The Deep State is Hard at Work

Trump needs to strike back, and hard.


The prospective Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder, has resigned from consideration. Flynn is out. The FBI released information about a discrimination lawsuit brought against Trump…in 1975. He settled with no admission of wrongdoing, but that’s not the point. The point is that the Deep State and their allies in the Democrat Party and the media (but I repeat myself) have struck hard. Now it is up to Trump to counterpunch.

Who is directing traffic here? I am quite certain it is Obama, working as shadow president, which I have said previously. Rush Limbaugh seems to agree with me. If Obama is doing so, he is committing treason. The penalty for treason is death. While it is almost certain that it is Obama, one would have to find irrefutable proof of it to take legal action. The Dems learned their lesson about email trails the hard way, but I believe they did learn it. Good luck pinning it on him. But a man can dream, can he not?

What should Trump do? What can he do? The situation is grim. The media is trying to delegitimize him and throw dirt at everyone connected to him; retailers have already dropped his and Ivanka’s products; the Deep State intelligence community (IC) is tapping his phone conversations and withholding intelligence from him. He has few true allies in Congress, and lots of RINOs who would love to bury a knife in his back. He has to take action.

First, start firing people. No notice. They find out when they show up for work and their ID’s don’t get them into the building anymore. Clean house. There are tons of people who can do the jobs they do.

Simultaneously, build task forces of loyalists from the existing ranks and raid Langley. Raid Fort Meade. Get everything they have before they can ditch it.

Thirdly, start prosecuting people. Charge them with treason for withholding information and hold them in Guantanamo. They have sinned against this country by forsaking their oath to protect it. For that, they must suffer.

Fourth, nuke the filibuster and shove through the rest of his cabinet. Honestly, it’s good Puzder withdrew. If he doesn’t have the balls for the job, he needs to go.

Fifth, make someone loyal to Trump National Security Advisor. Harward is not trustworthy.

Sixth, start cracking down on these protests. If these douchebags want to riot, let them see how we really feel about it. Ever hear of the Toledo Riots? Me neither. Why? Because balls, that’s why.

Seventh, have attorney general Sessions investigate members of Congress for collusion with Deep State saboteurs. Charge them, convict them, and pump them full of cyanide.

Trump does not really have any other options. We have passed the point of no return, though most people will not acknowledge it yet. What is being done right now is an attempted coup. The difference between this one and past coups is that this one is out in the open. Be ready. It’s not going to be confined to Washington.

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