Impeachment Counterpunch

Don’t accept the liberal narrative; push against it.


The Dems smell blood in the water. They have their special prosecutor, and reports that Trump associates had undisclosed meetings with Russian officials. There are already Republicans, like “muh principles” bitch Justin Amash, who are calling for impeachment. Vox Day reports that the White House has completely clammed up because there are high-level leaks.

For us in the cheap seats, it is time to counterpunch.

I was speaking with a liberal colleague yesterday who gets her news from the legacy loser media, as well as a millennial hipster who gets his from far-left sources online. Neither of them had heard that Seth Rich, the murdered DNC staffer, was confirmed to have sent over 40,000 emails to Wikileaks shortly before his mysterious death. When I informed them, and they looked into it for themselves, both openly pondered the possibility that all of this nonsense with Trump is misdirection.
I suggest that if you hear people badmouthing Trump or giving credence to this impeachment nonsense, bring this up and see what they say. Make them go on defense. Our conspiracy theory has a much higher likelihood of being true than theirs, so make them play in our frame. You might not change their minds, but you might. Even if you don’t, it will steel your resolve in this situation.

As Ace of Spades points out, quoting Ben Franklin, either we hang together or we hang separately. Do not believe anything they say about the president. Also, follow that first link and read beyond the headline. Allegedly, the conversations Trump officials had involved improving relations between our country and Russia, which the Deep States of both countries deeply oppose. They also discussed joint efforts against ISIS (unclassified information about which is also allegedly what Trump “leaked” to the Russians). Are these things a potential president should not be considering and shopping around? Are these bad policies? The answer to both questions is no. These are great ideas that a guy who planned on winning and wanted to hit the ground running should have been pushing ahead of time. Some might say it’s a violation of the Logan Act (under which no one has ever been convicted). Firstly, I disagree. Secondly, I don’t give a fuck. Not a one. Not even a post-coital drip.

Fight back with arguments. Fight back with dismissals. And be ready to fight back with more than that. I have discussed with many people when we would know it was time to take things live. Impeachment is it. If they strike at the king, we should not wait around to see if they succeed. We should make them regret it immediately, and permanently.

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