A People Need a Name

Alt-Right is not a term around which our legions can rally, so I propose a new one.

One thing I have noticed is that many things do not have a proper name. We’ve all probably heard the George Carlin joke that we have four different names for fried batter (pancakes, hot cakes, griddle cakes, flapjacks) but only one word for love. Sometimes we just don’t have the words for what we’re trying to say. The alt right is no exception.
We have lots of names for enemies. We can call them libtards, lefties, liberals, social justice warriors (SJWs), and a litany of other descriptive soul-shivving monikers. But what about us? The term conservative does not really work. It is too closely associated with the absolutely failed conservative movement that started in the sixties and failed to conserve much of anything. We are not Libertarians, even if we often agree with some of their positions on individual freedom. Nationalist does not quite sum up where we stand either. Our growing coalition runs a broad spectrum, too. It includes traditional conservatives who are waking up to the reality of the situation, young people on the right who have grown up with Alt -Right beliefs, former liberals who are sick of leftist nonsense, the Alt -Lite, the Alt-White, right-libertarians, and so on. So I propose a new term: Hesperian.
This comes from the Greek word hesperos, meaning west. We are inherently pro-Western. At various times in the history of our people, we’ve been ruled by monarchies, constitutional monarchies, parliamentary democracies, republics, dictatorships, aristocracies, and oligarchies. Through all of that though we have been the men and women of the West. Our identity as Westerners has not changed. Despite repeated attempts throughout history by swarthy foreign hordes, we have resisted conquest. Despite adapting ideas and technology from elsewhere, we have not adopted foreign cultures. From North America to Europe to the lands Down Under, we have a common Western heritage that is unique to our people. This term reflects our shared Western heritage and broadly defines the movement occurring on both sides of the Atlantic. Correspondingly, we can refer to our enemies as hesperaphobic (coined by political scientist Robert Conquest) because they truly fear all that the West was, is, and can be.
If you like it, use it. Also, check out the Alt – Right (Or should I say, Hesperian) battle flag I have proposed here.

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