Reading Between the Lines, Vaccine Edition

Liberal Media dishonesty on measles outbreaks in Europe


When reading any story by the mainstream media, it is important to make sure your bullshit detector is turned on and working properly. I will eventually put out a full guide to reading the liberal news, but for now, let’s examine one story and fill in the content they intentionally left out.

Here is a story from the BBC on the measles epidemic sweeping Europe. To read it, one would assume that our European cousins were a bunch of anti-vaxxers who reject modern science. Of course, the stereotypical picture of such people are Bible-thumping imbreds out in the hills, which is another media distortion. Even the painfully unfunny Daily Show admitted and laughed at the fact that most anti-vaccine sentiment is in liberal hotbeds like Oregon and California. I do not want to get too far off the topic, but you see how the media has already tried to distort our impression of the issue.

So what do I think is the reality? I think the Third World savages who recently invaded Europe brought these diseases with them. People from shithole countries routinely bring their disgusting medical histories with them. Bed bugs, which had been essentially wiped out here in the U.S., are back on the rise, particularly in New York City. Things like West Nile and Zika are gifts of the Turd World, as well. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas; let dirty, ass-backward people into your country, get dirty, ass-backward illnesses.

I am not a gambling man, but I would be willing to stake some funds that the majority of people diagnosed are either immigrants and refugees, or children too young to have been immunized but whose exposure to these illnesses is the direct result of letting dirty brownies into Europe.

The BBC helpfully offers this criticism of French medicine:

“In France, for example, people need to make an appointment with their doctor to get a prescription, go to the pharmacy to collect the vaccine and then rebook with their doctor to have the jab administered.

‘We need to get to the point where we appreciate that people have busy lives and competing priorities.’”

I am willing to bet native Frenchmen are willing to take the time to get themselves and their children vaccinated. Crazy dirt people who are too busy collecting welfare? Different story.

Read between the lines, always. With the liberal opposition media, it’s not just what they say, but what they don’t say.

Update: Here is a worthwhile read on chagas and other tropical shithole diseases in our country:

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