A People Need a Name

Alt-Right is not a term around which our legions can rally, so I propose a new one.

One thing I have noticed is that many things do not have a proper name. We’ve all probably heard the George Carlin joke that we have four different names for fried batter (pancakes, hot cakes, griddle cakes, flapjacks) but only one word for love. Sometimes we just don’t have the words for what we’re trying to say. The alt right is no exception.
We have lots of names for enemies. We can call them libtards, lefties, liberals, social justice warriors (SJWs), and a litany of other descriptive soul-shivving monikers. But what about us? The term conservative does not really work. It is too closely associated with the absolutely failed conservative movement that started in the sixties and failed to conserve much of anything. We are not Libertarians, even if we often agree with some of their positions on individual freedom. Nationalist does not quite sum up where we stand either. Our growing coalition runs a broad spectrum, too. It includes traditional conservatives who are waking up to the reality of the situation, young people on the right who have grown up with Alt -Right beliefs, former liberals who are sick of leftist nonsense, the Alt -Lite, the Alt-White, right-libertarians, and so on. So I propose a new term: Hesperian.
This comes from the Greek word hesperos, meaning west. We are inherently pro-Western. At various times in the history of our people, we’ve been ruled by monarchies, constitutional monarchies, parliamentary democracies, republics, dictatorships, aristocracies, and oligarchies. Through all of that though we have been the men and women of the West. Our identity as Westerners has not changed. Despite repeated attempts throughout history by swarthy foreign hordes, we have resisted conquest. Despite adapting ideas and technology from elsewhere, we have not adopted foreign cultures. From North America to Europe to the lands Down Under, we have a common Western heritage that is unique to our people. This term reflects our shared Western heritage and broadly defines the movement occurring on both sides of the Atlantic. Correspondingly, we can refer to our enemies as hesperaphobic (coined by political scientist Robert Conquest) because they truly fear all that the West was, is, and can be.
If you like it, use it. Also, check out the Alt – Right (Or should I say, Hesperian) battle flag I have proposed here.

A Lesson From the Comanche

Wise words from a not-so-noble savage.

If you have never heard of Quanah Parker, you are missing out on one of the great tales of American history. Quanah was the last chief of the Comanche, the most feared and reviled tribe on the Great Plains. In a savage land, they were known to be the most savage of all tribes. When they attacked other Indians or raided white settlements, horrendous torture savage rape were a given. Some of their tortures included violent gang rape, burying people up to their necks and cutting off their eyelids, or staking people down and wrapping them in fresh buffalo hides, which would constrict when sundried and crush their internal organs. Most victims were horribly mutilated and scalped before being killed. (Incidentally, this is why I have no sympathy for them or many other tribes, including my own, the Sioux.) They were masters of the horse; they could ride by the age of four, and by adulthood could accurately fire ten arrows from the back of a galloping horse. They were fearless in battle, and had no word for surrender in their language. And these people who looked to Quanah as their fiercest warrior.

His story is so interesting for several reasons. Firstly, his mother was a white woman. Cynthia Ann Parker was taken from her family at the age of nine by the Comanche, and became a full member of the tribe. She was so indoctrinated that she refused to return to white society given the opportunity. His father was a great warrior as well. Quanah built his reputation for bravery and brilliant tactics honestly, and hunted white people with ruthless efficiency and burning hate.

Until the U.S. Cavalry whipped his ass a few times. As it became clear that the Comanche were doomed, Quanah became the strongest advocate for settling on reservations. When they did, he immediately set to work making his way in the white man’s world. Though he died poor, he had a town and a railroad named after him, had a huge house by the standards of the time, and had a slew of children from his eight wives.

I bring him up because of a story that struck me as relevant. He had a white dinner guest one night (he entertained often), and told the guest that white men had taken the land and pushed the Comanche out. The white man asked how this was possible. Quanah told him to go outside and he would show him. He told his friend to sit on a cottonwood log. Quanah sat down next to him.

“Move over,” he instructed. His friend did.

“Move over,” he said again. Again, his friend complied.

Quanah scooted over next to him again. “Move over.”

After a few more times of scooting over and ordering his friend to move to accommodate him, his friend fell off the log.

“That’s how,” Quanah said.

This is what has been happening to our country for years, and it’s what the Left is trying to do to the Donald right now.

Don’t fall off the log.

It’s Not What They Say, It’s What They Don’t Say

Media silence is telling us something.






Each of these links leads to recent news of human trafficking and sex ring busts. Some of them are pretty major. Note that these come from what we would normally call reputable sites, so this isn’t made up or wild speculation. And I am willing to bet this is the first you have heard of it.

Which begs the question, why are none of these events making the national news?

#pizzagate is real.


We’re staking the fight against the Deep State on this guy?

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this. Trump is allegedly bringing his friend, billionaire Stephen Feinberg, on board to “evaluate” the intelligence agencies. [My apologies for linking to the New York Slimes.] Some red flags are popping up.

Feinberg is a co-founder of Cerberus Capital, which includes among its CEO’s former vice president Dan Quayle. Dan Quayle is a country club Republican insider, no doubt brought in to exercise his Washington connections. Cerberus is heavily invested in two gun manufacturers and a defense firm, and has been awarded numerous government contracts in the past. This guy is a Swamp Thing. He has too many ties to D.C. insiders for me to fully trust him.

If he is being groomed to take over a high-ranking position within the IC, he’s got enough baggage that the embedded personnel can probably break him, or force him to compromise. Trump does need to have someone investigate these fuckers, but I don’t think Feinberg is that someone.

The Deep State is Hard at Work

Trump needs to strike back, and hard.

The prospective Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder, has resigned from consideration. Flynn is out. The FBI released information about a discrimination lawsuit brought against Trump…in 1975. He settled with no admission of wrongdoing, but that’s not the point. The point is that the Deep State and their allies in the Democrat Party and the media (but I repeat myself) have struck hard. Now it is up to Trump to counterpunch.

Who is directing traffic here? I am quite certain it is Obama, working as shadow president, which I have said previously. Rush Limbaugh seems to agree with me. If Obama is doing so, he is committing treason. The penalty for treason is death. While it is almost certain that it is Obama, one would have to find irrefutable proof of it to take legal action. The Dems learned their lesson about email trails the hard way, but I believe they did learn it. Good luck pinning it on him. But a man can dream, can he not?

What should Trump do? What can he do? The situation is grim. The media is trying to delegitimize him and throw dirt at everyone connected to him; retailers have already dropped his and Ivanka’s products; the Deep State intelligence community (IC) is tapping his phone conversations and withholding intelligence from him. He has few true allies in Congress, and lots of RINOs who would love to bury a knife in his back. He has to take action.

First, start firing people. No notice. They find out when they show up for work and their ID’s don’t get them into the building anymore. Clean house. There are tons of people who can do the jobs they do.

Simultaneously, build task forces of loyalists from the existing ranks and raid Langley. Raid Fort Meade. Get everything they have before they can ditch it.

Thirdly, start prosecuting people. Charge them with treason for withholding information and hold them in Guantanamo. They have sinned against this country by forsaking their oath to protect it. For that, they must suffer.

Fourth, nuke the filibuster and shove through the rest of his cabinet. Honestly, it’s good Puzder withdrew. If he doesn’t have the balls for the job, he needs to go.

Fifth, make someone loyal to Trump National Security Advisor. Harward is not trustworthy.

Sixth, start cracking down on these protests. If these douchebags want to riot, let them see how we really feel about it. Ever hear of the Toledo Riots? Me neither. Why? Because balls, that’s why.

Seventh, have attorney general Sessions investigate members of Congress for collusion with Deep State saboteurs. Charge them, convict them, and pump them full of cyanide.

Trump does not really have any other options. We have passed the point of no return, though most people will not acknowledge it yet. What is being done right now is an attempted coup. The difference between this one and past coups is that this one is out in the open. Be ready. It’s not going to be confined to Washington.

Going Balls Deep in the Deep State

This is the Cold part of our civil war.

Trump is going to have to go balls deep into this if he is going to bring down the Deep State. If you don’t know what the Deep State is, Breitbart provides some handy background reading here, here, and here. The Deep State refers to career bureaucrats and their affiliated allies who direct the government, often at odds with the orders of the president, the motions of Congress, the Constitution, and the will of the people. The CIA and NSA are at the core of this, but people in the FBI, IRS, and EPA are also near the top of the list.

The CIA, in my opinion, is an organization created specifically to give dictatorial power to the old money East Coast elites. It was largely formed by members of the Skull and Bones at Yale, and operates in near-total secrecy. I am quite certain that most heads of the CIA are never fully aware of everything the agency is up to. There are almost certainly operatives that go unrecorded and money that is funneled to operations which are not officially sanctioned by the president. I genuinely believe they killed Kennedy, in large part because he was Catholic. Before anyone says I’m being a conspiracy nut, remember that Bobby and Jacqueline Kennedy thought so, too.

These people are leaking classified intel, and some members of the EPA are using encrypted texting programs to coordinate defiance of President Trump. The press is completely on board with this and will act as mouthpiece and shield for these treasonous fucks. The rot goes deep.

We as the public have few avenues of resistance here. Remember to never, ever trust the opposition media (it’s not mainstream anymore, so I won’t give them the honor of that moniker). If you have access to counter information or any way to smear these people, fork it over. Lastly, whatever happens, side with Trump, and never let the enemy instill doubt. This is going to be, to paraphrase Thomas Paine, a time that tries men’s souls.

We’re Under Direct Attack

Flynn was a hit job; get ready for more.

I was wrong, and I apologize for ever taking the actions of the government as truth. Mike Flynn never should have resigned. The libtards took their first scalp (no offense to Chief Elizabeth Warren, of course), and no they will be eager for more.

To be fair to myself, I was unaware that information had been leaked to the press regarding Flynn’s conversations with the Russian diplomat. From what I can gather, it seems that Flynn was trying to coordinate with the Russians against our common enemy, Islam. The CIA (who according to this great article from Michael Walsh) had a very close relationship with the KGB during the Cold War, and was apparently pretty pissed off when Reagan made efforts to bring down the Evil Empire. They similarly do not like the fact that Trump and his team plan to actually take on Islamic terrorism, and more importantly that they plan to drain the swamp.

Walsh offers Trump some sound advice. Trump and his team knew that they were going to be up against fearful odds, but I don’t know if they realized that it was going to be an outright Cold War with the Deep State. In all seriousness, he isn’t going to be able to drain the swamp by hewing to the law. This is going to require force of will, chicanery, and almost certainly a little wet work.

What can we do to support this? Several things. First, start talking. Talk to people on the fence and persuade them of what’s going on, and let those who oppose us know that we are wise to their bullshit and are not going to compromise. Remember that we are not looking to compromise, we’re looking to completely crush the Left into dust.

Secondly, get ready for war. Hit a punching bag, lift some weights, go to the range. Be ready. The Left is getting ready, we have to be ready.

Thirdly, don’t back down. Not from a fight, not from an argument, not from intimidation. Always be on offense. That goes for coworkers, neighbors, family, whatever. This is going to be a civil war, and like all civil wars, it will pit family against family. Don’t lose your nerve.

I believe Trump will go the distance. I have faith that he is in this for the long haul, that he’ll go to the mat for this country. I believe he has the talent and the steel to do it, or at least get it properly started. But I know it won’t happen if we keep waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting. Now altogether…