I’m Not Crazy for Seeing Red Flags

And I do mean RED.


Know your enemy. Acknowledge what is in front of you. If the Marine Corps taught me anything, it’s that. That, and how to eat three sausages, two pancakes, and a full glass or orange juice at once.

President Obama is planning to derail Trump’s presidency. He and his family have purchased a home less than two miles from the White House. He is using Organizing for Action, a hard left organization stemming from his reelection outfit Organizing for America, to act as his mouthpiece. [Caution: that link takes you directly to their website] The conventional wisdom is that Obama is just trying to secure his legacy by protecting his DREAMer amnesty and Obamacare, or that he is making amends for basically wrecking the Democrat Party and allowing it to wither on the vine. I think there is something more sinister going on.

Obama could have done this anywhere. He could have moved farther out into Northern Virginia. He could have gone back to Chicago, or Hawaii. He could have gone to a deep blue state like New York or California. He did not. He is staying in D.C. because he needs to be physically close to the seat of power. That is not a personal desire, but a practical plan, because I believe he is genuinely working in collusion with those who would attempt a coup. Though they probably would not be so brazen as to try to reinstall him as president (which would be illegal), they need him because he knows how all the machinery in D.C. works. He knows the people in the various departments and they are still in many cases loyal to him. He is at the head of a legitimate shadow government, and will almost certainly be issuing counter orders to the bureaucrats in the festering shithole that is our nation’s capital. Obama no doubt will be trying to put people in place to stage a coup, either through manufactured documents that purport to show a paper trail of illegal activity, or through outright military intervention at the top ranks. Despite the highly conservative nature of the military rank and file, many of the officers attach themselves to the ass of power like puss-filled boils, and side with the Dems.

I am also shocked, SHOCKED to learn that a substantial part of this group’s funding ($40 million so far) comes from George Soros. If you think Soros is above attempting an outright coup. If you think trying to overthrow the duly elected president is too much for Soros, just remember that this rotten cocksucker bet against the country on September 12, 2001. And he collaborated with the fucking Nazis to exterminate his own people.

I’m not generally a conspiracy theory guy. The only one I believe is that Kennedy’s assassination involved the CIA and mafia, because to believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone is to be a complete fucking idiot. So no, I don’t think I’m being crazy or paranoid. I think the Left hates this place and the traditions that undergird it, and would think nothing of destroying it against the will of the people. Keep in mind that if ever Trump is charged by some courageous “whistle blower,” it’s almost certainly bullshit. Remember that if anyone in the military tries to overthrow President Trump, no matter what they say, it is illegitimate, and must be met with force.

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