Get With the Times, Boys

Ryan and McConnell are completely out of step with the times, and it is going to cost us.


Daniel Greenfield over at has a great piece on what he describes as an active civil war between us and the Left. You can read it here, and I suggest you check it out. It’s good.

He is absolutely correct that we have reached a point in our country where our irreconcilable differences are not just political, but cultural. There is no compromise with the Left, nor should there be. As Greenfield points out, the Left has never played fair, nor had any interest in compromising or respecting our differences in opinion. There is no reason we should do so. In fact, quite the opposite.

Which brings me to the point. Pussy-clown Paul Ryan had to pull his abomination of  a health care reform bill because his own party would not get on board with it. Despite demtards jerking off all over themselves over it, Trump has played it masterfully by letting his frenemy Ryan swing in the wind for it, as is just. He also has done a decent job of pointing out, again justly, that the Democrats are not helping to fix the mess they made of health care. His problem is that he is allegedly backed by, and our side is allegedly represented by, tired old pussies who have no idea what century they inhabit or how the game is played.

Mitch McConnell and Orin Hatch, among others, are worried about preserving the filibuster both out of tradition and out of fear of what the Dems will be able to do if they retake power with it gone. I have news for you, ladies: you will lose power precisely because you are taking baby steps and not getting anything done, and if you don’t ditch the filibuster to fuck them over, they will do it to you on day one of Dem-controlled Senate. Maybe these RINOs will not pull the trigger because they are bought and sold and on the side of the Deep State (likely). Maybe they are just huge pussies (also likely). Maybe they are so isolated from the real world that they do not realize that we are in a life-or-death struggle over the soul and future of our country (also likely). Maybe they are too scared to start fighting the civil war in Congress and want to hold on to yesteryear when the Dems at least had the courtesy (or the weakened position) not to openly agitate for the destruction of the Republic (again, likely). Perhaps it’s a combination of all of these things. Regardless, the politicians that are nominally the opposition are doing the political equivalent of fighting tanks from horseback, of making gentleman’s treaties with monsters.

Neville Chamberlain rightly continues to catch a lot of shit for signing an appeasement accord with Hitler, giving him the Sudetenland as a means of keeping the peace. Some people (like Winston Churchill and Dr. Suess) knew there was no appeasing a guy like Hitler, that he would only be emboldened by Britain’s cowardice. But Chamberlain and others like him did not want to start a war, and were trying to play by the pre-World War I rules of etiquette. They refused to acknowledge the reality and the gravity of the situation. Had they made a stand sooner, perhaps millions upon millions of lives would have been saved. But they did not, and we know the results. Pansy taint sniffers like Ryan, McConnell, and their enablers are doing us the same way, and I am reasonably sure that our country will pay a similarly inflated price in the very near future.

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