Abortion and Gun Rights: A Comparison

Similar concerns and tactics from opposing sides.


If you want to understand how the left feels about abortion, look at the way we feel about gun control. This is a good analogy because a lot of the tactics on both sides regarding these issues are similar. So are the suspicions we have about the opposition, and so are the end goals of the opposition. When it comes to guns, we start with the premise that the left is ultimately trying to eliminate all firearms so as to better subdue us. This is undeniably true as many proponents of so-called “common sense” gun laws let the mask slip occasionally and make it clear that they want to take them all. Even if this is not the case, and you run across some Lefty-lite who legitimately only wants to put a few restrictions on gun purchasing or ownership, the fact remains that the right to bear arms is constitutionally guaranteed and that there is no reason to prohibit law abiding citizens from obtaining firearms when criminals are able to achieve them readily. We therefore reject any attempt to limit our access to firearms because we know that the standard goal of these people is the complete elimination thereof.

The pro-abortion camp comes from a similar premise with similar standards of behavior. They know good and well that the ultimate goal for the vast majority of conservatives is to completely outlaw abortion. We are willing to take an incremental approach the same way they do in regarding gun rights. We are perfectly willing to restrict access to abortion to the point where it is extremely difficult, nigh impossible to obtain. Our strict regulations for abortion facilities, waiting periods, and time limits are mean to significantly reduce the number of abortions performed each year. Of course, the government does not fund gun stores like it does Planned Parenthood, but one could make the argument that the government funds arms manufacturers through military purchases, which enables them to sell similar products to the public. The design of those produces was funded through taxes. I don’t want to get off topic, but this is an apples-and-oranges argument because arming troops is a necessity, abortions are not.

Abortion enthusiasts are willing to do the same with guns. Waiting periods, attempts to limit arsenals or monthly purchases, attempts to severely tax ammunition, you name it, they’ll try it. The goal is to greatly reduce gun ownership. They argue that outlawing abortions will send women to back alleys. This could very likely be true, but I for one don’t give a shit. Murdering babies is the kind of wicked shit that should be done in the same venue where drug dealers and prostitutes ply their trades. In a similar fashion, we argue that if guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns. This, too is demonstrably true. Even countries with virtually no legal gun ownership suffer terrorist attacks from people with automatic weapons. We see self-defense as an inherent right, and they see personal protection as something that for the good of all must be outsourced to the government (they see pretty much everything as something to be outsourced to the government, except abortion). We see abortion as murder of innocents, they see it as a woman’s right to control reproduction (the rights of the father and child being subordinate, because, grrl power!). The baby-killing lobby resists our efforts tooth and nail because they know what our ultimate goal is just as we know what their ultimate goal is. This is why both sides are so uncompromising on these issues.

There is another similarity, one which is rarely spoken of, but let me go ahead and break ranks to discuss it. The fact of the matter is, neither side really wants to be a one hundred percent successful. Look around at the Left. They are all talking about getting guns to resist the Trump administration. They have John Brown gun clubs. They have been fully willing to resort to other deadly weapons outside of guns, not due to lack of access, but rather because they are harder to trace. So the left is obviously not against all violence and not against the use of firearms to achieve their goals. They just suck at using them as the Alexandria shooting last week demonstrated. Likewise, are we really that strongly against abortion? I know the idea horrifies me. I know I would be deeply ashamed of any women in my family having one, and I know I would never support aborting any of my unborn children. That being said, do I really get broken up about the idea of inner city minorities and womynists whacking their babies in the womb? Does it really keep me up at night to know there will not be a future generation of welfare recipients, rapists, murderers, and lame-ass campus revolutionaries? No, not really. And if we’re being honest, the vast majority of people, including liberals, aren’t that broken up by it either. When most of us think of a on getting an abortion, we think of fellow white suburbanites. We think of people of similar background with similar values and who are part of our tribe. The idea of killing the unborn children of our tribe rightly sickens and disgusts us. We feel natural, healthy feelings of protection for children. If we thought about who is actually getting abortions, meaning minorities and liberal women, and we consider the fact that we are enemies at war with these people, it is really them eliminating their next generation of their constituents. If they want to do it for us, even if it is in a ghastly manner because killing children is inherently disgusting, maybe we should not stand in their way. Our people by and large do not have abortions because there is something about the Right that is inherently supportive and loving when it comes to having children. There are exceptions, but we by and large embrace a culture of life, or at least one of survival.

Since most of us do not consider these people to be our countrymen, it should not necessarily be our concern what they do with their own children, even if we find the practice disgusting and look down on them for it. The Romans’ archrivals, the Carthaginians, routinely practiced child sacrifice. The Romans despised them for it, and judged the Carthaginians (rightly) to be a degenerate, inherently fucked-up people. Yet, they did not try to stop them from practicing child sacrifice. Unless you consider obliterating their culture a means of stopping it. I do not as stopping child sacrifice was not the reason for Carthage’s destruction. My point is that as abhorrent as abortion is, it is one thing for us to prohibit it among our people and another to prohibit it among an alien people. Our problem is that we are share a land and a government with alien tribes, and until further action is taken we have to argue with them over such policies.

Sidenote: If there is a Left winger you feel the need to argue with, you can always use the standard line of out guns they use about abortions which is if you don’t like them don’t have them.

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