The Republican Party Needs to Face Facts

It is the White Party now, whether guys like McConnell and Ryan like it or not.


Establishment Republicans are pouring Gatorade on themselves about their apparent lock on the white working class. They really are the most clueless bunch of assholes ever to run a political party. The GOP does NOT have a lock on the white working class. Donald Trump does. As of right now, when Trump is done, so is the lock. The GOP, if it wants to maintain the advantage and keep pulling off the Sailer Strategy, it needs to adjust its policies accordingly.

We may hate to admit it, but there is a fair amount of graft, dependency, and degeneracy among a lot of our people. Heroin addiction is on the rise, as are out-of-wedlock births. Marriage rates for our people are down. Lots of our women get knocked up and get on welfare. I don’t mean in interracial ghetto communities. I mean in Appalachia and Upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Most of our people want jobs instead of welfare, and would like stable families, but they are going to be reluctant to vote for anyone who says they are taking away welfare and slashing Social Security. A lot of our people do not have a family safety net, so those programs are all they have.

My gut instinct is that welfare is bad and that it is a drain on productive people. I am willing to recognize that overall policy for the last fifty years, from both parties, has been one of screwing over working people to the point where they are forced into dependency. It’s a lot like how we beat the Indians not through wars, but through profit-minded overhunting of the buffalo. When the buffalo were nearly gone, so to was the Plains Indians’ ability to survive. Offshoring and affirmative action have had the same effect on our people. As a result, many of our people are loathe to give up the government handouts that make life bearable until they have job security.

Donald Trump gets this. He reassured voters over and over that he would not touch Medicare, that he would not let anyone die in the street. This, coupled with his America First/jobs policy, is what gave him such an edge with the working class. If he had not promised this, his turnout would not have been nearly as high, I guarantee it.

The Republican Party leadership does not realize it yet, but it has become the White Party. Over ninety percent of its voters are white, and it needs to have policies that look after the entire spectrum of white voters that keep it viable. That means less corporate welfare and more social spending. We may not like it, and they certainly do not, but that is the only way it is going to keep a lock on the whole of white voters.

Then again, if the Republicans had always had the outlook that they had to do what was best for all of its white voters, the country might not have gotten to the position in which we currently find it. Do not expect the current leadership to understand this, much less swallow it. That is why we must drain the swamp. We can start with treasonous bastard John Fuckstain McCain.

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