Trump’s Cabinet is Made for Kicking Asses

But the most vicious ass kickings will be in courtrooms.


For all the brouhaha over Trump’s cabinet picks, there are really only three that matter: Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Homeland Security, and Attorney General. In terms of these nominees, Trump has picked the three best in this century, by my reckoning.

Mad Dog Mattis is a Marine’s Marine. The man shoots sparks from his feet on account of his enormous brass balls dragging along the floor. He understands that the point of the military is not to be “inclusive” or to be a cauldron for social experiments. Its purpose is to fight battles and win wars, as another Marine Corps Commandant, General Krulak, once put it. The Middle East knows not to fuck with Mattis. Democrats, if they don’t know it yet, will soon.

General Kelly is a solid pick for Homeland Security. A career soldier with a desire for results, he has been well received in the department. Indeed, all the way down the line in HLS, the guys in the field are happy both with Trump’s picks and his support of their mission and methods. Morale is apparently at an all-time high. Kelly isn’t a politician, as evidenced by his botched rollout of Trump’s travel ban, but he will learn quickly and will not make the same mistake again, of that we can be sure. He’s not a bureaucrat with an unbending worldview; he’s a warrior who knows to adapt or die.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. This guy is amazing. First off, he has singlehandedly saved this country from giving amnesty to illegal aliens at least three times, if not more. He thwarted President Bush on it, and also did so when the Republicans didn’t have control of either house or the presidency early in Obama’s presidency. That right there is enough to love him. He is also hugely responsible for drafting Trump’s policy papers during the election, and essentially giving Trump a ground game. For years, he has built a vast infrastructure of donors, advocates, attorneys, and organizations that stretches from D.C. across the country. His runs counter to the limp dick establishment infrastructure; it’s made of true patriots, for true patriots. He was the first Senator to endorse Trump and is largely responsible for saving his campaign. For that, he is a true hero. Lastly, and this is key, he is a tough former prosecutor who knows how to play both the political and legal games of the Democrats and wants results, not publicity.

What can we expect from him as AG? I’m willing to bet PizzaGate is going to be investigated. I’ll post on that later, but if you aren’t familiar, follow that link for a solid primer on it. I would also bet that Hillary Clinton is going to be indicted, along with Bill and maybe Chelsea, which would topple the Clinton machine for good. Lastly, I would bet that a lot of people in the IRS, including Lois Lerner, see their heads added to his Throne of Skulls. Sessions is a true partisan. He isn’t really interested in going along to get along, and on top of that he has scores to settle with the Democrat Party in general for tanking his appointment to the U.S. District Court in the 1980s. I’m expecting some serious shit to fly starting any time now.

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