Racism is Not a Political Ideology

The Left really wants it to be, so that should tell you something.


I will preface this post by making it clear that it is not another cuck-like “liberals are the real racists” post. They are, in the sense that they wish to commit genocide against White people, but not in the cuck sense, where the fake Right tries to claim Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King as their own. Digressions aside, my point is that disliking, even hating, people of a particular race is not something that constitutes a political ideology in and of itself and is not limited to one end of the political spectrum or the other.

Speaking of the political spectrum, I am sure most of you were taught, as I was, that as you get to the extreme left and extreme right, things are very similar. The example is the USSR on the Left and the Nazis on the right. This is total, absolute, stunning bullshit. It’s an attempt by the Left to incriminate the Right for shit the Left did. In other words, a classic frame job. The term Nazi is short for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or┬áNational Socialist German Workers’ Party. Get that? Socialist Party. They were socialists. What made them different from Communists was that they did not want world wide socialism; they wanted it for themselves. The whole bit about racial purity was largely about deciding who was in the socialist nation and who was not. Like all socialists, they were of the Left. their hatred of the Jews in particular and other races generally (even other white people) was a factor used in determining who was in and who was out; the political platform was government control of industry and subjugating individual rights to the whole of the body politic. The opposite end of the spectrum would be a libertarian state.

Remember that Democrats were the party of Jim Crow, yet still espoused some degree of wealth redistribution, national healthcare, and stronger government regulation of everything all the while. Now, they have totally flipped the object of their hatred and support radical integration, but still favor redistribution and strong government control. Realistically, they do not even care about the integration that much, except that it is useful as a means of destroying private property and private enterprise. That is because non-Asian minorities are good at destroying economies and value. Sorry, it’s true. That, and they like to vote themselves other people’s money. Were it not for these qualities, liberals would have little use for them.

Remember, race and racism is largely a tool and not a program. Remember too that race realism is not the same as racism. It does not engender hate or a desire to destroy a people, just the recognition that people are different, that race exists, and that societies comprised of only one race are more harmonious than others. Keep this in mind, as clear thinking on race and its use in politics will help to defang our enemies. I suspect that most anti-Progs would not concern themselves with race if we lived in a homogeneous society; rather, we could focus on more important things, the kind that propel a society forward. I leave you with a thought to ponder: how much blood, treasure, time and energy would have been saved if the West had remained closed to third world immi-vaders?

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