Trump and Russia: No Smoke, No Fire

More distractions from Dems on the run.


I suppose I should comment on everything that is going on with these allegations that Trump collaborated with Russia to “hack” or “steal” the election.

To quote Schwarzenegger in Predator: “It’s all bullshit. All fake.”

There is absolutely no evidence that Trump did anything illegal or unethical to win the election, which was decided in the manner prescribed by the Constitution as it has been since the Founding. (Libtards new hot take on the Electoral College is that it’s “affirmative action for white people.”) The Deep State is firmly on the side of the Democrats, and psychotically hates President Trump. If they had anything, we would have heard it by now. Trump was under surveillance before the election, and despite Obama claiming he knew nothing about it, it is not reasonable to believe that the FBI monitored Trump Tower without notifying Loretta Lynch and hence Obama. Now THAT constitutes election tampering, and definitely would be if they had sprung it right before the election. We know that they would have happily done so with no fear of repercussion, so the fact that they did not say anything a week before voting means that they had nothing. They still have nothing. Lots of allegations, absolutely no proof.

Let’s assume, for a minute, that they actually do produce proof that the Russian government hacked the DNC’s emails (it is increasingly looking like Seth Rich leaked them, though.).

So fucking what?

Nothing happened to Bill Clinton for taking money from Chinese donors. Nobody cares that illegal immigrants vote in our elections. Dems don’t seem to mind that Mexico tries to directly interfere in our elections, or that Israel has a lobbying group that regularly rents Congress critters. If the Russian government hacked the DNC’s emails and exposed them, even if Trump got them to do so, did they do anything that constitutes cheating? Not really. It would be illegal for him to ask them to do so, but not illegal for them him to profit by their actions.
Look at it this way: he outsourced some election consulting work. Can you really call it a crime when that dumb fuck Podesta actually clicked on a phishing link?
Bottom line: these allegations are designed to bog him down. Rumors abound that he is going to clean house of all moderates and D.C. insiders soon. It started with Comey, but he won’t be the last. Hopefully he gets to it soon, as the clock is ticking.

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