Something’s Rotten in the State of Sweden

Trump kicks the media’s ass again, and the public gets a long-awaited dose of truth.


President Trump, intentionally or not, made a brilliant move against the media the other day at his rally in Melbourne, Florida. He mentioned in passing the goings-on in Sweden, in reference to our need to protect our country and not emulate the land of shitty furniture. The media was clueless about his reference, and laughed at it.

USAToday is already trying to smear the Golden Don, but their attempt is an obvious lie to anyone paying attention. They reference the problem, and try to deny it. Doing a cursory search about immigrant crime in Sweden will quickly reveal exactly what the president was talking about. Sweden’s government has deliberately lied to its people and the world about the rash of murder and rape going on in their pussy-ass country. They have punished cops for talking about it. But it is real, and it is absolutely disgusting. There is no longer any denying it. Cat’s out of the bag, bitches.

This was tactically brilliant. Either the media has to admit it is clueless (which it initially did by accident), or they have to claim that Trump is wrong, and all is well in Sweden. Either way, the media look like the clueless buttfucking hacks that they are. They may go Ghostbusters and choose the form of their destructor, incompetence or dishonesty.

Nope, still not tired of all the winning.

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