Are Left Wing Rioters a Bunch of Pussies?

No. Pay Attention to What is Right in Front of Your Face


Much of the right wing blogosphere has been calling the Berkeley protestors and other left wing agitators cowards and has mocked them for wearing masks. This needs to stop, for a number of reasons.

First, it’s incorrect. As much as we rightly despise these overindulged little bastards, they are out there in the street fighting and destroying. They are fighting. We aren’t. It is certainly likely that when they get their asses kicked for the first time a lot of them will slink back to their coffee shops to bitch about us ineffectually. But right now, that’s all we’re doing.

Secondly, we live in an age with facial recognition software stationed all over major cities and a photo and video-capable cell phone in every pocket. Covering their faces is smart. It allows them to evade detection and arrest, thereby enabling them to fight another day. It’s not cowardice, it’s strategy.

Thirdly, mocking them dismisses them. We should not. These people are not college kids looking to blow off steam or simply misguided youth. Many of them are professionals, some with paramilitary training. They have a well-established network online and in the real world, through elected offices and universities. They are organized and goal-oriented. They seek to intimidate and to affect changes to government and the general population’s behavior through their violence.

That’s the textbook definition of a terrorist.

Many police officers and military personnel undoubtedly understand this and want to do something, but are powerless because the people in charge are wholly bought and sold by establishment politicians. They will not protect you, your family, or the Constitution. Remember that, and plan accordingly. In the meantime, spread the word that we need to be organizing ourselves to resist them by all means at our disposal.

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