Difference Between Deep State and Conspiracy Theories

For Good or Ill, There is no Rhyme or Reason to These Idiots’ Actions


It is important to know the difference between a conspiracy theory and the probable story. It is also important understand what a conspiracy is. A conspiracy is simply a group of people working together to carry out a common cause, typically one that would meet with widespread rejection and rebuke if the general public were to get wind of it. We need to be aware that while we do live in a time where nefarious plots are afoot and complex policies that run directly counter to our best interests are being pushed by unelected bureaucrats, there may not always be some grander conspiracy going on. Of course, sometimes, there is a bigger conspiracy with a specific endgame.

For example, the Deep State definitely exists, and definitely has warped our country’s way of life. It definitely undertakes policies that directly harm traditional America and the traditional American stock. However, it is not building up to some endgame. There is nothing grandiose or demonic about it, but that does not make its purpose less sinister,. Despite the likely true rumors of a substantial pedophile ring within the upper echelons of government, there is probably not some millenarian doomsday cult or group of Satan worshippers running the country. In reality, the Deep States moves are largely meant to keep the Deep State in existence. It is an ad-hoc system. The CIA, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security among others were not created to enforce some generations-long plot. Such plots typically do not exist, though there are exceptions (like Islam).

In reality, the Deep State started at a time when we were at maximum paranoia about the Soviets and was it was loath to relinquish power after the fall of the Soviet Union. In fact, there is ample evidence that the various intelligence agencies conspired with the Soviets to keep the Cold War going. There is evidence directly. This was because the men and women of the Deep State are motivated by power, prestige, profit,  and position. Caught the four P’s of assholes. What sort of policies has the Deep State enacted in order to keep itself going? Overthrowing foreign governments, despite the  blowback for the country. Actions like overthrowing the Shah of Iran and our various operations in South America had far-reaching negative consequences. Importing hordes of third world immigrants to make the population easier to control and strengthen the government overall. Allowing the offshoring of our industry in order to enrich certain people in privileged positions. All these things have run directly counter to the best interest of the United States and its people, but they absolutely benefited the Deep State in terms of currency flow, implied power, and maintenance of the status quo in which the Deep State thrives. Hollywood (the Deep State’s propaganda branch) has churned out lots of movies depicting shadowy government types as being the protectors of the American Way, the thin red-tape line that keeps us from going over the edge of the cliff. In reality, our government is largely run by a members-only club of short-sighted, self-interested group-thinking jackasses of middling intellect. They are making shit up as they go, and they suck at it.

There is good news and bad news. The bad news is the damage they have wrought is real, and cannot be easily undone. It remains to be seen that it can be undone at all, at least by civil means. But the good news is that it is essentially a Ponzi scheme. As they continue to rob Peter to pay Paul and see how many plates they can keep spinning at once, they are really just delaying their own inevitable collapse, much like the Soviet Union. In fact, almost exactly like the Soviet Union. If you like our peoples odds in a no-holds-barred contest in which the government no longer has its boot on our neck, then you can take some comfort in the scenario that I have outlined.

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