No Guts, No Glory

Danger and Opportunity in Electing Donald Trump


I owe full disclosure regarding our glorious Commander in Chief.

When Donald J. Trump first threw his hat into the ring, I was highly skeptical. I thought of him as the guy who ruined the USFL and had a bunch of bankruptcies, not a serious candidate. Then he went on TV and said that Mexico sends rapists, murderers, and drug dealers across our border and something had to be done about it.

From that moment on, I never even considered another candidate.

They say that to find a candidate you agree with all of the time, you have to run for office yourself. I have never had a candidate I agreed with so much in my life, including those from before I was born. Not even Ronald Reagan. The Donald wants to end illegal immigration, make foreign countries fund our government through tariffs, ignore climate change bullshit in favor of clean air and water, make the Europussies pay their fair share of protection money, knock the nuts off of ISIS, and stop nation building abroad and do it here. On top of that, he says everything our side has always wanted someone to say to the Left. He identifies problems and takes action. He is already the greatest president of my lifetime. Sorry, Reagan, it’s not you, it’s me.

But there are downsides.

Trump has no real loyalty to the Republican Party. By and large that is a good thing. He is more concerned with advancing his plans for the country than serving their corporate taskmasters.  He has made McConnell, Ryan, and many others look like the mewling cunts they are, but eventually he will decapitate someone that we respect and rely upon. If and when that happens, it could cause real damage to the Republican Party’s actual conservatives, who have to advocate for us after Trump’s presidency ends.

Trump has made tremendous advances for the American cause and will make many more before his time is through. Honestly though, much of that is because he is who he is. I can’t imagine anyone else accomplishing what he has done. When he leaves office, the Democrats will be hungry for revenge, and in the face of weakness, will roll back much of what he accomplishes. That in a way will be even worse than not having done it at all, because it will demoralize a great many on our side.

There is a real possibility that his courage and pugnacity will rub off on other Republicans and will create a new corps of happy warriors who actually fight for America and Americans. There is a real possibility that I’m reading Trump wrong and that he will not do what Obama did, which is decimate his party. Regardless, Trump is well worth the risk. You do not win by playing defense and trying to hold your ground. You win by going on the offensive and making your enemy defend his instead of trying to take yours. Right now, we are winning. We who love Trump love him for the same reason Lincoln loved Grant: he fights.

We’re in a war, and he is a war chief. Make sure you’re ready, because the time will come when we are called upon to more action than simply voting.

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