Bill Kristol Must be Destroyed

No tolerance for traitors.


Fuck this guy. Fuck his father’s ass.

I have long avoided the anti-Semitism on the Alt Right because I have always thought it ridiculous to believe there was some sort of Jewish conspiracy. On top of that, I personally know many conservative Jews who are solidly against immigration from Third World countries. However, even I must admit there are a disproportionate number of Jews who seem to have absolutely no regard for the Historic American Nation, and in cases like Bill Kristol, openly despise it.

Of course, there are plenty of Gentiles who share his sentiments. He, like so many liberals, is part of a rootless culture that cares little for those who came before them or those they will leave behind (or won’t leave behind). They pitch this bullshit idea that America is a “proposition nation” that was based on an idea. It wasn’t. It was a nation made of a specific people who had specific ideas about what they wanted and more importantly what they did not want from their government.

Anyone who links to this asshole’s shitty website (The Weekly Standard), cavorts with him in public, or endorses any of his dumb fuck ideas should immediately lose all credibility. Do NOT trust Bill Kristol or his lackeys, because they hate you as much as the liberals, if not more. In fact, he is actually worse. Liberals have a loony religion that makes them think that we are responsible for all the world’s ills. It’s stupid and without sound logic, but at least they have some compelling reason. This traitorous fuck is nominally on our side but quietly despises our people, which means that he also despises the culture we created, one in which he has profited tremendously. A traitor in the ranks needs to be dealt with accordingly.

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