Going Balls Deep in the Deep State

This is the Cold part of our civil war.


Trump is going to have to go balls deep into this if he is going to bring down the Deep State. If you don’t know what the Deep State is, Breitbart provides some handy background reading here, here, and here. The Deep State refers to career bureaucrats and their affiliated allies who direct the government, often at odds with the orders of the president, the motions of Congress, the Constitution, and the will of the people. The CIA is at the core of this, but people in the FBI, IRS, and EPA are also near the top of the list.

The CIA, in my opinion, is an organization created specifically to give dictatorial power to the old money East Coast elites. It was largely formed by members of the Skull and Bones at Yale, and operates in near-total secrecy. I am quite certain that most heads of the CIA are never fully aware of everything the agency is up to. There are almost certainly operatives that go unrecorded and money that is funneled to operations which are not officially sanctioned by the president. I genuinely believe they killed Kennedy, in large part because he was Catholic. Before anyone says I’m being a conspiracy nut, remember that Bobby and Jacqueline Kennedy thought so, too.

These people are leaking classified intel, and some members of the EPA are using encrypted texting programs to coordinate defiance of President Trump. The press is completely on board with this and will act as mouthpiece and shield for these treasonous fucks. The rot goes deep.

We as the public have few avenues of resistance here. Remember to never, ever trust the opposition media (it’s not mainstream anymore, so I won’t give them the honor of that moniker). If you have access to counter information or any way to smear these people, fork it over. Lastly, whatever happens, side with Trump, and never let the enemy instill doubt. This is going to be, to paraphrase Thomas Paine, a time that tries men’s souls.

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