PizzaGate is Real

The Swamp Runs Deep.


If you so much as say the word “Pizzagate” to liberals, they will automatically roll their heads and loudly denounce you as a tinfoil hat-wearing nutcase. “What, do you think we faked the moon landing too?” is a common retort. There is a quote I love, which I think comes from Nietzsche: the true test of one’s character is how much truth one can stand. Most people have a lot invested in believing that it is not possible. Not only do they often have strong loyalties to their party or particular politicians, but they also have a lot invested in believing that the people in charge at basically good people. It is not possible to molest children and be a good person otherwise. It’s an unforgivable evil. Even Jesus said so.

Speaking of Jesus, let me give you an example. Someone dear to me is a devout Catholic. When stories about molestation by priests began breaking in the 80s and 90s, she refused to believe them. She said it was people trying to cash in because the Church had money, or lapsed Catholics taking revenge on the Church. Even when a seminarian at our parish was caught, formally charged, and convicted, she refused to believe it was a widespread problem. It was not until Church documents were discovered that revealed that not only did it happen, but that at the highest levels a cover-up had taken place, that she believed. She nearly left the Church over it, she was do disgusted. But it took irrefutable proof to open her eyes. She had a lot invested in believing that all priests were trustworthy.

Which leads me to another point. The Church was caught in a massive pedophilia scandal. So was the British government.  Just recently, a massive pedophile ring was uncovered in Norway. It involved politicians, lawyers, teachers, and other high-standing individuals. It apparently included women who chose and primed targets for the men. One scumbag bragged online to other members that he could not wait for his girlfriend to have their baby so he could molest it. Yesterday, I said we often don’t have words to express what we mean. This situation is a prime example; there is no word to describe how horrific and malevolent this is.

I also recently posted a list of human trafficking and pedophilia busts here in the U.S. Vox Day has two great recent posts on PizzaGate, here and here, worth reading. It is only a matter of time before the noose clinches on these deranged abominations and they are dragged into the sunlight. The consequences will be both great and terrifying. Most importantly, evil people will be prevented from doing any further harm. Secondly, the D.C. Establishment will have lost all credibility, and the swamp will truly be drained. But that leads the third, and terrible part, which is that they know it is coming and are going to fight tooth and nail to preserve their power and their twisted way of life. This is not going to be pretty, but it’s going to be worth it.

For important background reading on PizzaGate, read this piece from the Unz Report.

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