A Flag of Our Own

As a kid, I loved the musical 1776. My dad was worried I was gay until he realized I loved it for the history and the patriotism. If you have never seen it, even if you don’t like musicals, watch it. It’s a masterpiece of historical drama, seamlessly blending factually accurate history and direct quotes of our Founding Fathers into a script that is both exceptionally hilarious and deeply philosophical. Additionally, the acting is excellent. I learned a lot from that movie, and I still do.

At one point, John Adams says that an army in the field needs something for which it fights, and a flag of its own. With that in mind, I submit to you the Alt Right Battle Flag.

In accordance with the design of a good flag, it is unique, easily recognizable, easily reproduced. has contrasting colors, and represents something. The first white square represents the people of the West; the red square next to it, our blood that has been shed. The next red square represents the blood that will inevitably be spilled defending it, and the final white square our final victory. Of course, the Stars and Stripes are rightfully ours, but like the Confederacy, it’s good to have a battle flag and a state flag. Also, this can unite our comrades across the Atlantic, also fighting for the West’s survival. If you like it, spread it. Let it become our banner.


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