Know When to Fight, Love and Marriage Edition

We lost the fight for family normalcy. If we keep backing down, our children are next.


Twenty years ago, the idea of gay marriage would have seemed ridiculous even to gay liberals. No one would have thought of pushing for it. Now, it is the law of the land. Likewise, the idea that people who like to dress up as the opposite sex actually are the opposite sex in their heads would never have been taken seriously by the most liberal of liberals twenty years ago. What happened?

What happened was we lost important battles in the culture wars without understanding how far-reaching their consequences were. If conservative sorts wanted to protect marriage from predation by gays, the time to fight was not in the past five years. The time the fight was in the sixties and seventies, when divorce rates were climbing and notions of the traditional family were being wrecked. Marriage used to be about a man and a woman coming together to start a family. Couples who intentionally did not have children were seen as oddities. Marriage was supposed to be sacred, even to people who were not overly religious.

Starting in the sixties, that changed. Marriage began to be viewed as easily divisible, and the stigma of being a single mother was removed. This was also around the same time that social welfare programs begin replacing men as the breadwinner in a household. Suddenly, marriage was optional when starting a family, and it was no longer about raising a family. You could do that without getting married. Hell, you could do that without even living with the child’s father. Marriage was redefined as a quest for personal fulfillment, and children as secondary. This was when gay marriage became possible. Marriage up to that point again something reserved for straight people because only straight people could biologically create a family.

Science played a role as well. The introduction of birth control and new technologies in conception like in vitro fertilization and surrogate parents made children easier to obtain, like a commodity, rather than the biological function of a family. The entire transgender movement was also made possible by this. Marriage was about sexual and personal satisfaction, and so why would we bar people for any sort of behavior that fell under that umbrella? Couple that with two generations raised on the nonsense ideas that everyone is a winner and anyone can be anything they want, and the result is that we are currently being force-fed this ridiculous fiction.

I think we must draw the line here. I think we must at all times deny that transgender people are living an acceptable lifestyle, and that their choice is valid. I believe they should be mocked and ridiculed at every opportunity, and no credence should be given to anything they claim. Science is not on their side, but politics is. I think we need to resist this tooth and nail, and that this is a hill on which we need to be willing to die.

Several of us have discussed before that the Left’s next step is normalizing pedophilia. Leading liberal journals that are widely read even by moderate libtards are already starting to push for this. I will not link to them because I do not want to give them traffic nor do I want to have searches for pedophilia in my browser history, but trust me, it’s happening. Slate and Salon are chief among them. Remember, if we do not fight them over this transgender bullshit, the next step is that they will try to make it perfectly acceptable for some liberal fuckwit daycare woman who is really a man in drag to molest our children. Should it come to that, there needs to be a blood.

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