Some More Political Predictions

Here are some more political predictions:

  1. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin will switch parties before he is up for reelection in 2018. West Virginia went for Trump by a wider margin than almost any other state, and the Dems are basically fucked there.
  1. Sherrod Brown will lose reelection in Ohio as long as the Republicans do not run a Jewish candidate against him.
  1. Republicans will pick up a Senate seat in Nevada, as a result of Jess Sessions investigating Harry Reid’s voter fraud machine in said state. Harry Reid may be charged, but if so, will beat the rap.
  1. Robert Casey of PA will win reelection, even though PA went for Trump.
  1. Heid Heitkamp will take a job in the Trump administration right before the 2018 election, effectively throwing the seat to Republicans.

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