Bill Maher and the Social Justice Hierarchy

Mr. Maher needs to check his white privilege, it seems.


There are few things more entertaining to watch than when the Left eats its own.

Professional douchebag Bill Maher jokingly dropped an n-bomb on his show last night while interviewing the traitorous backstabbing cuck senator from Nebraska, Ben Sasse. Social Justice Warrior shitstains immediately took to Twitter to express their horror. Being a straight man, I don’t use Twitter, so I haven’t read any of the Twattle that the libtards have been spewing. But apparently, they want his head.

Maher was shitcanned from his old show, Politically Incorrect, for remarking that the 9/11 hijackers were not cowards, because crashing a jet into a building takes balls. I remember at the time I took his side, partly because he was correct, and partly because I don’t care much for censorship. I suppose Maher thought that he was being targeted by the Right over those comments and figured he could say what he wanted on a lefty media outlet (redundant) in front of a liberal audience. He’s old, so maybe he wasn’t aware of how the rules work now. The Left no longer wants or needs straight white men leading it. It barely tolerates their presences. They are simply useful idiots.

The left has a fairly rigid but sometimes negotiable pecking order. Islam is at the top (because they’ll kill everyone else), followed by blacks, then Hispanics, then gays and other sexual deviants, then Asians. Minority women are always a peg higher than they would be if they were men, so a black woman would be just under a Muslim. A Hispanic woman may outrank a black man, but it’s debatable. White women have a nebulous placement, as any black or Hispanic outranks them. Conservative white women are not included, liberals can say and do anything they want about and to conservative white women. Blacks and Muslims always outrank liberal women. Gay minorities do too, but not necessarily gay white men. They can cat-fight it out for ranking. White lesbians outrank straight white women. Illegal Hispanics outrank legal ones. Right now, trannies and mentally ill teenagers who think their chromosomes are lying about what fuck parts they should have outrank everyone, but when the hype dies down, they will be in with the rest of the LGBTQWERTY types. Jews don’t really fit into the matrix very well anymore, since they are essentially white and nobody trusts them despite the fact that they provide the funding and brainpower for most of the Left. Fat people are honorary members, though being whale-sized does not get you anywhere in and of itself, it’s just bonus points. The only thing fatties are really useful for is trying to make white men feel bad about the fact that we prefer to bang hot chicks. Other than that, nobody really cares much for fat people. Oh, except black dudes and fat white women. Black men are the only demographic that likes to bang fat white chicks. Otherkins, freaks who think they are actually animals (including fucking dragons), get no real respect or status on the Left and like fatties are just there to piss off us normal people. Cripples don’t get special status for their disabilities, but are useful for making white men jump through hoops to accommodate them. Being crippled gets you bonus points too, unless you became disabled in a war, in which case you are a stupid rube from flyover country who got what he deserved. Minorities hurt in war are victims, whether we bombed them or they are U.S. military personnel who were used by the government.

A fat, black, Muslim lesbian in a wheelchair would be the pinnacle of Leftist ideology (Man, Donna Brazile is so close on this one!). If they believed in God, I’m sure all libtards would have a statue of this mythical creature in their homes, on some shitty metal-framed stand from Ikea.

I think that covers most of the rules. I’ll update it if libtards discover any more genders or races.

Bill Maher used to market himself as a libertarian, and often criticizes liberals for being pussies when it comes to dealing with how fucked up Islam is. He has gotten grief for criticizing Islam in the past, but I think he has been given a pass because he is an ardent atheist who made a documentary mocking all religions. That being said, if the Left takes his scalp, he will be an unwelcome guest in Our House. I hope they succeed in kneecapping his career, and I hope they replace him on his own show with a semiliterate minority. Sounds like social justice to me.

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