Women Don’t Know Shit About Men, Part II

Part of an ongoing series to expand women’s knowledge of men.


Feminists have mainstreamed the notion that men have no understanding of women whatsoever. For a lot of men, that is true. Ironically, it’s not conservative men who usually have that problem. The corollary to this notion is that men are simple creatures that women understand completely. Like the first part of the concept, this is also completely incorrect.

Historically, philosophy, even across cultures, has been the realm of men. If you read the depth of thought and emotion expressed in the works of Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, the Bible, the Vedas, or the works of Church fathers like St. Augustine or St. Thomas Aquinas, the idea that men are simple creatures with simple emotions is immediately shot to ribbons. I won’t spend too much time on this because it is so blatantly obvious that even a womyn’s studies major can understand it. Not only are men capable of deep thought and emotion, but we are primarily responsible for most of the deep thinking throughout history, everywhere. We are also in better control of our emotions than women. This is obvious to most honest women and to any man who has met women.

Traditional masculinity does not prevent us from feeling emotions, contrary to the nonsense that feminists have peddled (successfully) for years. In simply demands that we control them or translate them into action. This latter point relates to the bogus concept of mansplaining, which I’ll get to later. For most of human history, men did not have the option of sitting down and “having a good cry.” If shit went wrong, we had to fix it, or disaster ensued. Men get angry and depressed, but we are taught from an early age to manage those emotions. We are told not to cry because crying is not a solution to much of anything. It’s a waste of energy better sublimated into effective remedies. That is not to say that we do not sometimes take an ineffective way out of bad situations. We often drink too much, turn to drugs, or lay on the couch when we should be dealing with problems. Conversely, there are times when doing seemingly useless activities helps us relieve stress and figure things out by moving them to the background. Shooting hoops, lifting weights, playing pool, running, fishing, or doing yard work are all effective ways of figuring out solutions by putting them on the back burner. Again, a huge part of masculinity is solving problems that benefit a man and his people.

Besides not understanding this aspect of masculinity, feminists don’t understand male physiognomy. If they did, they wouldn’t have dumbfuck terms like “manspreading.” This refers to men’s tendency to spread out our legs when we sit down. Feminazis say we are trying to take over territory. I would say that’s all well and good if we did, but that’s not it. We have balls, and balls are very sensitive. They also stick to our legs. Squishing them by sitting the way feminazis would like us to, or having them pasted to our thighs as a result, is not comfortable. So, we spread out, peeling them off our inner thighs and preventing them from getting squished. It also allows them to hang more freely, which is better for their primary task of making sperm. There, I “mansplained” manspreading.

Which brings me to my next point, mansplaining. According to these beastly misandrists, it is sexist for men to explain things. This idea is so fucking stupid that it requires me to mansplain how fucking stupid it is. First off, sometimes things have to be explained. The notion that mansplaining is wrong and sexist disqualifies the dissemination of knowledge from half the population to the other half. Feminists genuinely believe that men have little of value to say, and they proudly proclaim this via text, email, web pages, television programs, and other man-generated platforms. The obvious stupidity of this is self-evident to anyone with a brain (so, not feminists). Secondly, men are inherently designed and socially reinforced to be problem solvers. Ironically, feminists reinforce this by having no concern and outright hatred for men. The more society is designed to work against us, the more we have to be problem solvers. As a result of being problem solvers, we don’t want to “listen” to your problem, unless that is the first step in solving it. Women often complain about this aspect of masculinity without understanding that solving problems is an integral part of survival and men have primarily been responsible for the protection/solution aspect of survival. Women handle the baby-brewing part, and hats off to you ladies for doing so. So if you do not like mansplaining, feminists, here are a few things you can do:

Don’t ask for help from men
Don’t come across any problems that cannot be solved without men’s input
Don’t be so fucking stupid that men have to swoop in to save you

Please see my previous post on this: https://paleriderblog.wordpress.com/page/10/

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