Super Bowl LI: Some Thoughts

The game was a metaphor for all the winning our side has been doing.


A quick word on the Super Bowl:

First off, I watched the first quarter through an non-sanctioned YouTube feed because I boycotted the NFL this season. Watching the cunts from the cast of Hamilton fuck up a beautiful patriotic song by changing the words to match their left wing agenda only confirmed that I have been right to do so. Secondly, my only interest in the outcome was my desire to see leftoids lose their shit when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, both personal friends of Donald Trump, won an unprecedented fifth Super Bowl together.

The fact that the Patriots came back from a massive deficit demonstrated three things. Firstly, excellent coaching. Secondly, poise and control by Tom Brady. Thirdly, a shift in momentum. This was more satisfying than a blowout would have been, any day of the week (and twice on Super Bowl Sunday).

Liberals love a narrative, and they love metaphor. The Patriots are a metaphor they can understand, which is why they hate them so much. The Patriots are a proven winner, and have been for years. They start more white guys than any other team, particularly at traditionally black positions like halfback and wide receiver. Tom Brady has a reputation as a guy who is not overly tough and always looks for a flag after anyone touches him. He is married to a super model. He is known to cheat. He is the epitome of what the left would call “white privilege.”

Atlanta, meanwhile, is a black-run city that has attempted to steal the resources of the surrounding white communities by annexing and taxing them. Note that these communities were wise to this and have incorporated as cities to avoid this, cleverly depriving the thieves of their resources, but I digress. Atlanta is a liberal bastion in a red state. Libs overwhelmingly wanted the Falcons to win.

It sure looked like they would. Until Brady and Belichick shifted the momentum, much in the way the Golden Don shifted the momentum away from thieving leftists who have been robbing actual Americans blind for years. The game became a metaphor for the current state of the Union.

And our side won.

Did anyone else think it was just incredible that the game-tying touchdown was caught by a white guy?

Regarding allegations of white privilege, I call bullshit. Bill Belichick, Tom Brady & company win because Belichick is the most talented coach since Lombardi and Brady has ice water in his veins. The team is made of talented, team-oriented players, and the front office has kept a competitive lineup despite cap limitations. It isn’t white privilege. Winners win, losers lose. The Patriots are winners. They don’t win by invented privilege. They win by right.

Leftoids, stick that in your hookah and smoke it.

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