Know Your Enemy

…And Never Interrupt Him When He is Making a Mistake


In war, one should always endeavor to understand one’s enemy. Know his ways, what animates him, what his reactions will be, what he desires and how he makes decisions. In this department, we have many advantages over our enemies.

Liberals have very little understanding of how our side lives, thinks, feels, or behaves. They have stereotypes of us, but these are shallow, hollow, and do not actually give them any understanding of our way of life. They do not read our blogs or consume any other type of media we enjoy. By contrast, we are inundated with their policies, ideas, and way of life in our every waking moment. It’s in the television shows we watch, the mainstream media, our schools, our employee handbooks, the laws; everywhere. We have an inherent understanding of them. Part and parcel of our entire way of life is to acknowledge what is right in front of us and act accordingly. Therefore, not only do we have a much better picture of their mindset, but we are willing to act accordingly to counter it (usually).

An excellent case study is in the current competition over who will chair the DNC. National Review, a neocon shitrag that should really be counted among the Left’s allies, has a decent piece on this. They have narrowed down their selection to either Keith Ellison, a radical progressive black Muslim, and Tom Perez, Obama’s Secretary of Labor, who is an Hispanic radical progressive with little real experience doing anything. Being ignored is Pete Buttigieg, a white guy who was the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Buttigieg is said to have some appeal to white working-class folks. One has to consider the source, though. National Review is a dandified East Coast elitist publication, its writers and editors travelling in the same circles and embracing the same values and lifestyles as the shitlibs it purportedly criticizes. To NR, “white working class” means anyone who didn’t attend the Ivy League or who does not have a trust fund. Buttigieg is the mayor of a college town, and his appeal might be mainly to the kind of white people who live in such a place.

Regardless, the Left is ignoring the fact that blue collar whites, the raison d’etre of the party since the days of Dixie, do not trust them or like them, and that the party’s policies are actively hostile to white people generally. In fact, they are doubling down on the same stupidity that helped them lose the election. As the great writer Vox Day has pointed out, Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) always double down. It’s part of their mindset. They are so sure that their religion (and it is a religion) is the only right way in life that if people reject something their precious little snowflake minds concoct, they will double down on it in an attempt to force it down our throats. For a side that is constantly pretending it has all the brains, the Left is wonderfully slow on the uptake. It’s part of the price one pays for hubris, and we should use this to our advantage.

There is an addendum to this, and that is not to fall into the same pattern of behavior as one’s enemy. A corollary to that is to stop listening to people on our side who do. We need to stop listening to those who want to make peace and play nice. They need to be expelled completely from positions of authority until they either learn the reality of the situation or switch sides to the libtards, with whose tribe they share a natural affinity.

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