If a Cold War Goes Hot

As of now, we are at a disadvantage


I believe we are in a war, but that it is currently a cold war. The thing about a cold war is that it always has the possibility of becoming a hot war. So what would a hot war between hesperians and libtards look like?

It would not look like the Civil War. The likelihood of whole states breaking away and forming a new country is extremely low. Neither side wants to give up claim to the United States and its legitimacy, and most states are very mixed in their political identity. Even states like Texas, which Republicans tend to win overwhelmingly, has a substantial number of liberals in it. California, which Democrats always win handily, still has a not insignificant number of conservatives. New England, New York, California, Washington and Oregon are really the only states that have a plurality of liberals. And if you look at Washington and Oregon, there are substantial red counties in both. So do not expect there to be secession and formation new countries.

Instead, expect something more like our Revolution, meaning 4th generation Warfare. This means that the state will be fighting against non-state actors. Activist groups, militias, and terrorist cells will be the combatants. The war would be fought on a thousand fronts. Additionally, a lot of the fighting would take place in cyberspace. Not the blogging and meming that we have been doing these last several years, but hacking, doxing, and pressure on various online companies to take a side, more so then we see now. Many people will be doxed, which is the exposing of one’s private information in order to make one a target. You can expect that many people, mainly on our side, will have their families attacked and their homes vandalized or outright destroyed by the opposition. Our side would be loath to adopt such tactics, because it goes against our nature, but eventually we would have to.

On which side the state fights could be particularly messy, and it would depend on when hostilities begin. If the Deep State manages a coup against Donald Trump, you can expect substantial but not majority portions of the military to side with us. The left likes to think the military will do whatever the government tells them, we like to think that the military is automatically with us, but the reality is more complicated. There are a lot of guys, particularly in the reserves, who are conservative, constitutionalist, America First patriots. They would side with us. There are many officers and high-ranking noncommissioned officers who know which side of the bread is buttered and would side with the establishment. But there are many more people inn the military who see it merely as a job, or an excuse to go shoot people, and those guys would most likely side with the Deep State. If there is an attempted coup that fails, you can expect to see the majority of the military side with us, and in reality, with President Trump.

In terms of policy, the libtards have an advantage in the sense that they know what there policy is. They want total cultural domination. They want no one to voice any dissent, nothing that does not coincide with the Church of liberalism. They want dominion over every aspect of everyone’s life, forever. As Mussolini said, everything in the state nothing, outside the state, nothing against the state. But what is our policy? What is it exactly that we want? It is not enough to say that we want an end to progressivism. It’s not enough to say that we do not want political correctness. It’s not enough to say that we want America to go back to what it was, because going back in time is not a possibility. Our policy can’t simply be that we want to stop them. We have to have something that will allow us to push back. The side without a clear policy is the losing side. Look at our experience in Vietnam to see what I mean.

Strategically the left has been running its playbook for quite some time. Our playbook is mainly designed to work within the system, not outside it. We want to maintain the Republic and the Constitution, so we use the framework provided by them. The left is perfectly willing, as has been demonstrated, to go outside this system whenever it suits them. They use the courts or the legal process when it is convenient, but they are happy to use other methods. Their strategy is to co-opt all forms of media, education, and eventually production, so that we are left without a way to organize, without supplies, and with low morale. To a large degree, they have been highly successful. Many of our purchases financially support their movement. This is something we will have to stop. Our strategy has to be to divorce ourselves from all their social media, entertainment media, and products. We will need alternate means of communication, education, and the day-to-day products on which we rely. This is a tremendous problem, one that we will have a hard time overcoming. The only thing we have going for us is that our side tends to be much more productive and skilled, and they need our money and our attention more than we need their talents, which are largely lacking.

Operationally and tactically, it would be wise to study the left’s playbook and adapt its techniques. Most of them would work for us. That is not something to be put in writing for the world to see, however.

To summarize: if what we are seeing now boils over to an actual fighting civil war, expect it to be more like the American Revolution than the Civil War. Instead of clearly defined territories, you’ll have fighting between family and neighbors all over the country. There will be outbreaks of guerrilla warfare, vandalism, and a great deal of personal tragedy. But if we have any hope to win such a conflict if, God forbid it happens, we have to have clearly defined policies and strategies that will allow us to determine what constitutes victory and how to achieve it. Otherwise, we are dead in the water.

Three Cheers for Project Veritas

Can you smell what O’Keefe is cooking?

The irreplaceable James O’Keefe has another operation about to bear fruit, and it may be his biggest yet. He is about to sting a major news network. The speculation by Sean Hannity and the guys at ZeroHedge is that it is CNN. If so, it couldn’t happen to a nicer network.

If you are not familiar with O’Keefe and his Project Veritas,  it’s a fantastic organization that specializes in undercover sting operations of left wing organizations. Past victims of O’Keefe’s ire include Planned Parenthood, ACORN and former Senator Mary Landrieu. Liberal sites like Snopes (completely untrustworthy and staffed by wackaloons and perverts) and the Huffington Post (ditto) have pointed out that Veritas edits its videos to smear organizations, and that ACORN was not found guilty of any legal wrongdoing after Veritas’ sting operation. That might be true, but it does not mean that what they were doing was morally right, and he did succeed in embarrassing them, which is the point.

Does anyone else find amusement in the liberal media complaining that selective editing was used to smear someone? Just asking.

Veritas does not have to get anyone busted legally. They are hugely successful in planting the seed of doubt, an invaluable service. Even if the organizations and individuals they target are not found to be acting illegally, they provide enough damning footage, from the mouths of the lefties themselves, to make casual observers doubt the honesty and integrity of their organizations. Did anyone get arrested for their voter fraud stings? No, though one leftwing asshole got fired. He did provide enough reason for we the public to believe (or confirm our beliefs) that the Democrats engage in massive voter fraud. Coupled with the recent study from Old Dominion on illegal aliens registering to vote, it is no surprise that President Trump (I love saying that) is going to launch a full-scale investigation of voter fraud.

The revelations from the raw footage O’Keefe is going to release should be highly entertaining, to say the least. One more nail in the opposition media’s coffin.

Town Hall Tactics

Take back from the Left a technique started on the Right

The Left got hold of a Tea Party memo for how to handle town hall meetings, and used it to great effect against Senator Grassley of Iowa.

I know they got a Tea Party memo, because I read it on one of their websites and downloaded it from them. They are using it because it was effective. It’s effective because our side designed it. Our side needs to use it. I would encourage everyone to attend the town hall meetings of your elected Congress critters and make your voice heard. Moreover, maybe you can drown out the voices of the opposition. Do NOT go alone. Take several friends with you and spread out. Rehearse questions ahead of time; ask about hot button issues and piggyback off of each other. Designate someone to scout the room and look for obvious liberals. If necessary, disrupt their questions. Have one-liners ready to interject when they speak to get the crowd on your side. Mockery is one of the best forms of intimidation.

It might sound hokey or old-fashioned, but real life interactions do affect how members of Congress think and behave. It is important that we have a presence and that we let them know that if they support Trump, we back them, and if they don’t, we exist.

It’s difficult to fit it into the schedule, especially if you have a family. The huge advantage they have is that liberals often do not work and often do not have children, freeing them up for spur of the moment action. Town halls can be schedule with little notice, which makes it harder. Nonetheless, we need to make the effort.

Some Thoughts on Milo

Respect effective strategy and keep moving.

In breaking news, Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned as tech editor for Breitbart. This brings to mind two distinct and related strands of thought. The first is the nefarious reach of the mainstream media and Deep State alliance. The second deals with tactics and ethics in the struggle in which we find ourselves.

Regarding the first point, to some degree Milo set himself up. However, I don’t think he realized he was doing so. Milo is a very glib individual who holds nothing back about himself. It was relatively easy for the powers-that-be to round up and incriminating speech from his own lips. However, what he said should not have been a career-ending statement. However, the media knows all too well how to use mob mentality and a two-minute hate feeding frenzy to ruin someone permanently. They managed to successfully paint Milo with the pedophile paintbrush, even though it is not something he deserves. Milo admitted to being molested by a priest at the age of fourteen, and did not turn the priest in. The media has tarred and feathered him as a pedophile himself. Milo’s journalism has gotten three child molesters busted, and he himself has openly condemned pedophilia. It does not matter. The media is making it stick. One wonders if they would make the same accusations against all the other men who were molested as children but were too scared to come forward. Actually, if they were white men, I’m sure they would.

If you watch his video statement from yesterday, it is obvious Milo understood the gravity of the situation and exactly in how much of a stranglehold the media and Deep State Alliance had him. Notice to that this happened on the heels of his highly successful appearance on Bill Maher’s show. This was not a fly-by-night operation. The media have been planning to pounce on Milo for months. They wanted to wait until he was at the zenith of his notoriety and then slipped the noose around his neck. You can bet that a media cabal had been plotting this for months and that various news stories and editorials were ready to go well in advance. The idea was to let us feel like we were doing well by riding on Milo’s coattails, and then shiv Milo, effectively putting our entire side on the defensive.

There are definite lessons to be learned here. Among them, anyone from our side who enjoys any sort of legitimate media success and who poses a realistic threat to the status quo needs to understand that the media and deep State have long since conspired to bring them down. They attempted the same thing with the Trump tape of him talking about grabbing pussy. In Trump’s case, he had too much momentum and too much mainstream influence to be stopped. Milo however had no such mainstream appeal. He was a flamboyant gay man, hardly winning the hearts and minds of mainstream Americans. As far as that goes, Milo was always vulnerable. His strength was among the young, particularly millenials. The problem with that demographic is that it is very fickle and is willing to drop anyone with the least bit of taint to their name. That left Milo nowhere to go, hence his resignation.

This was a perfectly prepared trap, and we have to respect the quality of the tactic. Another thing we need to learn relates to the second point I wish to raise, which is tactics. Following the postings on Gab, there is heated debate over whether or not to support Milo or drop him like a hot rock. Many people are saying that he got what he deserved, many others, like myself, are saying that he needs to be defended. I say defend him firstly because I do not believe that Milo is a pedophile. If I thought he was, I wouldn’t be defending him. As it is one of the worst sins against man and God one can possibly commit, falsely accusing someone of it constitutes fighting words in my book. Secondly, I feel like he is a valuable asset that we don’t want to lose.

But there is a case for the other side, and it is a strong one. Milo has, through his own lack of verbal discipline, tied himself to pedophilia. Because of this, defending him risks impugning the entire movement. It’s a lot of social capital to risk on a guy who is constantly denying that he is actually part of the Alt Right [Hesperian movement]and who disavows the more radical elements thereof. It may be necessary to just consider Milo a casualty of war and keep going. In this sense I cannot necessarily blame Breitbart for letting him resign. It is an unfortunate loss, and certainly not the last one we will suffer in the terms of the public debate.

The left has been putting Milo up as an Alt Right figurehead for months now. Milo has constantly denied this, and has laughed about the fact that he is in no way fit to be considered the head of the Alt Right. The desire to do so, we see now, was not a lack of understanding on their part but was rather an attempt to smear the entire movement by setting him up for this pedophile rap. The left may have been able to put our entire movement on defense for the time being. The trick here will be to throw the accusations of pedophilia back into their court, where they belong. To do that, we will need to put pressure on them regarding Pizzagate and the various elected officials who have ties to pedophiles. One of the most effective things to shut them down is to ask why Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were both at Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island. These are not debatable things, these are facts. Also, you can always taunt the media by asking them if they’re able to catch pedophiles they don’t talk about it online. After all, they weren’t able to catch Denny Hastert after years of molesting kids.

The Left has taken a legitimate grievance from our side and used it to smear and demolish one of our own. We need to return the favor. If you know something, say something. Keep the pressure on regarding Pizzagate.

Something’s Rotten in the State of Sweden

Trump kicks the media’s ass again, and the public gets a long-awaited dose of truth.

President Trump, intentionally or not, made a brilliant move against the media the other day at his rally in Melbourne, Florida. He mentioned in passing the goings-on in Sweden, in reference to our need to protect our country and not emulate the land of shitty furniture. The media was clueless about his reference, and laughed at it.

USAToday is already trying to smear the Golden Don, but their attempt is an obvious lie to anyone paying attention. They reference the problem, and try to deny it. Doing a cursory search about immigrant crime in Sweden will quickly reveal exactly what the president was talking about. Sweden’s government has deliberately lied to its people and the world about the rash of murder and rape going on in their pussy-ass country. They have punished cops for talking about it. But it is real, and it is absolutely disgusting. There is no longer any denying it. Cat’s out of the bag, bitches.

This was tactically brilliant. Either the media has to admit it is clueless (which it initially did by accident), or they have to claim that Trump is wrong, and all is well in Sweden. Either way, the media look like the clueless buttfucking hacks that they are. They may go Ghostbusters and choose the form of their destructor, incompetence or dishonesty.

Nope, still not tired of all the winning.

Undermining The Left

By weakening the reputation of the Left’s institutions, we can take away some of their best weapons.

One of the things at which the left has been extremely successful over the last five decades is undermining our society’s institutions. Just twenty years ago, the idea of gay marriage would have seemed ridiculous even to gay people. However a steady march through the institution of marriage, with easy divorce laws, the normalization of frequent premarital sex, the idea that marriage was more about personal fulfillment and less about creating stable families, and singlehood as a viable choice made the idea of gay marriage possible. By redefining marriage’s purpose and using the law to rob it of its sacred nature, society was weakened and the institution has lost the status it once enjoyed as a pillar of Western society.

Likewise, they have completely ruined our educational system by infiltrating it and undermining many of its key concepts. Once a source of legitimate education and patriotic inculcation, it is now a left-wing brainwashing system.

As I have often pointed out, never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. The left is doing so right now, in many ways. One of the biggest is that it is clearly tipping its hand in exposing the motivations of the Deep State. The Deep State wholly runs the CIA and NSA, and has a large following within the FBI at the senior ranks. However, the constant leaks to the media and the media’s blatant collusion with the Deep State have undermined the integrity of both. They planned on these leaks undermining the Trump Administration, but they have shown that the people who are supposed to be keeping America safe are actually not very good at keeping secrets or aiding the president in his work. The media, meanwhile, shows to any objective observer that they are in on it and are willing to help undermine national security for political interests. In other words, they are undermining their own institutions. This is great news for us.

However, you cannot expect to win a war solely by your enemy making mistakes. Therefore, we need to undermine their institutions as well. The tools are being provided for us. We just need to use them. For example, recent Studies have shown that only about a third of psychological experiments can be replicated. Therefore, their status as science is deeply compromised. There are examples of social scientist, like this guy from the Netherlands, completely fabricating data. Not fudging, not altering, but completely fabricating and tire experiments. The funny thing was, he almost got away with it, and was cited both by other “scientists” and by the liberal media. This underscores the weakness of most social science research.

We need to hammer these points home. We need to point out that actual science is the only science. By pointing out the uselessness of social science, we can undermine any attempts by the left to use it. Likewise, we need to undermine people’s trust and other systems that the left dominates. They continuously insist that there is no such thing as voter fraud, but recent studies show that it happens a lot and the possibility that many illegal aliens are registered to vote.

Push these studies, and write, fax, call, or email your Congress Critters and tell them that you want an investigation. President Trump is already calling for one, and undoubtedly attorney general Jeff Sessions will pursue it. If we make enough noise, we can expose the corruption within the system that is to our disadvantage. Once we do this, we will be able to put the Democrats on their heels. Trump has already shown us that this tactic works. He has hit them with so many things at once that they cannot concentrate their firepower anywhere. An enemy who is defending everywhere is weak everywhere. This is just one phase in defeating a left, undermining their institutions and their reliability. We will, soon, need to use direct action against their established positions. More on that later. For now, familiarize yourself with these talking points and have these links ready to go in case anyone should question you about your position. It is important for us to make people on the fence more amenable to our side, and also to instill doubt in the enemy. When the enemy sees that his conventional weapons are becoming useless, and that the strategies behind them are not sound, he will start to doubt his own efficacy. The old adage is that wars are won or lost in the mind before a single shot is fired. Therefore, we need to win the mental battle.

On Safari at Ikea

I wish I had taken pictures, but I’m not that crass.

When I’m sick, I like to go to Ikea. I’ll explain why later.

If you have never been to an Ikea or do not have one nearby, let me give a brief explanation. Ikea is a Swedish furniture and homewares store that sells relatively inexpensive furniture, the catch being you must assemble it yourself. The other catch is that you have to have an overwhelming desire to decorate your house with the most depressing, ugly-ass 1970s castoff shit imaginable. Some of their stuff is nice, but to reiterate, most of it looks like shit better left in the 70s. Think pea green and mustard yellow plastics, with chairs and tables shaped like the kind of shit that back then they would put in movies that were supposed to take place in the future.

They also sell shitty Swedish food. Scandinavians are not known for their cuisine, and for good reason. It sucks. If you ever wanted to try deep dish reindeer balls, have at it.

Formalities out of the way, Ikea offers a boatload of entertainment. You can play the “where-is-something-not-fucking-hideous-that-I-would-use game, which is rewarding. If you have small kids and need a break, you can drop them off at the Småland, the play zone/daycare center. This is an especially good idea if the little shits have been bothering you and you want them to catch some highly communicable virus, which is virtually guaranteed. They have cheap food in the cafeteria, and the non-Swedish stuff can be digested by a human in relatively good health. But the real reason to go to Ikea, more important even than getting furniture…

…is the people watching.

You might be familiar with the website People of Walmart, where you can laugh at the freak show that regularly parades through said bastion of cheap Chinese shit. Lots of libtards like to make fun of Walmart because it caters to our side of the spectrum. Lots of camouflage, religious decorations sold without irony, guns, fishing gear, an automotive section. You know, stuff for real people who do real people things. Sometimes they have a point. Sometimes they can get a good laugh at our expense. At Ikea, the tables are turned. The clientele are left wing in ideology, often hipster in appearance, and a combination of trailer park and third world in overall demeanor, behavior, and stench. You can see these shitty people in all their (lack of) glory. It’s marvelous.

Where else can you see Somalis beat their children, dirty-ass hipsters looking for eco-safe bedding, an entire clan of Guatemalans yelling to each other across three sections, gay couples picking up disgusting Swedish vittles for what will be the worst dinner party in the history of homosexuals, and gaggles of late twenty-something chunky chicks bitching about everything while they avoid marriage and children? It’s the greatest show on Earth! And there are chairs, couches, and beds everywhere so you can watch! Use one of the microwaves in the model kitchens to make popcorn, find a nice Ektorp chair, and watch the liberal menagerie pass before you.

The Left likes to imagine that they are cooler, smarter, classier, and better looking than our side. I can refute that with a million pieces of evidence, including science, but all one need do is check out Ikea and you’ll see that this is a fallacy. If you have not been to an Ikea, you owe it to yourself to go on safari and see libtards in their natural habitat.

I started by saying that I like to go when I’m sick. Why? Germ warfare, motherfuckers. Every bed and chair in that joint is now carrying a nasty respiratory infection. Hope the social justice dipshits bought their affordable, high quality insurance their führer was always talking about.