Why Liberals Rape

What makes liberals rape is related to what makes them Lefties to begin with.


This is an older post that should have gone up months ago. Still relevant, of course. 

My oh my, lots of Hollywood and Broadway’s social justice warriors are getting busted for being rapists, perverts, and creepers. I will not be surprised if a few cuck conservatives end up on the roster of those fallen from grace, but I seriously doubt there will be many men on the right caught up in it. Why? Because real men are inherently on the right, and real men have game. And game, for the uninitiated, means you do not get caught up raping, harassing, and being a creep, because you know how to handle yourself.

Think of these libtards. Harvey Weinstein, Joss Whedon, Matt Lauer, Al Franken. They are all pussy liberals who have no idea how women actually think, feel, and function. Consequently, before getting famous, getting laid was probably something they did only when Haley’s Comet came around. So when they got into positions of power where they could get away with tons of disgusting behavior, they reacted like little weaklings always react, with greed, savagery, vengefulness, and reckless abandon.

They were so used to getting nowhere with women that they just took what they felt they were entitled to have based on their wealth, prestige, and position. They whined like petulant children when they did not get it (listen to the video of Harvey Weinstein or the details of Al Franken’s assaults and you’ll see what I mean). Weak, worthless men think of sex with women like they do everything else: if they are not getting it, it’s because something is not fair.

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. Men love a high notch count in the sex department. But every notch, for most women, represents a real sacrifice. Women, even after decades of leftist brainwashing, are still inherently selective about who gets access to their most precious commodities, which is to say their bodies as instruments of sex. Outside of a marriage contract, nobody is entitled to that. It has to be earned. Some may use charm and good looks, some may use power and prestige on women who are climbers and gold diggers, but regardless, no man is entitled to sex just because he is sucking air.

Contrast these losers with real men, men with game. If you study any of the various Pick-Up Artists (PUA), like Mystery, Roissy, or Roosh, there are two key lessons you will learn early: escalation and how to handle rejection. The former boils down to not sticking a turkey in the oven until you’ve preheated it. You don’t just grab a woman and force yourself on her. You woo her. You do not need to hurry. Read some of their stuff. They rarely talk about sleeping with a woman the day they meet her or on a first date. There is no rush. It’s not about just getting laid. It’s about the process and actually enjoying a woman’s company. Modern men with game are as close to traditional courtship as it gets these days.

The second lesson is about rejection. The most alpha of men gets shot down sometimes. Let’s say a guy is making out with a woman and he puts his hand on her rear end, breasts, or inner thighs. Without a word, she slides his hand back up to a less-sensitive position. Guys like Weinstein would get angry. A man who knows game just goes with it. It means she is not ready for that, and you respect the boundaries she sets. It’s her body, she’s the one with something to lose by granting access, so you move on her schedule. Simple. Fair. Right. Moral. Of course, all of those terms are completely alien to the leftists who have been called out for their rapey behavior of late.

So if you wanted to know why you pretty much never hear credible allegations of rape or harassment against alt-right figures and a torrent of them against leftists, that’s why. Real men do not need to rape and harass because real men know how to achieve sexual ends through above-board means. And real men live on the Right. 

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