Handling Flynn Flap

Flynn’s Resignation is not a win for the Left


No doubt the Left will be crowing over the resignation of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. Hillary Clinton backed up Twitter douchebag Philippe Reines for mocking Flynn and his son over PizzaGate, and certainly others will follow. It’s important to take this away from them and make this a victory for Trump, because it is.

According to the fake news site the Washington Post, the former acting attorney general that Trump shitcanned and the former director of the CIA told the Trump administration over a month ago that they had reason to suspect Flynn of having lied to Vice President Pence about the nature of his contact with a Russian ambassador. Flynn denied it, then revised his statement. The Trump Administration says they knew about this and worked to address it.

So where is the Left Wing victory? Flynn was a general in the U.S. Army and a career military man. That carries with it an heir of trust and respectability. Trump and Pence had no reason to be suspicious of his foreign entanglements, and as soon as they found out about them, Flynn promptly resigned. This was not bad judgment on Trump’s part because he had no reason to think Flynn was wheeling and dealing. He did have reason to doubt those who tipped him off, so he let a month go by with his own investigation. He got rid of Flynn as soon as he confirmed the guy was shady, just like he got rid of one of his campaign managers for the same thing (allegations which turned out to be fake news planted by Ukraine). Trump dealt with corruption swiftly and decisively. Trump won, America won. Lefties actually lost, because they did something that benefited America.

Don’t let them spin this. They won nothing. They will not be doing any winning anytime soon.

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