Some Thoughts on Milo

Respect effective strategy and keep moving.


In breaking news, Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned as tech editor for Breitbart. This brings to mind two distinct and related strands of thought. The first is the nefarious reach of the mainstream media and Deep State alliance. The second deals with tactics and ethics in the struggle in which we find ourselves.

Regarding the first point, to some degree Milo set himself up. However, I don’t think he realized he was doing so. Milo is a very glib individual who holds nothing back about himself. It was relatively easy for the powers-that-be to round up and incriminating speech from his own lips. However, what he said should not have been a career-ending statement. However, the media knows all too well how to use mob mentality and a two-minute hate feeding frenzy to ruin someone permanently. They managed to successfully paint Milo with the pedophile paintbrush, even though it is not something he deserves. Milo admitted to being molested by a priest at the age of fourteen, and did not turn the priest in. The media has tarred and feathered him as a pedophile himself. Milo’s journalism has gotten three child molesters busted, and he himself has openly condemned pedophilia. It does not matter. The media is making it stick. One wonders if they would make the same accusations against all the other men who were molested as children but were too scared to come forward. Actually, if they were white men, I’m sure they would.

If you watch his video statement from yesterday, it is obvious Milo understood the gravity of the situation and exactly in how much of a stranglehold the media and Deep State Alliance had him. Notice to that this happened on the heels of his highly successful appearance on Bill Maher’s show. This was not a fly-by-night operation. The media have been planning to pounce on Milo for months. They wanted to wait until he was at the zenith of his notoriety and then slipped the noose around his neck. You can bet that a media cabal had been plotting this for months and that various news stories and editorials were ready to go well in advance. The idea was to let us feel like we were doing well by riding on Milo’s coattails, and then shiv Milo, effectively putting our entire side on the defensive.

There are definite lessons to be learned here. Among them, anyone from our side who enjoys any sort of legitimate media success and who poses a realistic threat to the status quo needs to understand that the media and deep State have long since conspired to bring them down. They attempted the same thing with the Trump tape of him talking about grabbing pussy. In Trump’s case, he had too much momentum and too much mainstream influence to be stopped. Milo however had no such mainstream appeal. He was a flamboyant gay man, hardly winning the hearts and minds of mainstream Americans. As far as that goes, Milo was always vulnerable. His strength was among the young, particularly millenials. The problem with that demographic is that it is very fickle and is willing to drop anyone with the least bit of taint to their name. That left Milo nowhere to go, hence his resignation.

This was a perfectly prepared trap, and we have to respect the quality of the tactic. Another thing we need to learn relates to the second point I wish to raise, which is tactics. Following the postings on Gab, there is heated debate over whether or not to support Milo or drop him like a hot rock. Many people are saying that he got what he deserved, many others, like myself, are saying that he needs to be defended. I say defend him firstly because I do not believe that Milo is a pedophile. If I thought he was, I wouldn’t be defending him. As it is one of the worst sins against man and God one can possibly commit, falsely accusing someone of it constitutes fighting words in my book. Secondly, I feel like he is a valuable asset that we don’t want to lose.

But there is a case for the other side, and it is a strong one. Milo has, through his own lack of verbal discipline, tied himself to pedophilia. Because of this, defending him risks impugning the entire movement. It’s a lot of social capital to risk on a guy who is constantly denying that he is actually part of the Alt Right [Hesperian movement]and who disavows the more radical elements thereof. It may be necessary to just consider Milo a casualty of war and keep going. In this sense I cannot necessarily blame Breitbart for letting him resign. It is an unfortunate loss, and certainly not the last one we will suffer in the terms of the public debate.

The left has been putting Milo up as an Alt Right figurehead for months now. Milo has constantly denied this, and has laughed about the fact that he is in no way fit to be considered the head of the Alt Right. The desire to do so, we see now, was not a lack of understanding on their part but was rather an attempt to smear the entire movement by setting him up for this pedophile rap. The left may have been able to put our entire movement on defense for the time being. The trick here will be to throw the accusations of pedophilia back into their court, where they belong. To do that, we will need to put pressure on them regarding Pizzagate and the various elected officials who have ties to pedophiles. One of the most effective things to shut them down is to ask why Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were both at Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island. These are not debatable things, these are facts. Also, you can always taunt the media by asking them if they’re able to catch pedophiles they don’t talk about it online. After all, they weren’t able to catch Denny Hastert after years of molesting kids.

The Left has taken a legitimate grievance from our side and used it to smear and demolish one of our own. We need to return the favor. If you know something, say something. Keep the pressure on regarding Pizzagate.

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