Islam is a Growing Military Problem

The biggest Islamic bomb we have to fear is the population bomb that is already detonating in the West.


David Greenfield has been on a tear in recent months. Seriously, pretty much everything the guy writes is gold. He has a great essay about the fact that terrorism is not a police matter, but a military one. The troops deployed in the streets of London, Paris and Brussels will soon be mirrored here. As he points out, a substantial number of refugees and Muslim immigrants or their children have committed terrorist acts, gone overseas to fight for ISIS, or support terrorists in spirit. Scary shit.

Greenfield rightly points out that this is not a centuries-old problem in the West, but decades old and caused solely by immigration. He says that we can stem the tide through immigration reform. But he does not finish the thought.

Even if we allow no further immigration from any Muslim country (something Trump’s illegally blocked immigration ban still does not accomplish), we still have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of terrorists and their enablers in this country. There are radical Islamic schools and training camps right here in the U.S. of A. They have a substantially higher birthrate than American whites. In a few generations, fighting them will become incredibly difficult, and preventing all attacks will become impossible.

No politician except for Representative Steve King is willing to point out the demographic issue at play here. None are willing to say that there would be no terrorism without Muslims (libtards, insert Timothy McVeigh remark here). So we will never effectively deal with the problem until we are willing to say that we are one people and not another, that some people do not belong and should be on their way.

#theyhavetogoback .

All of that being said, we lack any unifying identity that could persuade us to take back the reigns of this country. Honestly, when I read about these terrorist attacks, I check to see who was targeted and where. I see them blowing up New Yorkers, shooting up homosexuals, taking about libtards coworkers in California, liberal shit magazines in France, whore concerts in Manchester, and I yawn. When they are blowing up farm shows, churches, and gun shops, I’ll lock and load. As long as they kill the same people I wouldn’t mind taking a few swings at, why should I want to do anything? Sounds cold, I know, but seriously, why should people like us get upset or risk our necks for people who are attempting to destroy our way of life? The one time these fuckers tried to shoot up our people, it ended badly for them, and they haven’t done fuck else since.

These people are, at heart, pussies. Yes, they are cruel and twisted, but real warriors are about the business of killing in battle, not torturing the unarmed and defeated. So yes, I maintain that they are pussies deep down. They won’t attack targets that have a high likelihood of fighting back and maybe winning. That being said, we have to realize that eventually they will have the numbers and the infrastructure to come after us, and about that we do need to worry. So, push politicians to accept the reality of the situation, but don’t get too up in arms when they hit liberal targets. Liberals deserve to taste the fruits of their labors.

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