Disney Is Full SJW, so Fuck ‘Em

Their new gay character is their latest attempt to remove straight white men from the limelight.


Walt Disney is releasing its live-action version of Beauty and the Beast on St. Patrick’s Day. Normally, this would not be worth making. It’s just a live-action version of something they already came out with, an attempt to cash in on an existing franchise. This is nothing new, and is not uncommon for Disney, who I personally think is undergoing another creative drought like the one they had in the seventies and early eighties. The only thing remarkable about this is it they have included Disney’s first openly gay character. Apparently, there is even a gay kissing scene, though I have not bothered to confirm it.

This comes as no surprise, really, as the Disney Corporation is entirely converged. They’re less about artistic expression and more about exorbitant profits and social justice warrior mantras. I personally have not seen any of the new Star Wars movies, and from what I’ve heard, I didn’t miss a thing. They were nothing but social justice warrior memes. The new Beauty and the Beast looks to be no different. From casting a renowned social justice warrior (Emma Watson) as Belle to including this gay scene, the entire thing is more about propaganda aimed at children then it is about family entertainment.

Disney’s entire raison d’etre was to entertain children and families with wholesome programming. If they’re not going to stick to that mission, what is the point of Disney? I can show my kids social justice warrior trash from a million film studios. If Disney wants to be that way, they certainly don’t need me to support the company. They are fucking up across the board, as ESPN is hemorrhaging customers and is cutting “talent” in response.

If Disney even bothered to put two and two together, they would know that this was a horrible idea right out of the gate. If you have ever been to Disney World and seen their new Beauty and the Beast section, the most popular character there is not the Beast. Nobody likes the Beast. He’s a beast! The character everyone wants their picture taken with is Gaston. Why? Because Gaston, despite being the villain, is actually the most likeable character in the movie. If you have never seen the movie, or don’t know what I’m talking about, Gaston is supposed to be the villain. However, despite being French, he is really the prototypical red-blooded American man. He’s muscular. He eats a high-fat, high-protein, high cholesterol diet. He hunts, constantly. His goal is to marry a hot wife and have lots and lots of sons like him. In other words, everything that a real man wants in life. Contrast that with the guy who’s supposed to be the hero, the Beast. The Beast started off in life as an overindulged, whiny, nasty little pussy. Even though he had enough money to make Solomon blush, he refused to give a night’s stay to a beggar woman, which is what got him cursed in the first place. Like any incompetent fucktard in an undeserved position of authority, he did not understand that his leadership decisions would affect the people beneath him. Hence, all his servants were also cursed. And he was so embittered and hard-headed about the entire thing that he was unable to break the curse without a million people telling him what was the right thing to do. In other words, he was your average college-age liberal.

And Belle? I never understood this part of the story. The three blondes that chased Gaston were hotter than Belle, and actually liked him. What does he want Belle? Is it just because she was playing hard to get? It certainly couldn’t have been for her personality. The stupid bitch was borderline autistic. She hated everyone or town, and refers to them all as provincial. She looks down her nose at everyone. Classic liberal nonsense. On top of that, she’s selfish, rude, and has an unhealthy disdain for the working man. Take for example when she goes to the bookstore. Now, if that town has as provincial as she says, probably not a lot of people were shopping at the bookstore. However, she uses it like her own goddamn personal library instead of paying for them. She’s an untrustworthy slut, not a heroine. I take consolation that based on the setting of the movie, she and her prick Beast of a lover probably died in the French Revolution, done in by their own social justice types.

Is there any mystery as to why the audience likes Gaston on so much more than anyone else in the movie? You can bet Disney is hip to this, and will try to make Gaston unlikeable. I’m sure they will destroy his character in the live-action version, because I do not think that a corporation as big on research as Disney is does not understand what Gaston represents. I’m willing to bet though that since liberals have absolutely no understanding of how actual Americans think and act, that their attempts to make Gaston dislikable will probably backfire. The only shot they have is to change the character enough from the one of the cartoon that people will be turned off.

The bottom line is that Disney is the most insidious of social justice warriors, the type that targets children. Keep your money from. More importantly, keep your children from. And remember, there’s only one group of people that Jesus said were beyond redemption, and those are people that turn children away from him. Fuck Disney, may its executives rot in hell.

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