A Coup is Afoot

Evidence exists that Obama is heading a coup attempt, and it must be met with force.


Let’s connect the dots:

  • Obama issued a new rule that made it much, much easier for the NSA to share information with the rest of the government. He did this in the waning days of his administration, meaning he never thought it was a good idea previously. It was meant to affect intelligence sharing going forward.
  • Obama arranged for one of the two meetings between Jeff Sessions and the Russian ambassador. The other “meeting” was an impromptu conversation at which Sessions was a speaker.
  • Obama tried multiple times to get warrants to tap Trump Tower right before the election. Eventually, it was granted by a FISA court, though they initially rejected the application. For a FISA court to reject a warrant request that was already rejected by the FBI, the evidence has to be virtually nonexistent.
  • Obama, just before leaving office, changed the order of succession in the Department of Justice in the event that the Attorney General recused himself from an investigation. Dana Boente was supposed to be next, but Obama changed this a week before he was booted out of government housing to make a far more liberal partisan the acting AG.
  • It was widely known before the election that Jeff Session was going to be Trump’s AG nominee.
  • Julian Assange has said repeatedly that the source of the DNC leaks was an insider, not the Russians. A non-government affiliated Russian source did apparently try to hack both the DNC and RNC, and was successful in the former. However, given the choice between Assange, a guy who’s entire career is based on exposing truth, and the CIA, whose entire raison d’etre is to lie, it is likely that the source was an in fact a DNC insider. Maybe this guy.
  • The CIA has provided exactly zero evidence that the Russian government hacked the DNC. None.
  • Obama has moved into a massive mansion less than two miles from the White House, and his consigliere Valerie Jarrett has apparently moved in with the family. This is highly unusual for a retired president, to say the least.
  • Obama has openly stated that his “grassroots” organization is linked to George Soros, and is openly trying to thwart President Trump.

To what does this all point? Obama is attempting a coup d’etat with the help of George Soros, and the Deep State along with many Republicans (McCain, Graham, Sasse, etc.) are helping out. Make no mistake, this is definitely an attempted coup.

What should Trump do? Go on offense, for starters. He should begin firing Obama appointees left and right, and brush off their complaints like so many flies buzzing. Next, he should obtain through court order Obama’s college transcripts, using the same FISA courts to get a secret warrant, assuming he can find a judge there who isn’t playing for the opposition. I believe those transcripts will demonstrate that Obama is not a U.S. citizen. At that point, Obama can be tried for treason. I think we all know what the penalty for treason is. Thirdly, Jeff Sessions should start digging up dirt on every single Dem insider and hit them with criminal charges. Pizzagate is a good place to start. The Left will never survive the negative press. Between that, and his investigation of voter fraud, the Left will have no  hope of winning in 2020, and probably for some time after that.

Be ready. These people are not going down easily. Sun Tzu always advised to leave an enemy a line of retreat, because a cornered enemy fights much harder than one who can run. This is an endgame strike, all or nothing. The enemy will fight tooth and nail. Again I say, be ready.

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