We are Being Targeted for Extermination

White people are in the early stages of genocide


The fucktarded Washington Post has an interview with a couple of academics about their work on increasing white mortality rates. The interviewer, Jeff Guo (because of course it’s the place of some diversity to talk about white people), asks them if by focusing on white people if they aren’t marginalizing black people. Let that sink in for a second. He is essentially saying that we should not be talking about white people’s health, and that the prime concern in doing so is how it affects black people.

If the argument were that we need to not ignore black people, things might be different. But the academics in question, liberals in good standing, say flat out that senior people at Princeton asked them “how dare you study white people?”

Funny, but I had to stop consuming the majority of mainstream culture because if it paid any attention to white people it was to insult us. How many sitcoms show the white father as a nincompoop who has to be bailed out by his wise wife, spunky daughter, or black neighbor? Football lionizes black criminals as role models and derides states that pass sensible bathroom laws prohibiting perverts from using bathrooms meant for little girls. Baseball commentary is full of whining about a lack of black players. Movies have a requisite number of diversities, and if they have to change a long-standing character’s race to hit the quota, so be it (I’m looking at you, Marvel). Nobody talks about white working class people, except when they are making fun of them. Every white guy in a movie is a writer or some other useless bullshit profession. You never see a movie with a carpenter or electrician or some other job that requires actual knowledge. Apparently white guys who work don’t have dreams, goals, loved ones, or thoughts.

College campuses are essentially seminaries for the Lefty-Pinko religion that includes Diversity as one of its pillars. The others are Feminism, Marxism, Censorship, Emasculation, and Buggery, if you were wondering. I hear about nothing but black people on the news, in movies and shows, and when I was in college. In fact, colleges routinely allow their Marxist professors to call for white genocide and call it “free speech.” Let’s see how tolerant of free speech they are. Go ask for a podium to read off black crime statistics and see how open to new ideas they are.

Make no mistake. Our enemies, especially liberals of the pasty variety, are seeking to dehumanize us. To them, whites are non-people who should know their place, which is to work and pay taxes to pay for worthless white liberals to suck up tax dollars at universities and their worthless diversities to take American jobs and American resources as they colonize our country. Resist this dehumanization at every turn. Above all, be armed and ready, because their attempts to gun grab is just their way of laying the tracks for the genocide train.

Yes, I said they want to commit genocide against us. They will if they can. Be ready to return the favor.

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