Undermining The Left

By weakening the reputation of the Left’s institutions, we can take away some of their best weapons.


One of the things at which the left has been extremely successful over the last five decades is undermining our society’s institutions. Just twenty years ago, the idea of gay marriage would have seemed ridiculous even to gay people. However a steady march through the institution of marriage, with easy divorce laws, the normalization of frequent premarital sex, the idea that marriage was more about personal fulfillment and less about creating stable families, and singlehood as a viable choice made the idea of gay marriage possible. By redefining marriage’s purpose and using the law to rob it of its sacred nature, society was weakened and the institution has lost the status it once enjoyed as a pillar of Western society.

Likewise, they have completely ruined our educational system by infiltrating it and undermining many of its key concepts. Once a source of legitimate education and patriotic inculcation, it is now a left-wing brainwashing system.

As I have often pointed out, never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. The left is doing so right now, in many ways. One of the biggest is that it is clearly tipping its hand in exposing the motivations of the Deep State. The Deep State wholly runs the CIA and NSA, and has a large following within the FBI at the senior ranks. However, the constant leaks to the media and the media’s blatant collusion with the Deep State have undermined the integrity of both. They planned on these leaks undermining the Trump Administration, but they have shown that the people who are supposed to be keeping America safe are actually not very good at keeping secrets or aiding the president in his work. The media, meanwhile, shows to any objective observer that they are in on it and are willing to help undermine national security for political interests. In other words, they are undermining their own institutions. This is great news for us.

However, you cannot expect to win a war solely by your enemy making mistakes. Therefore, we need to undermine their institutions as well. The tools are being provided for us. We just need to use them. For example, recent studies have shown that only about a third of psychological experiments can be replicated. Therefore, their status as science is deeply compromised. There are examples of social scientist, like this guy from the Netherlands, completely fabricating data. Not fudging, not altering, but completely fabricating entire experiments. The funny thing was, he almost got away with it, and was cited both by other “scientists” and by the liberal media. This underscores the weakness of most social science research.

We need to hammer these points home. We need to point out that actual science is the only science. By pointing out the uselessness of social science, we can undermine any attempts by the left to use it. Likewise, we need to undermine people’s trust and other systems that the left dominates. They continuously insist that there is no such thing as voter fraud, but recent studies show that it happens a lot and the possibility that many illegal aliens are registered to vote.

Push these studies, and write, fax, call, or email your Congress Critters and tell them that you want an investigation. President Trump is already calling for one, and undoubtedly attorney general Jeff Sessions will pursue it. If we make enough noise, we can expose the corruption within the system that is to our disadvantage. Once we do this, we will be able to put the Democrats on their heels. Trump has already shown us that this tactic works. He has hit them with so many things at once that they cannot concentrate their firepower anywhere. An enemy who is defending everywhere is weak everywhere. This is just one phase in defeating a left, undermining their institutions and their reliability. We will, soon, need to use direct action against their established positions. More on that later. For now, familiarize yourself with these talking points and have these links ready to go in case anyone should question you about your position. It is important for us to make people on the fence more amenable to our side, and also to instill doubt in the enemy. When the enemy sees that his conventional weapons are becoming useless, and that the strategies behind them are not sound, he will start to doubt his own efficacy. The old adage is that wars are won or lost in the mind before a single shot is fired. Therefore, we need to win the mental battle.

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