victory? Flynn was a general in the U.S. Army and a career military man. That carries with it an heir of trust and respectability. Trump and Pence had no reason to be suspicious of his foreign entanglements, and as soon as they found out about them, Flynn promptly resigned. This was not bad judgment on Trump’s part because he had no reason to think Flynn was wheeling and dealing. He did have reason to doubt those who tipped him off, so he let a month go by with his own investigation. He got rid of Flynn as soon as he confirmed the guy was shady, just like he got rid of one of his campaign managers for the same thing (allegations which turned out to be fake news planted by Ukraine). Trump dealt with corruption swiftly and decisively. Trump won, America won. Lefties actually lost, because they did something that benefited America.

Don’t let them spin this. They won nothing. They will not be doing any winning anytime soon.

No Guts, No Glory

Danger and Opportunity in Electing Donald Trump

I owe full disclosure regarding our glorious Commander in Chief.

When Donald J. Trump first threw his hat into the ring, I was highly skeptical. I thought of him as the guy who ruined the USFL and had a bunch of bankruptcies, not a serious candidate. Then he went on TV and said that Mexico sends rapists, murderers, and drug dealers across our border and something had to be done about it.

From that moment on, I never even considered another candidate.

They say that to find a candidate you agree with all of the time, you have to run for office yourself. I have never had a candidate I agreed with so much in my life, including those from before I was born. Not even Ronald Reagan. The Donald wants to end illegal immigration, make foreign countries fund our government through tariffs, ignore climate change bullshit in favor of clean air and water, make the Europussies pay their fair share of protection money, knock the nuts off of ISIS, and stop nation building abroad and do it here. On top of that, he says everything our side has always wanted someone to say to the Left. He identifies problems and takes action. He is already the greatest president of my lifetime. Sorry, Reagan, it’s not you, it’s me.

But there are downsides.

Trump has no real loyalty to the Republican Party. By and large that is a good thing. He is more concerned with advancing his plans for the country than serving their corporate taskmasters.  He has made McConnell, Ryan, and many others look like the mewling cunts they are, but eventually he will decapitate someone that we respect and rely upon. If and when that happens, it could cause real damage to the Republican Party’s actual conservatives, who have to advocate for us after Trump’s presidency ends.

Trump has made tremendous advances for the American cause and will make many more before his time is through. Honestly though, much of that is because he is who he is. I can’t imagine anyone else accomplishing what he has done. When he leaves office, the Democrats will be hungry for revenge, and in the face of weakness, will roll back much of what he accomplishes. That in a way will be even worse than not having done it at all, because it will demoralize a great many on our side.

There is a real possibility that his courage and pugnacity will rub off on other Republicans and will create a new corps of happy warriors who actually fight for America and Americans. There is a real possibility that I’m reading Trump wrong and that he will not do what Obama did, which is decimate his party. Regardless, Trump is well worth the risk. You do not win by playing defense and trying to hold your ground. You win by going on the offensive and making your enemy defend his instead of trying to take yours. Right now, we are winning. We who love Trump love him for the same reason Lincoln loved Grant: he fights.

We’re in a war, and he is a war chief. Make sure you’re ready, because the time will come when we are called upon to more action than simply voting.

I’m Not Crazy for Seeing Red Flags

And I do mean RED.

Know your enemy. Acknowledge what is in front of you. If the Marine Corps taught me anything, it’s that. That, and how to eat three sausages, two pancakes, and a full glass or orange juice at once.

President Obama is planning to derail Trump’s presidency. He and his family have purchased a home less than two miles from the White House. He is using Organizing for Action, a hard left organization stemming from his reelection outfit Organizing for America, to act as his mouthpiece. [Caution: that link takes you directly to their website] The conventional wisdom is that Obama is just trying to secure his legacy by protecting his DREAMer amnesty and Obamacare, or that he is making amends for basically wrecking the Democrat Party and allowing it to wither on the vine. I think there is something more sinister going on.

Obama could have done this anywhere. He could have moved farther out into Northern Virginia. He could have gone back to Chicago, or Hawaii. He could have gone to a deep blue state like New York or California. He did not. He is staying in D.C. because he needs to be physically close to the seat of power. That is not a personal desire, but a practical plan, because I believe he is genuinely working in collusion with those who would attempt a coup. Though they probably would not be so brazen as to try to reinstall him as president (which would be illegal), they need him because he knows how all the machinery in D.C. works. He knows the people in the various departments and they are still in many cases loyal to him. He is at the head of a legitimate shadow government, and will almost certainly be issuing counter orders to the bureaucrats in the festering shithole that is our nation’s capital. Obama no doubt will be trying to put people in place to stage a coup, either through manufactured documents that purport to show a paper trail of illegal activity, or through outright military intervention at the top ranks. Despite the highly conservative nature of the military rank and file, many of the officers attach themselves to the ass of power like puss-filled boils, and side with the Dems.

I am also shocked, SHOCKED to learn that a substantial part of this group’s funding ($40 million so far) comes from George Soros. If you think Soros is above attempting an outright coup. If you think trying to overthrow the duly elected president is too much for Soros, just remember that this rotten cocksucker bet against the country on September 12, 2001. And he collaborated with the fucking Nazis to exterminate his own people.

I’m not generally a conspiracy theory guy. The only one I believe is that Kennedy’s assassination involved the CIA and mafia, because to believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone is to be a complete fucking idiot. So no, I don’t think I’m being crazy or paranoid. I think the Left hates this place and the traditions that undergird it, and would think nothing of destroying it against the will of the people. Keep in mind that if ever Trump is charged by some courageous “whistle blower,” it’s almost certainly bullshit. Remember that if anyone in the military tries to overthrow President Trump, no matter what they say, it is illegitimate, and must be met with force.

Californie Ain’t a-Goin’ Nowheres

Despite tough talk, these libtards know which side of the bread is buttered.

Calexit and America’s Future

Left-wing Radicals in California continue their rumblings of secession. California, the largest state in terms of population with nearly 40 million people, California is larger than many existing countries. As secession’s proponents love to tout, it has an economy larger than that of France. Many questions concern us: Should we as a country allow California to leave the Union? Should we as anti-progressives even care? Would this hurt or help our country? Would California survive on its own? I’ll offer my perspective.

In theory, yes, California could leave and could survive on its own. However, I don’t think it will happen, and if it does, I think Californians will find nationhood much harder than they envision.

As far as allowing California to leave, I do not believe the federal government will stand for it. California is, in reality, a massive economic producer. Alphabet and Apple are both headquartered there, and it is one of our biggest agricultural producers. It grows year round crops that only grow seasonally elsewhere. It produces the lion’s share of our media, and is a tax contributor. It also houses multiple naval bases as well as the First Marine Division and the Third Marine Air Wing. Financial interests alone will make bought-and-paid-for Republicans and liberal Democrats alike will want to hold onto the West Coast cash cow. Democrats know good and well that without California, they will never win the presidency again, and liberals on the East Coast will not be willing to sign away the Bear Republic’s 55 electoral votes. For exactly this reason, I personally would LOVE to see this granola-munching, Birkenstock-wearing Sodom by the Sea get the fuck out.

Should we care as anti-progressives? Yes, we should. In theory California leaving sounds great, especially if the norther counties break away and form the new state of Jefferson as they have tried to do for years. But make no mistake, it’s going to make life a lot more difficult for us. The government will feel the tax hit. If you use services like Google, iTunes, or Netflix, you’ll feel it, as you will be accessing services that will become subject to oversight of trade agreements.

The last two questions, whether or not California can survive and if it is good or bad for our country, are linked. But here is why I think California, once on the outside, would quickly be begging to come back into the Union.

California does pay a tremendous amount in taxes. However, it also receives a tremendous amount in taxes and puts quite a burden on the rest of the country in other terms. Most estimates of what California pays versus what it collects do not count the massive military spending that goes into the bases, and the salaries of the troops stationed there. Undoubtedly, those bases and their personnel would be relocated, which would not only pull that massive funding out of the state, but would lead to many local jobs which rely on the bases being lost (tattoo parlors and titty bars will be hardest hit). California has a massive welfare problem, too, and this is also often not counted in their federal funding because it goes to individuals. While coastal Cali is doing very well financially, the interior areas definitely are not. Californians, when forced to foot the bill for these people themselves, may no longer wish to be as generous as they are with Other People’s Money.

Two of the key things many of them are not thinking of are water and energy. California in general and Los Angeles in particular are heavily reliant on underground aquifers and rivers for their water. The aquifers are drying up, largely due to the massive demands of the agricultural sector. The rivers don’t usually start in California; they flow into it from other states. As for energy, California pipes in most of its energy from power plants in neighboring states. Even then, rolling brown-outs are common. California will not be able to provide for its own energy without resorting to methods their coastal elites find “problematic.”

California already pays higher energy prices than most of the rest of the country. Prices would skyrocket after Calexit, especially when one considers that a lot of the states bordering it and supplying it are purple and red. As far as water goes, we could easily derail the flow of rivers into California to support agriculture in the neighboring states to make up for the lost production. California could revert to a desert where massive amounts of capital are sucked up to pay for an energy-consumption lifestyle they will no longer be able to afford.

Finally, what will California do when Mexican drug cartels run roughshod over its borders? Federal ICE agents won’t be there to help. Neither will the Marines, Army, or Navy. California will have to defend its borders itself, and that will mean arming and empowering people like us, who are exactly the kind of people of which Californians want to rid themselves.

In short, California cannot maintain anything like its current lifestyle if it left, and I think at least some of their politicians know this. Therefore, don’t expect it to happen, no matter how much we would love to see the door hit them in their collective ass.