If a Cold War Goes Hot

As of now, we are at a disadvantage


I believe we are in a war, but that it is currently a cold war. The thing about a cold war is that it always has the possibility of becoming a hot war. So what would a hot war between hesperians and libtards look like?

It would not look like the Civil War. The likelihood of whole states breaking away and forming a new country is extremely low. Neither side wants to give up claim to the United States and its legitimacy, and most states are very mixed in their political identity. Even states like Texas, which Republicans tend to win overwhelmingly, has a substantial number of liberals in it. California, which Democrats always win handily, still has a not insignificant number of conservatives. New England, New York, California, Washington and Oregon are really the only states that have a plurality of liberals. And if you look at Washington and Oregon, there are substantial red counties in both. So do not expect there to be secession and formation of new countries.

Instead, expect something more like our Revolution, meaning 4th generation Warfare. This means that the state will be fighting against non-state actors. Activist groups, militias, and terrorist cells will be the combatants. The war would be fought on a thousand fronts. Additionally, a lot of the fighting would take place in cyberspace. Not the blogging and meming that we have been doing these last several years, but hacking, doxing, and pressure on various online companies to take a side, more so then we see now. Many people will be doxed, which is the exposing of one’s private information in order to make one a target. You can expect that many people, mainly on our side, will have their families attacked and their homes vandalized or outright destroyed by the opposition. Our side would be loath to adopt such tactics, because it goes against our nature, but eventually we would have to.

On which side the state actors fight could be particularly messy, and it would depend on when hostilities begin. If the Deep State manages a coup against Donald Trump, you can expect substantial but not majority portions of the military to side with us. The left likes to think the military will do whatever the government tells them, we like to think that the military is automatically with us, but the reality is more complicated. There are a lot of guys, particularly in the reserves, who are conservative, constitutionalist, America First patriots. They would side with us. There are many officers and high-ranking noncommissioned officers who know which side of the bread is buttered and would side with the establishment. But there are many more people in the military who see it merely as a job, or an excuse to go shoot people, and those guys would most likely side with the Deep State. If however there is an attempted coup that fails, you can expect to see the majority of the military side with us, and in reality, with President Trump.

Libtards like to point out that we lack tanks, missiles, and bombers. True enough. But those are largely ineffective in 4th Generation Warfare. The state cannot use these against us without damaging civilians and its own supporters. Though we have largely sorted ourselves geographically, neighborhood by neighborhood, the collateral damage of mass destruction is probably enough to stay their high explosive hand, or at least discredit those pushing for such measures.

In terms of policy, the libtards have an advantage in the sense that they know what their policy is. They want total cultural domination. They want no one to voice any dissent, nothing that does not coincide with the Church of Liberalism. They want dominion over every aspect of everyone’s life, forever. As Mussolini said, everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. But what is our policy? What is it exactly that we want? It is not enough to say that we want an end to progressivism. It’s not enough to say that we do not want political correctness. It’s not enough to say that we want America to go back to what it was, because going back in time is not a possibility. Our policy can’t simply be that we want to stop them. We have to have something that will allow us to push back. The side without a clear policy is the losing side. Look at our experience in Vietnam to see what I mean. John Adams, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson understood this. Hence, the Declaration Committee and the Declaration of Independence.

Strategically the left has been running its playbook for quite some time. Our playbook is mainly designed to work within the system, not outside it. We want to maintain the Republic and the Constitution, so we use the framework provided by them. The left is perfectly willing, as has been demonstrated, to go outside this system whenever it suits them. They use the courts and the electoral process when it is convenient, but they are happy to use other methods. Their strategy is to co-opt all forms of media, education, and eventually production, so that we are left without a way to organize, without supplies, and with low morale. To a large degree, they have been highly successful. Many of our purchases financially support their movement. This is something we will have to stop. Our strategy has to be to divorce ourselves from all their social media, entertainment media, and tangible products. We will need alternate means of communication, education, and the day-to-day products on which we rely. This is a tremendous problem, one that we will have a hard time overcoming. The only thing we have going for us is that our side tends to be much more productive and skilled, and they need our money and our attention more than we need their talents, which are largely lacking.

Operationally and tactically, it would be wise to study the left’s playbook and adapt its techniques. Most of them would work for us. That is not something to be put in writing for the world to see, however.

To summarize: if what we are seeing now boils over to an actual fighting civil war, expect it to be more like the American Revolution than the Civil War. Instead of clearly defined territories, you’ll have fighting between family and neighbors all over the country. There will be outbreaks of guerrilla warfare, vandalism, and a great deal of personal tragedy. But if we have any hope to win such a conflict if, God forbid it happens, we have to have clearly defined policies and strategies that will allow us to determine what constitutes victory and how to achieve it. Otherwise, we are dead in the water.

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