Buy This Coffee!

Personally, I always thought Starbuck’s was the shittiest coffee ever brewed. It tastes like burnt toilet water. Therefore, my decision to boycott them has probably had little impact on their business at any level.

Starbuck’s pussyfart CEO has vowed to hire 10,000 refugees to work at their shitty coffee shops, so be warned that there will be ensuing hygiene issues in the near future. He has publicly stated that he doesn’t want conservatives’ business.

Here’s someone who does.

You can buy Black Rifle Coffee here. I know I plan to order some soon.

This goes to something I have been saying for a while, something at which admittedly I myself need to do better, something that is already underway. We need to develop alternatives to what the Left dominates, and we need to support it. From the coffee we drink to the clothes we wear, to the web browsers and the social media we use, we need to deprive them of our income and industry. America doesn’t run without us, and there is no reason we should be empowering our enemies.


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