Down with Dorks

A return to the natural order


I was reading this morning that Time is laying off 300 employees because of low circulation. My parents are the only people I know who subscribe to that glorified asswipe, so now and again when I visit them I’ll page through the latest edition for shits and giggles. Here are some observations, which in summary lighten my heart.

The writing is terrible. It’s hackneyed, boring, predictable, and obviously spineless (more on that later). By spineless I mean the people writing it are obviously lame and timid by nature. They didn’t get laid in high school. They probably didn’t socialize much in college, either. But they weren’t geeks. Geeks learn technical skills and actually do things later in life. These people were and are dorks. They wrote poetry and tried to make up cool personas for themselves, but I never worked because deep inside they were cowardly losers. Nowadays they live soft, suburbanite lives with no exposure to anything that regular people experience. They are also as a result of all this pussiness, way, way to the Left. They are radically liberal, espousing all sorts of policies that should make straight white gentiles cringe. They resent the doers and achievers who laughed at them or worse, ignored them for years.

Steve Sailer, the greatest thinker in modern American times as far as I am concerned (with notable challenges from Joe Sobran, Paul Gottfried, or Peter Brimelow), years ago pointed out that the single biggest change to society in his lifetime was the elevation of dorks above jocks in the social hierarchy. Think back to all the 80’s movies wherein some dorky kid bests the jocks. Just One of the Guys, Lucas, The Karate Kid, Revenge of the Nerds, the list goes on and on. That’s where it started. Since then, people who were at best suited to advisory or specialist roles have become opinion makers and leaders, though not with the consent of the rest of the population. It was sort of forced on us until we accepted it as the natural order. But it’s not. If you look at these people, they are beta bitches in days gone by would have been answer-men to a king, not the king himself. Think of Grima Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings, as opposed to Eomer. (Sidenote: When I watch those 80’s masterpieces, I root for the “bad guys,” and I tell my children to do the same.

Tom Wolfe had a great quote about how reporters were dorks who knew how to use words and did so to get revenge on the kids who actually accomplished things, but I can’t locate it now. It’s very fitting though.

So, at the beginning I said that overall this lightens my heart. Here is why. These people represent some of the best and brightest of the establishment Left, people who converged a major publication. And they are lame. Totally lame. The best part is that everybody knows it.
I smile because at long last, these people are being pushed back into the dark corners in which they belong. The need for real leadership is creating real leadership, and pushing out the sort of losers who can only take power when things are easy and anyone can handle things. Well, almost anyone. These assholes made a possibly irreversible mess of things. Hopefully we have learned not to trust people who have no right to power, as they will inevitably abuse it for their own childish reasons since they have no inkling of its proper use. Losers, even when they are in charge, remain losers. We are beginning to realize that people traditionally remanded to supporting cast roles are not diamonds in the rough. They are people who should be remanded to supporting cast roles.

Enjoy watching the dorks relearning that they are, in fact, dorks. It’s the first step in fixing this place. Once that is complete, and the natural order is returned, our people will realize that they have every right to assert their natural claims in this country, and those who have long taken advantage of the present situation will acquiesce because they know it will be in their best interests. And then, then the little snowflakes like the writers at Time will get their comeuppance, with interest.

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