What the Hell Goes on in South Africa?

Whatever it is, it won’t be good, and it will be inefficient and embarrassing.


What is brewing in South Africa? Aside from the usual murder, rape, graft, HIV infections, and general degeneracy, that is? Their supreme court just prevented them from withdrawing from the International Criminal Court. I don’t really care how democracy works or does not work in South Africa, but I do care about why they want out of it.

I know why I want our country out of it, and it’s because for America to do what it needs to do for the sake of America, not-so-nice actions are required. But what about South Africa? What do they need out of it to accomplish?

Based on recent events, and the events of the last several years, I would guess to commit genocide against white South Africans and immigrant tribes. But mostly the former. By the way, Genocide Watch, far from being a conservative organization, is a nonpartisan outfit started by a guy who worked in Bill Clinton’s administration.

South Africa’s political parties, including Mandela’s ANC, are staffed by black radicals, and are all highly corrupt. Corrupt on a level that would make our politicians blush. The idea that they are clearing the way for white genocide, through violence or through continued state-sponsored theft, is not in the least bit crazy.

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