Obama’s Wiretapping: Trump Must Act

Defense is a losing strategy. Time to go on the attack.


President Trump (I never get tired of saying that) accused failed former president Barack Obama of tapping his phone lines in Trump Tower in October of 2016. Of course, Obambi has denied this, as is to be expected. The denial from his people, though, is really a non-denial, as Breitbart points out. The denial basically said that Obama never ordered such a move, not that it didn’t happen. This Clintonian wordplay means that investigation will probably show that the DOJ did, in fact, tap Trump’s phones.

Actually,  it appears that information is already out. A FISA court apparently rejected an application from the FBI initially, but apparently it was granted on the second try. Allegedly, a warrant would only have been issued if there was evidence that Trump had unsavory ties with the Russians, but the likelihood of there being real evidence is slim to none.

If there had been enough evidence for a warrant, given the level of leaking going on right now, you can bet that Democrat loyalists would have leaked it, maybe a week before the election, to screw Trump. That did not happen. If the warrant were executed and Trump’s phones were tapped, then they must not have gotten anything worthwhile, as they said nothing before the election, and again, you can be sure that it would have been leaked. The fact that nothing came of this proves it is bullshit. As it happens, the opposition media are complete fucking liars, so I do not take seriously any of their allegations. I especially do not care if a FISA court said there was evidence, as these courts exist solely to rubber stamp government bullshit that would never survive in the light of day. If liberals don’t believe me, here are some of their fellow liberals hating on it back in the day.

Obama needs to be investigated. Leakers and Dem loyalists must be fired, investigated, and charged. This is all distraction to help Obama cover his tracks and help the Uniparty avoid having their power centers investigated and destroyed. They will keep trying to pick off Trump’s men until they get their own stooges into positions of power in the administration. Trump needs to stand tall and crush this shit, once and for all. Obama, Holder, Lynch, Clinton, Rhodes, and the rest of the lot need to suffer the fate that is set aside for traitors.

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