We’re Under Direct Attack

Flynn was a hit job; get ready for more.


I was wrong, and I apologize for ever taking the actions of the government as truth. Mike Flynn never should have resigned. The libtards took their first scalp (no offense to Chief Elizabeth Warren, of course), and no they will be eager for more.

To be fair to myself, I was unaware that information had been leaked to the press regarding Flynn’s conversations with the Russian diplomat. From what I can gather, it seems that Flynn was trying to coordinate with the Russians against our common enemy, Islam. The CIA (who according to this great article from Michael Walsh) had a very close relationship with the KGB during the Cold War, and was apparently pretty pissed off when Reagan made efforts to bring down the Evil Empire. They similarly do not like the fact that Trump and his team plan to actually take on Islamic terrorism, and more importantly that they plan to drain the swamp.

Walsh offers Trump some sound advice. Trump and his team knew that they were going to be up against fearful odds, but I don’t know if they realized that it was going to be an outright Cold War with the Deep State. In all seriousness, he isn’t going to be able to drain the swamp by hewing to the law. This is going to require force of will, chicanery, and almost certainly a little wet work.

What can we do to support this? Several things. First, start talking. Talk to people on the fence and persuade them of what’s going on, and let those who oppose us know that we are wise to their bullshit and are not going to compromise. Remember that we are not looking to compromise, we’re looking to completely crush the Left into dust.

Secondly, get ready for war. Hit a punching bag, lift some weights, go to the range. Be ready. The Left is getting ready, we have to be ready.

Thirdly, don’t back down. Not from a fight, not from an argument, not from intimidation. Always be on offense. That goes for coworkers, neighbors, family, whatever. This is going to be a civil war, and like all civil wars, it will pit family against family. Don’t lose your nerve.

I believe Trump will go the distance. I have faith that he is in this for the long haul, that he’ll go to the mat for this country. I believe he has the talent and the steel to do it, or at least get it properly started. But I know it won’t happen if we keep waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting. Now altogether…

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