Mind, Body, Genetics, and Why They Matter

By rejecting the Left’s unscientific model of life, we can destroy the basis for their entire platform.


Something I have noticed over the years is that how our society, and liberals in particular, really seem to put an emphasis on the separation between mind and body. If you think about it, we’re pretty much brought up to believe this. From day one, we’re taught about the heart versus the body. It’s built into our idioms, and is reinforced in our churches. Scientists speculate that they can “live forever” by storing their brain waves on a computer. But all this is complete nonsense.

I think most conservatives, except for maybe the really religious ones, understand this on a gut level. This is especially true of people who are in risk-taking service professions, like first responders or the military. The mind and the body are not two separate things. They are part of a whole. The mind receives input from the body. The things we detect with our senses go directly to our mind, which processes the stimuli and comes up with responses. We don’t have plans or dreams or desires without sensory input. It is not possible to separate the mind from the body and expect either to work any more than you could separate the engine and transmission from your car and expect the car to run. Our thoughts, our memories, our desires, our feelings, are all the result of real physical matter in the form of neurons, electrical impulses, hormones, and chemicals.

Liberals often bring this up in an attempt to undermine the importance of these things. They are quick to say that things like love or friendship are nothing more than things going on the brain, chemical impulses or energy waves. They say this in an attempt to undermine our ideas, especially religion. This to me seems like a ridiculous argument. They are basically saying that these things are not real because they are physically exist! Think about it for a second. If your memories, your feelings, your emotions, and your plans are in your head, that means that they physically exists in some capacity. Neural connections create those things. This equates to the mind and body being one complete system, working together to make you who you are.

When we think about things in this fashion, the world makes a lot more sense. If we believe that our genes actually matter in terms of making us who we are, a key concept that separates us from the Left, it is not possible to believe that the mind is somehow separate from the rest of you. Since I think most people of our mentality believe this, it is important to understand that we are whole beings, not parts that can be separated.

Why does this matter? Because a lot of the Left’s idiotic nonsense is based on this false premise, so rejecting it and proving it false undermines their entire world concept. The Left’s entire social program, whether they realize it or not, relies on genetics having little to no role in determining personality and the performance and preferences of individuals and groups. That is why the Left comes down hard on scientists who ask the hard questions about genetics and behavior. Science will vindicate us, but we have to create breathing room for scientists by acting based on science and pushing the truth in the faces of leftoid imbeciles who claim to love science so much they want to fuck it.

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