Bill Gates and the African Invasion of Europe

One way or another, the recent tidings of this globalist bastard bode well for us.


Last week, Bill Gates publicly stated that the European Union needed to make it more difficult for African migrants to reach Europe, and that if present policies continued, Europe would be overwhelmed. Bill fucking Gates said that! I admit, I am as shocked as anyone else by this turn of events. It’s very out of character. So why the sudden come-to-Jesus moment for a liberal globalist SJW billionaire insider? There are four distinct possibilities.

  1. Bill Gates really believes that Europe must be saved.
  2. Bill Gates does not want Europe overwhelmed with barbarians who cannot use Microsoft products and who do not respect copyright laws, and hence will dilute his business.
  3. Bill Gates is speaking for all globalists and is trying to placate the growing antiglobalist, nationalist movements growing all over Europe.
  4. In an attempt to keep Microsoft going, Bill Gates is trying to corner the market on moderates and conservatives, as Google and Apple have a lock on the far-left.

Okay, scenario #1 is bullshit. Bill Gates has shown time and time again, whether through his meddling with public education, his black-holing of vast wealth into Africa, and his decision not to leave his fortune to his kids that he couldn’t give a damn about America, the West, or their attendant civilizations. He recently advocated for the U.S. to keep educated foreigners here, which is injurious to actual Americans. Microsoft uses its proximity to Canada to bring in cheaper foreign labor, so obviously protecting the people of Europe doesn’t matter to him either.

Scenario #2 is very possible, but it does not have to be his only motivation. It could be in conjunction with #4, maybe even #3. Despite all the happy talk, most people are well aware that Africa is a hellhole because it’s full of Africans. Making Europe full of Africans will make Europe more like Africa, and nobody wants that, including Africans. Bill Gates likes making money and sees everyone else as peons there to enrich him. If he has to pawn all of Europe to keep making money, he will. Europe could do worse.

Scenario #3 is fully possible as well. Old Billy Boy and his crew of highest-tier elitists would have done well to remember the old adage “a good shepherd fleeces his sheep, he doesn’t flay them.” Like the dwarves of Moria, he and the other globalists delved too greedily and too deep. Now the entire New World Order scheme is at risk. Contrary to what libtards like to believe, our side has a VERY real chance of winning in the long run, so long as they fail to set the board in full. This could be an attempt to buy time for the globalists. If you read the story, you’ll see that he is all about funneling money into feel-good boondoggles in Africa and the Middle East. As long as the West is propping up these degenerate shit-states, the men of the West are still slaves.

Scenario #4 seems unlikely, but I have seen anecdotal evidence for it. I myself quit using Google a few years ago when on Easter Sunday their graphic celebrated Cesar Chavez instead of Jesus Christ. Google is off the deep end in terms of Left-wing advocacy. I switched to Bing, which is Microsoft’s search engine. Every day it offers a high-quality photograph for its background, but it typically offers something pro-American or pro-Western on days like Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, or Memorial Day. Microsoft was used to being the industry leader, but when Apple jumped way out in front with iPhones and iPods and Google went to the top in terms of email, search engine use, and free Office-like apps, MS knew it was in trouble. Acknowledging that it can’t compete in genuine leftism because of its corporate shark image and that Apple has cornered the youth/hipster market, MS could be seeking to corner the older, more conservative set, because it still has the most money.

Whatever his reasoning, remember this: At best we have a major corporation that is becoming less hostile, even slightly friendly to our people. At worst, we have a rearguard action by globalists that is too little, too late. The fact that Bill Gates said this at all should give us hope, because it means either globalists fear us or some globalists are coming around. It is fully possible that after years of pissing away money in Africa, Bill Gates is losing his patience. His entreaty to keep funding the Turd World may be simple lip service before he and others like him shift to the Right some more. No matter what, this is a good sign.

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