We’ll Spill Our Blood for Thee, but Not for We

More evidence of libtard preening and suicidal thought, this time in Australia


Scanning the headlines this morning, I came across this:

Australian Girl on Vacation Killed in Baghdad Car Bomb Blast

My first thought was that it was some social justice warrior or dumbass missionary aid worker, and I figured that she was the victim of stupid left-wing indoctrination. Eager for a little schadenfreude, I clicked the link.

Turns out her name was Zynab Al-Harbiya, and she was apparently visiting her sick grandfather. So the headline was a lie; she was not Australian. She was an Arab Muslim whose family was occupying Australia. I felt cheated. But after reconsidering the opening paragraph, I found a little gem to enjoy. There was this dumb-fuck statement by Australia’s foreign minister:

“The death of an Australian girl in a Baghdad bombing underscored why Australia was fighting Islamic State militants in the Middle East.”

Westerners have to fight in the Middle East to save Iraqis from other Iraqis, regardless of what it costs us in blood and treasure. Got that?

Not to be out-stupided, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had this to say:

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull described Zynab as ‘another innocent killed by this violent tendency, this violent terrorist movement that is gnawing away, seeking to destroy and pervert and blaspheme one of the great regions of the world.’”

I’ve been to Iraq. It’s a fucking shithole. Picture a barren desert with dilapidated buildings and raw sewage in the streets where people slaughter goats on street corners and wipe their asses with their bare hands, the rude conversations of unwashed Arabs only occasionally interrupted by the sound of a car bomb tearing through a public square. That’s Iraq.

Maybe he meant religion. Don’t get me started on the “religion of peace,” which is currently ramping up its mass murder efforts worldwide in honor of its holy month of Ramadan. For our big holy time, we decorate whole towns, give gifts, and visit family. Note the disparity, and remember that next time someone tries to compare Islam to Christianity favorably.

This kind of dumb-fuckery will doom the West. Our leaders refuse to see the world for what it is, and are getting our people killed in the process.

One last point: Australians are supposed to be up in arms over this Iraqi girl getting killed in Iraq, but where was the outrage over English girls getting murdered by Muslims in England? We mustn’t spill Australian blood, or any white blood to defend them. Oh, no. We have to be concerned that people might get upset with Muslims for doing Muslim things. Pisses me right the fuck off.

As one writer put it, I’m not Islamophobic. I’m Islamo-fed-the-fuck-up.

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