Emma Watson and Social Justice Dumbassery

The Harry Potter star is indicative of liberal hypocrisy.


Annoying feminist and former Harry Potter star Emma Watson is pursuing legal action because somebody hacked her phone and stole some pictures of her trying on clothes. The little darling is complaining about her privacy being violated. This same budding feminazi recently bared her breasts in Vanity Fair. She also disclosed that she uses fur oil on her pubic hair. She wanted and tell all these things, but apparently pictures of her trying on outfits at the store is a bridge too far.

Obviously, I understand that her personal data was stolen from her without her permission and passed around in a way that she probably finds distasteful. I get her desire to see such people punished. However, I can’t say that I feel very bad for her in the sense that she has recently been boosting her career by showing off her naked body and holding frank discussions about her genitals. She is also a full-blown social justice warrior who has staunchly advocated for the gay scene in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, in which she stars. So, aside from the usual lack of sympathy I have for social justice warriors, I find her actions to be entirely hypocritical and therefore worthy of scorn. She is illustrative of a much deeper and more problematic trend that has consistently gotten worse over time. I’m talking about feminist creep in mainstream Society.

The Chateau Heartiste had a great post the other day about how sluts dressed in the 1990s and how so-called respectable women dressed now, and how these two styles are nearly identical. The problem with liberals in general and liberal women in particular is that they think that modern life should liberate them of all personal responsibility. People like Emma Watson think they can talk and dress like whores and pay no penalty for it. Men are not supposed to notice, we are just supposed to assume that everything a woman does is good an honorable and most of all, empowering. She objects to women being objectified, but then is fully willing to objectified herself. Normal people would see the problem with such thinking. But liberals are not normal.

Part of this is no doubt the idolization of victimhood. She has to set herself up as a victim in order to complain about it and hold coveted victim status. You might think that being a victim would be difficult to do for a young, wealthy, Ivy League-educated, attractive movie star, but still she finds a way. Some of the problem, I must say, it is just part of how women seem to be wired. It’s kind of like that great line in the movie As Good As It Gets when the woman asked Jack Nicholson’s character how he writes women so well in his novels. He tells her, “Easy! I think of a man; and I take away reason and accountability.” We’re truer words ever spoken?

There are two solutions to this. One is to raise daughters who do not act like whores and who take personal responsibility for their actions, and sons who do not bow and scrape to women who act like trash. We are outbreeding liberals like mad, hence their obsession with Third World immigration. They actually do plan to build their future with someone else’s babies. It will not work, and we will eventually take the lead among white people, and then there will be no disagreement in action, only degree. The other solution is to mock and ridicule such behavior whenever it occurs. It doesn’t even have to occur publicly. Public shaming could get many people like us fired based on the converged industries in which we all work. But go ahead and mock it privately. Mock it when you are off the clock. Make fun of it to friends and family. Insult people at parties who subscribe to such thinking. Many liberals will eventually switch sides in the future when it becomes obvious that being liberal is not cool. We need to fast forward to that day, for the sake of our future.

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