Town Hall Tactics

Take back from the Left a technique started on the Right


The Left got hold of a Tea Party memo for how to handle town hall meetings, and used it to great effect against Senator Grassley of Iowa.

I know they got a Tea Party memo, because I read it on one of their websites and downloaded it from them. They are using it because it was effective. It’s effective because our side designed it. Our side needs to use it. I would encourage everyone to attend the town hall meetings of your elected Congress critters and make your voice heard. Moreover, maybe you can drown out the voices of the opposition. Do NOT go alone. Take several friends with you and spread out. Rehearse questions ahead of time; ask about hot button issues and piggyback off of each other. Designate someone to scout the room and look for obvious liberals. If necessary, disrupt their questions. Have one-liners ready to interject when they speak to get the crowd on your side. Mockery is one of the best forms of intimidation.

It might sound hokey or old-fashioned, but real life interactions do affect how members of Congress think and behave. It is important that we have a presence and that we let them know that if they support Trump, we back them, and if they don’t, we exist.

It’s difficult to fit it into the schedule, especially if you have a family. The huge advantage they have is that liberals often do not work and often do not have children, freeing them up for spur of the moment action. Town halls can be schedule with little notice, which makes it harder. Nonetheless, we need to make the effort.

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