Sorry, Not Sorry. And Not Terrorism

What happened in London was not terrorism, it was national defense.


Apparently, not every Englishmen got the memo about becoming a dhimmi. By now, everyone knows about the “terrorist” attack in London in which at least one Muslims has been killed and ten more wounded by an Englishman driving a large truck. Despite the media jerking off all over themselves with delight over the fact that they finally got their “anti-Muslim backlash,” this is by definition not terrorism. Terrorists are trying to change a people’s government or their way of life through the threat of violence. This was a patriot defending his homeland against invasion. Given the demographics of London and the fact that its mayor is a Muslim, he was actually in occupied territory.

Pay attention to the people allegedly on the Right who decry this violence and say that there is no excuse for it. Remember that these are the same toolboxes who will tell us to get all choked up on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Apparently, according to their logic, it used to be okay for us to use violence to defend ourselves, but not any more. Or maybe, only against people of their choosing, like the Russians. Is it me, or do the powers that be in the entire Anglosphere insist that violence only be used against other white people? The people who pretend to be of our side but who decry the this brave Limey’s actions are at best cowards and at worst fifth columnists who will betray us for table scraps from the Left. Ignore their whining, mark them for later retribution.

While it is important not to read too much into this, several things are clear. Firsty, not everyone in England is a coward or willing to surrender. Secondly, when governments fail to accomplish their sole purpose, to protect its people, then those people will bypass the government and find ways to accomplish those goals themselves. We are seeing that here and in England. I would bet that we will see the same thing in Italy next, though the Italian government is actually a lot better about looking out for Italians over foreigners than pretty much any other Western government. Plan to see more of this.

Regarding the media, I have not watched a single libtard news program nor read any of their third-grade level screeds, but I guarantee we will hear a lot of the following:

– These attacks will not divide us
– Lots of apologies on behalf of all white people by people who have no right to speak for us
– Condemnation of “these people”
– Lots of talk about how right-wing rhetoric made this possible (a week after libtards assured us that their rhetoric had nothing to do with the shooting of Congressman Scalise
– A call for security around mosques 24/7 (churches never get this, not even the holiest sites in Christendom)
– Handwringing over how this was done during Ramadan. Those waxing sorrowful over it will not notice that Muslims kick the terrorism up a notch during Ramadan, or that they intentionally attacked Christians during the Christmas season, at a Christmas market.
– Muslims will pretend to be shocked and cry for mercy and inclusion. Remember that they are practicing taqiyya, a form of deception to gain advantage over infidels endorsed by the Qur’an (16:106 and 3:28). In fact, this is a fine time to remind you to never, ever believe a Muslim, and never think he is your friend. Allah will always come before you. We may live in a Godless, secular nightmare culture, but they do not.

The media will go on this kick for a bit, and that is just dandy. The more they do, the more normies will notice the complete hypocrisy and realize that they are in the group the media does not care about. The media will knock it off when they realize they sound like a bunch of pussies and that they are actually encouraging us. For some reason, they will figure this out when we mock them and attack one of their sacred cows, but cannot figure it out when Muslims do the same thing.

Three cheers for this ballsy cake eater. Feel no shame in the Left’s calls for apologies, and offer none. Laugh at them instead, for they are our enemies, and we are at war. The time for dialogue is well past, so do not waste your breath. If you must speak to them, like with impunity to gain advantage, and never imagine that they will do anything differently.

Many people do not realize it, but the war for the West has begun.

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