Three Cheers for Project Veritas

Can you smell what O’Keefe is cooking?


The irreplaceable James O’Keefe has another operation about to bear fruit, and it may be his biggest yet. He is about to sting a major news network. The speculation by Sean Hannity and the guys at ZeroHedge is that it is CNN. If so, it couldn’t happen to a nicer network.

If you are not familiar with O’Keefe and his Project Veritas,  it’s a fantastic organization that specializes in undercover sting operations of left wing organizations. Past victims of O’Keefe’s ire include Planned Parenthood, ACORN and former Senator Mary Landrieu. Liberal sites like Snopes (completely untrustworthy and staffed by wackaloons and perverts) and the Huffington Post (ditto) have pointed out that Veritas edits its videos to smear organizations, and that ACORN was not found guilty of any legal wrongdoing after Veritas’ sting operation. That might be true, but it does not mean that what they were doing was morally right, and he did succeed in embarrassing them, which is the point.

Does anyone else find amusement in the liberal media complaining that selective editing was used to smear someone? Just asking.

Veritas does not have to get anyone busted legally. They are hugely successful in planting the seed of doubt, an invaluable service. Even if the organizations and individuals they target are not found to be acting illegally, they provide enough damning footage, from the mouths of the lefties themselves, to make casual observers doubt the honesty and integrity of their organizations. Did anyone get arrested for their voter fraud stings? No, though one leftwing asshole got fired. He did provide enough reason for we the public to believe (or confirm our beliefs) that the Democrats engage in massive voter fraud. Coupled with the recent study from Old Dominion on illegal aliens registering to vote, it is no surprise that President Trump (I love saying that) is going to launch a full-scale investigation of voter fraud.

The revelations from the raw footage O’Keefe is going to release should be highly entertaining, to say the least. One more nail in the opposition media’s coffin.

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