Libtard Violence You Might Have Missed

In case you missed it, there has been a lot of violence against our people by libtards recently. The media has of course been relatively silent on it, as they always are. I mean, for fuck’s sake, they ignored the Knoxville Horror and the Wichita Massacre, and those happened back when they still pretended to be nonpartisan.

PA Resistance asshole murders Republican committeeman neighbor

Blacks murder 70-year-old man and his 23-year-old grandson in their home…

…while another is charged with a quadruple white murder

Talk about attacking to the Left!


Pube Head 2

Charlottesville, Part II

More analysis from the most recent battle against the Left.

Recent events in Charlottesville demonstrate just how dire the situation is becoming. To recap, a bunch of white guys had permits to peacefully demonstrate. A bunch of left-wing thugs showed up without permits and crashed the rally. They had every intention of visiting violence on the white protesters. Even if they had gotten the proper permits, they were not there to peacefully protest. They were out for blood. What you think of neo-Nazis is beside the point. The enemy of my enemy and all that. From all accounts, the police not only allowed this to happen but actively encouraged it. Some officers as soon as they were ordered to stand down by the mayor. Law enforcement professionals say there was essentially no police protection for the people who were exercising their First Amendment rights. They effectively allowed the libtards to exercise a heckler’s veto. Additionally, since it was a government agency, albeit a local government agency, that actively encourage this, this is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

President Trump is under fire for daring to say the truth, that the left-wing instigated the violence. He has been somewhat conciliatory and said that there was violence on both sides, but the reality is there would have been no violence had the left-wing not incited it. Jeff Sessions, our intrepid attorney general who had been recently investigating whether or not affirmative action harms white people, has ordered the DOJ to investigate the vehicular homicide as a hate crime. Alleged Republican governor of Maryland Larry Hogan has ordered Confederate monuments to be taken down, including the statue of Maryland native Supreme Court Justice Rodger Taney, who authored the Dred Scott decision. Politicians all over the country are calling for confederate monuments to be removed and streets to be renamed. J.E.B. Stuart high school in Virginia has dropped the J.E.B. from the name to make it simply Stuart High School. PayPal has dumped VDARE and suspended their account; this is following Amazon removing its link from their site. It’s an attempt at complete cultural rollback. And despite the fact that we have the most effective president in our country’s history at the helm, with one of the most conservative attorney generals in the last century, control of both halves of Congress, and control of almost a two-thirds majority of State legislatures, this is still happening.

It should be abundantly clear at this point that the Deep State and most government bureaucracies state and local are arrayed against us. While I normally have no use for Libertarians, they were absolutely right to point out that the Constitution only protects people as long as we are all agreeing to play by its rules. Very obviously there are a different set of rules for straight white Christians who don’t hate themselves. Over at American Renaissance, Henry Olson ponders how we should respond, and what happens after Trump. I have been pointing out, as have many bloggers in the Hesperian movement, that we are witnessing a run up to a hot lead exchange. In the decade before the Civil War began, there were similar events that presaged the coming conflict. I will expect that if Donald Trump is successfully reelected, the Civil War will go hot on the left say so. If however a liberal is elected, particularly if the election is of questionable veracity, it will come from us. FYI, the libtards are going to do what they can to disrupt it, which will delegitimize the results should they prevail.

In the meantime, stockpile ammunition. Make sure everyone in your family knows how to use firearms and as a safe place to go if your area becomes unsafe. Build a network that you can turn to for support. Start reducing your online footprint. You can do this by using Brave as your browser or installing TOR, adding the HTTPS Everywhere and Ghostery extensions, using DuckDuckGo as your search engine, switching to more secure email addresses, and above all, ditching Google. If you can get to a rally, go. If you can help our comrades with their legal bills, do so. Know who the dedicated libtards in your social circles are so you can defend yourself from them, because they WILL turn on you. That includes family. Their weird religion demands total loyalty. In short, be prepared for things to go south (no pun intended) in a hurry.

Most of the mainstream political prognosticators are pretending that there is no real problem and that everything is fine. However, most prescient people in 1860 knew that if Abraham Lincoln were elected, it would mean the dissolution of the Union. Anyone with even half a brain is aware that the next election is going to be the last one of United America. You heard it here first. November 2020: the year the United States are ripped apart. For the record, I accurately predicted that Obama would be president within eight years of his being elected to the Senate, and though the GOP is still technically a party, I was predicting in 2012 that it would either be ripped apart with a new party absorbing lots of former Democrats and nonvoters, or it would be taken over by populists with a similar effect.

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Some Quick Thoughts on Charlottesville

In-Depth Analysis to Follow

I’ll get more into some of the broader implications of what went down in Charlottesville tomorrow. For now, a few quick ideas.

People think that Germany between World War I and the rise of the National Socialist German Workers Party was a time of unease and turmoil. It wasn’t. Their economy tanked during the Great Depression like everyone else’s, but other than that, it was probably the most liberal, tolerant, modern government in the civilized world. The Weimar Republic was as liberal as it got in those days, with lots of avant-garde art and loose morals. Oh yeah, and there was a serious push by the Communists to take it over.

Lots of Germans disliked Communism. They saw Communists as Russian-backed, dirty street people (which was true). But nobody had the balls to put the pinkos in their place. The Commies went about their business like Commies do, vandalizing, assaulting, harassing, threatening, invading, spying, and ass clowning. People didn’t like it, but nobody wanted to bell the cat, so to speak.

Well, almost nobody.

The National Socialists, or Nazis as we know them  now, were willing to get out in the streets and physically fight the commies. They would publish pamphlets, organize rallies, and when necessary, crack skulls. Regular Germans began reading their literature and attending their rallies because they were willing to stand up for Germany against international Communism. The government feared them and tried to crack down. Remember, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in prison.

What am I getting at? The Fake Right, like the faggot-ass cunts at National Review and Weekly Standard, attack to the right, never to the left. They have conserved nothing. They fight for nothing. If they wanted old-fashioned morals, they should have fought for them. Everything that happened at Charlottesville could have been avoided if those worthless cum guzzlers  had shown half a testicle and beaten the Left politically years ago. But they just wanted the money, and to look down their noses as the hoi polloi. So fuck ’em and feed ’em oats. I lay this at their doorsteps, and at the doorsteps of their vile leftwing friends.

Before I forget, FUCK JOHN MCCAIN.

F*** Google

  • Get a Protonmail account. It’s encrypted. You’ll love it.
  • Stop using Google software. Use Brave to browse, use MS Office or Apache Open Office for projects.
  • Search using Bing or DuckDuckGo.
  • Avoid YouTube.
  • If you must use Chrome, use Ghosterly and HTTPS Everywhere to stay private.

Google has Chosen the Form of its Destructor

Burn, baby, BURN!

The title is a reference to the original Ghostbusters, in case you missed it. By now, hopefully you have heard of James Damore, the Google employee who was recently fired for daring to speak his mind regarding Google’s diversity policies and promotion of women and minorities who were unworthy of their positions. The guy published a widely circulated ten page memo which cited mounds of scientific evidence about why this was a bad idea. You always hear shit from liberals about how they are the party of science until science disagrees with their superstitions. Then, it is impossible that the science is correct. The only possible explanation is that whoever is speaking such things is guilty of bad thoughts and must be punished.

Damore originally published anonymously. However, he should have known that if he felt the need to publish this anonymously that the people within Google who disagree with him, the very people who set the policies against which he was protesting, were going to track him down and try to ruin him. Common Sense should have told him that he worked for a company that was in cahoots with the NSA and CIA in terms of data gathering and spying on citizens. There was no way he could have hoped to preserve his anonymity. But that’s the rub. Why should he have to preserve his anonymity? Why are things that were considered conventional wisdom just a few generations ago be taboo subjects to talk about now? It’s not as if there was any sort of settled science that contradicts what he said. Quite the contrary. Liberals seem to mistake the idiotic, unscientific upheaval of the 1960s for some sort of knowledge breakthrough. It wasn’t. But to liberals, once they have their way, there is no going back, no challenging the ruling on the field. In his word salad Damore repeatedly proclaimed himself to be a liberal and felt the need to knock those of us on the right several times, perhaps in the hopes of showing he was a Good White so they wouldn’t fire him. He should have understood how they play their games. Obviously, he didn’t fully understand how the left works. Silly boy.

As Vox Day has noted, Google has put itself in a precarious position here. Internal surveying showed that at least a third of Google employees agreed with the ideas in the memo. Undoubtedly, a large portion of those agreeing with it were white men. Those guys are vital to Google’s survival. Despite constant claims to the contrary, no high-end firm is going to be able to thrive, or even survive, with women and minorities doing the programming. At some point, whether by hook or by crook, they need the work of white men. Now, Google has made it clear that straight white men are second-class citizens within their corporation. They have set themselves up for sabotage, and it would serve them right.

Another problem Google has just created for itself is that a white man was fired on the orders of a non-white man. This has to be sending shock waves through the large number of white men working at Google. The guy they fired has already been offered a job at Gab by Andrew Torba. How long before some of these other guys start asking Torba for jobs, or break away to form companies of their own? They already have the connections, they’re already in Silicon Valley, and finding backers (hello, Peter Thiel) should not be difficult for them. There are a lot of well-off people, particularly within the tech industry, who have an axe to grind with Google and the establishment in Silicon Valley. Perhaps Brandon Eich, the inventor of JavaScript, and one of the developers of Mozilla who was fired from his position because he donated to a charity that opposed gay marriage in California. The list goes on, but the beginning of alternate platforms for our side is really ramping up. I believe in years to come we will remember this incident as one of the key factors that began the complete collapse of the Left. Struck down like Obi-Wan, Alt-Techers will become more powerful than Google can possibly imagine.

Make no mistake. They are slowly throttling the Golden Goose. It does not matter that Google has deep pockets and a huge market share. There are going to be plenty of tech developers already at Google and elsewhere who are going to have no desire to work there. The money isn’t the only thing, but it is the only thing Google has. I remember reading somewhere…hmmm, where was that?…that men are not nourished by bread alone. When it becomes unbearable to work at Google, and when going to work means constantly looking over your shoulder and being the obvious target for abuse by less qualified people all around you, white guys will stop working there. And when Google sees a lot of the top talent (read: white men) going elsewhere, they will not be able to compensate.

Vox makes an excellent point that they are actually unable to turn a profit on any of their various other ventures. This will pave the way for others who can. I have long believed that there is a huge market for social media and other technology that is friendly not just to people who are politically conservative, but two people who are apolitical but traditional. When that technology develops, and people are willing to pay for it, you will see Google collapse as its business model will not be able to keep up or adjust. I know I personally would be willing to pay a few dollars a month for social media website that did not collect data on me or sell information to outside companies. Google has based its entire model on making its customers pay in kind rather than currency, and they will not be able to make the switch as they are overextended. When Google and companies like it (looking at you, Twitter) begin to collapse the left will be lost in the woods. I do not believe that I am getting ahead of myself, or that I am being overly optimistic. There are iron laws in human existence, and despite what liberals have long thought of themselves, they are absolutely not immune to them. The gods of the copybook heading are limping up to explain things once more. It’s going to be glorious.

What World War II Japan can Teach us About Modern American Politics

Yesterday was the anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Like a good patriot, my father called to wish me happy anniversary. As he pointed out, he and the rest of our family would not exist had it not been for the atomic bomb. His father (my grandfather) and every man in our family of military age was in the Pacific. My maternal grandfather had been fighting in Europe; undoubtedly those troops would have been shifted East to join the war effort against Japan. The odds are good that many of the men of my family, especially those already in theater, would not have made it back.

It was estimated that an invasion of Mainland Japan would cost us over a million casualties, at least half of those being killed in action. This is in light of the fact that Douglas MacArthur was intentionally low-balling the estimated casualties because he wanted to have the invasion of Japan green-lighted. Why? For his own personal glory. They created so many purple hearts for the estimated casualties that we were still using them for our wounded troops as of Desert Storm. MacArthur was a glory hound who objected to the use of the atomic bombs, mainly because it stole his chance at immortality but also on humanitarian reasons. According to Douggy, you don’t bomb civilians. Unless it benefits MacArthur. Bonus historical lesson: don’t be too quick to trust military men in their political judgments.
Lots of historical revisionists will tell you that Japan was on the brink of surrender, and then there was no need to drop the first bomb, let alone the second. This is absolutely untrue, and those who say otherwise do not understand Japan or the facts on the ground. When the second atomic bomb was dropped, the crew of the Boxcar took tremendous antiaircraft fire. How could a country on the verge of defeat have mustered that kind of anti-aircraft power? They had just had an atomic bomb dropped on them! Japan had been training its women and children to use bamboo spears to defend the Home Islands. They head repositioned troops from elsewhere to defend the major cities. Even after dropping the second bomb, they still insisted on conditions of surrender. Some of their officers tried to assassinate the Emperor to prevent him from issuing his surrender. Many more murdered Allied POWs when they heard the war was over. Others committed suicide rather than go along with the surrender. These are not the actions of a people who were going to go quietly into that good night. They were ready for a fight to the end, as their own minutes from meetings of the military councils reveal. There was to be no surrender.
The atomic bomb saved probably half a million to a million American lives. It also saved countless Japanese lives, as the casualties from defending the Home Islands would have been far greater and would have been included civilians. But, there was another dividend from dropping the atomic bomb, one that is rarely discussed but bears mentioning. It may be just as important as the saving of lives.
The crimes committed by the Japanese were far more grizzly than those of the Nazis. Their treatment of civilians and of prisoners of war was unconscionably cruel and enough to induce vomiting. The Nazis did not routinely kill American, British, or French POWs. In fact, they pretty much never did. As terrible as the Holocaust was, it was typically done in a surgical, detached fashion. The Japanese, on the other hand, routinely committed gang rapes, massacres of children, beheadings of parents in front of children and things too disgusting for me to put in print here. They did these things because they believed that they, the Japanese, were superior to all other races, even other Asians. Their belief in their superiority in their estimation made all these things completely permissible. By dropping the atomic bomb, they were completely humbled. They were disabused of the ridiculous notion that had that they could commit such crimes as their right.
I bring this up because Liberals are of the same mindset. They are so smugly convinced of their own superiority that they will not entertain the possibility that they are wrong about anything, much less everything. We will need something of an equivalent violence to finally disabuse them of the notion that they have the right to treat everyone else as they see fit. It’s coming. And like the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it will be both tragic and necessary.