When Violence is Justified

Cucks need to recognize the situation.


JJ Sefton over at Ace of Spades blog condemned the attack on the Finsbury mosque Muslims. He said something along the lines of violence is never acceptable. I am quite certain that Sefton is the same kind of conservative douchebag who will get all choked up on Veterans Day and memorial day. So apparently, violence is acceptable sometimes. I would like to ask people like Sefton what their criteria are for acceptable violence. What was it about the Nazis and Imperial Japan that justified killing them? I’m not saying we shouldn’t have, I’m just asking why it was okay. Why was it ok to run budget deficits during the Cold War? What is it, exactly, that we were opposing?

If we believe that the left is trying to take our basic freedoms, that makes them by default the enemies of freedom. They have committed observable, widespread violence against not only people on the right but people in the center who dare to not toe their line. That means that there is a need for self defense which is the strongest justification for violence. I would honestly qualify today’s Left as a more insidious threat than the Soviet union ever was. The Soviets, for the military threat they theoretically posed, never controlled our universities, they never controlled our media, they never dictated and funneled American thought. Despite a Soviet influence and Soviet funding, the people doing that have been American. Or English. Or French. Or German.
People like Sefton who claim to be conservative, but haven’t actually conserved shit. Were they able to protect marriage from high divorce rates and infiltration by homosexuals? No. Have they been able to protect traditional gender roles? No. Have they been able to protect the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next in the form of public schools and universities? Absolutely not. Look at the situation at Evergreen state for an example of what a great job they have done conserving things here. Remember too that Evergreen College was started by the prompting of a Republican governor.

If one were to read the Declaration of Independence, one would find striking similarities to the situation in which we find ourselves now. Substitute black gang members for American Indians in terms of the unscrupulous warfare Jefferson described, and substitute illegal aliens for black slaves in the paragraph that was stricken, and it matches up pretty well. We have as many legitimate grievances concerning our government as our Founders had against the British Crown. So let’s stop pulling our puds. Either the left is our enemy and is antithetical to everything that is American, or we’re just bullshitting here. I for one am not bullshitting, so I regard the Left, no matter how far or how moderate, as my enemy. Perhaps 50 years ago, we were all Americans debating on the best course forward. We are not the same tribe anymore. The left is full of shit. They would destroy everything about traditional Western society given the opportunity.

While it might go against our personal beliefs in the way that we treat one another and the way we behave in a society, we have to understand that this is not an American political debate. This is a war. We have to be willing to use violence, deception., and a certain degree of cruelty if we are going to prevail. Some people still cannot picture themselves pulling a trigger for lying to advance a cause. If this is you, then preserving and passing on Western civilization is an armchair hobby for you, not a mission. If that is the case, just stand aside and don’t open your mouth to condemn those who have the spine to do what needs to be done.
And for God’s sake, stop trying to live by the Left’s standards. They are wrong about everything, so any of their standards of what is good, intelligent, wholesome, useful, wise, or commendable, is total bullshit. Don’t believe them. Don’t trust them. Don’t try to sympathize with them. Don’t look for common ground. There is none. We no longer have a common culture. They are invaders, not countrymen, and therefore violence is perfectly acceptable against them. So let idiots like JJ Sefton know that they need to shape up or ship out.

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